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Today Is The Day …
May 15, 2015, 6:15 am
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… all APSOTW assignments have to be in.

So if you haven’t sent them yet, send them to this address.

From tomorrow, I will be contacting all the judges with your submissions before going through the herding-cats hell of getting all their feedback within 2 to 3 weeks.

In a perfect World, I would hope to publish all the comments by the end of the month but the reality is it will probably be in June.

Talking of June, it’s my birthday on the 12th. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Anyway, to everyone who took part a few words.

1. I hope you enjoyed it.
2. I hope it made you think.
3. I think it’s bloody brilliant you did it. I really do.

As I mentioned when I set the assignment, the person deemed to have made the best submission will get a prize.

For the record, it WON’T be an iWatch.

It might be a picture of an iWatch, but that will be the closest you get to me giving you one.

Unless my friend Bazza at Apple comes to the party and hands me a freebie, but the chances of that are approximately nil.

Anyway, thanks for taking part, I’m really interested to read what you guys came up with and until then, have a great weekend.

PS: Yes, the picture used in this post really is clip-art. And yes, I do feel dirty for using it. Sorry.

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I won’t.

Good luck to everyone who has entered.

Comment by Bazza

Funny how this is the post that prompts you to be first commenter.

Comment by John

I didn’t want him to get his hopes up. Plus I know he has already bought one.

Comment by Bazza

I have. Damn you Baz.

Comment by Rob

That clip art is the impact font of pictures.

I thought WK had knocked that out of you forever. You’ve just killed their rep.

Comment by DH

I haven’t used ‘impact’ for 6+ years. But just like an alcoholic, I know I could fall back into it in a nano-second. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Good luck to everyone who has taken part. It is a scary proposition to be evaluated by such a senior group of people but it’s also the best way to learn and develop. I look forward to reading the feedback.

Comment by George

Senior group pf people and me.

Comment by John

your age qualifies you as a senior doddsy. theres always a silver fucking lining if you look hard enough for it.

Comment by andy@cynic

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