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Happy Birthday My Lovely Paul …
June 16, 2015, 6:15 am
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Like I said yesterday, I don’t want this to be soppy, but I have to tell you how much I adore you.

It’s not the same as I adore Jill, but it’s pretty close.

You’ve always been there for me – through thick and thin – and nothing showed that more to me than the way looked after me after Otis’ birth and Mum’s death.

You are an amazing man. Sure, you’re prone to being a bit of a twat at times, but that just makes me love you more. And for the record, what you have done in the past 6 months with your health is amazing. I’m in awe and inspired at the same time.

I am so proud – and slightly concerned – that you are Otis’ oddparent, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather he turn to. [Except for your Dad, but that’s more for his cash]

Happy, happy birthday matey, I hope it’s a good one. Or at least a better one than the bin you gave Shelly. I know … I know … she loved it. No need to go over that again.

Can’t wait to see you in Australia – if not before.



PS: How come my birthday was on a Friday and not yours? Has that ever happened before? There must be an error with the universe. I’m sure normal service will resume next year.

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Is this your official “coming out” post Rob?

Comment by DH

i used to think life was shit just having to work with campbell but his best mate has to fucking deal with the four eyed fucker loving him. poor bastard. proves campbell has fucked taste in men though. any half decent homosexual would choose me over that hefty sized cock on legs.

Comment by andy@cynic

Seems he’s going to Australia with him. That would be my worst nightmare come true if that happened to me.

Comment by DH

My dress sense is too bad to be gay. Though I did tell Paul that if he was an attractive woman, I would have married him. I bet that makes Jill feel so happy doesn’t it. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

What is your mate doing to Otis? It looks like your son is holding his breath. Has Paul been on the garlic the night before?

Happy birthday Rob’s best mate. I literally know stuff about you I’d rather not know, which means you must be mates with Rob, even if you try and deny it.

Comment by DH

I would guess it is post beer breath, especially as – if memory serves me – that photograph was taken around 10am on a Saturday morning.

Comment by Rob

happy birthday horse cock. thats a fucking compliment before you get your panties in a twist. if it was campbell, id be calling him mosquito dick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Show me a man who doesn’t understand “horse cock” is a compliment and I’ll show you a retard.

Comment by DH

“Sure, you’re prone to being a bit of a twat at times.”

“Except for your Dad, but that’s more for his cash.”

With friends like this, who needs enemies.

Comment by Bazza

You should be grateful we don’t mean much to him then. Except when you become his temporary friend because he wants a freebie of your latest product that is really just another version of the iTouch.

Sorry Baz, I couldn’t resist. : )

Comment by Pete

Remind me how google glass is going?

Comment by Bazza

handbags at fucking dawn. still, its the most entertaining thing on this blog. only entertaining thing on this blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

Fight. Fight. Fight.

Comment by Rob

It’s all about Oculus nowadays keep up

Comment by northern

Look at you being all up-to-date and trendy. It’s almost as if you live in London, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday Paul. I hope your day gets better than this.

Comment by George

It doesn’t George.

PS: Note how I made him pixellated area smaller than my pixellated area. It will be the only time it will happen so I thought I shouldn’t let the opportunity go to waste.

[Sorry Paul. Again]

Comment by Rob

ill say this for you campbell. your photoshop skills piss on your planning skills.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob… You’ll hate me for saying this… But what the fuck has happened to your blog. It’s turned into Oprah Winfrey or something. Get back to the evil ad biz.

Comment by adscamgeorge


Comment by DH

Sorry George. On the positive, I like that you think what I write is sometimes evil given everyone else on here thinks it’s a planner love-fest.

I think tomorrow will be better. I can’t remember, given I pre-write this stuff so far in advance. But it’s certainly no ones birthday or anniversary so the odds are better it will be some planning type rubbish.

Comment by Rob

When George says you write about the evil ad biz, he means planning.

Comment by DH

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Ignore them, you’re lucky to have such a good friend.
I have wondered what access to free gadgets or flights he furnishes you with, but glad it seems to be true love
In completely other news, there’s a massive downer in the office today as they open the boxes of their new Blackberries. I’m not that impressed with my Iphone 6 to be honest, apart from the fact it has the camera it should have had in the first place, but perhaps instead of the tired manifesto ads, or the campaign that basically says “We finally have a decent camera and look, people take pictures with it” they should launch a B2B ‘be thankful it’s not a Blackberry campaign”

Comment by northern

Well his Dad is super-loaded so there could be that. But no, I love him for him … which he will now never believe having started this comment with that declaration about his parents wealth.

As for the iPhone 6. I’d rather have the iPhone 3GS again than a blackberry … though I must admit I was kind-of taken with their ‘passport’ model, but purely because it looked interesting. Even I would never pay for one. But if there’s one going for free ….

Comment by Rob

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