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If You Want To Know The Power Of Design …
May 6, 2015, 6:25 am
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… just look at this:

Yep, if they can make Phil Collins and Celine Dion look like head-biting, drug snorting, Satan worshipers, then they really have more power at their fingertips than Spiderman.

More information on this evil genius can be found here.

Yes … that really is the end of this post. Consider it an early Christmas present.

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Brilliant. The tees and the short post.

Comment by DH

I’m confused – are you saying that packaging is everything or that everything can be rebranded or somethng else?

But, no that most definitely does not mean I think the post is too short.

Comment by John

Are you saying there is supposed to be a message inside his posts?

Comment by DH

Can’t it be both?

Comment by George

Yes and no.

Comment by John

You sound like a planner with that answer John.

Comment by Rob

Now I know what to get for your birthday.

Comment by George

You’re going to spend money on him? Freak.

Comment by Billy Whizz

And I thought only Rob had more money than sense.

Comment by DH

I love you George. The others can piss off.

Comment by Rob

I’ve been trying to fior 10 years but you won’t let me go.

Comment by DH

Love it. I wonder if I can get them to do an Abba one for Sarah.

Comment by Pete

If they can’t, my friends at Redbubble will. Let me know and I can ask them. They might even find it funny.

Comment by Rob

“Oh, Alan man, noooo – Celine friggin’ Dion”

Comment by Ian Gee

This is just what Barry Manilow needs, yes indeedy

Comment by judyt54

I first read your comment as “this is what bazza needs”. I’d agree with that more than Barry Manilow.

Comment by DH

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