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Founders Day …
April 30, 2015, 6:15 am
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So today, at Wieden Shanghai, it’s founders day.

Founders Day is a day that celebrates the beginning of Wieden+Kennedy.

The actual day is supposed to be April 1st – the perfect day to start this company – but as this is China, we’re a bit late.

It’s a day to remember why we’re here. What we do. What is expected of us.

It’s also a day to go a little bit ridiculous.

OK, a lot ridiculous.

Anyway, today is our 10th anniversary in China.

Ten years.

A huge amount has happened over that time.

A huge amount of work has been created.

A huge variety of clients have been in the building.

A huge amount of talented people have worked here. [And me]

And while many said we would only survive a year before running away with our tail between our legs, we’re still here … still doing interesting things … still not conforming to the stereotype of advertising.

Now it is fair to say that China and Wieden are not natural bedfellows.

One believes money can change the World whereas the other believes creativity can change the World.

And without doubt, there have been tough times and challenging times over the years … but it just means things are even sweeter when you create something that makes a difference for client, culture and creativity.

So for that and that alone, today is a day worth celebrating.

Especially as it will annoy the hell out of the haters.

Happy Founders Day.

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So it’s another holiday then.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’ll be working very hard mainly because I’m playing in the house band.

And no. I’m not playing any Queen. I’ve been banned.

(That’s why I’m up so early, desperately trying to learn how to play the guitar again. Ha)

Comment by Rob

Isn’t that taking the cultural revolution a bit too far?

Comment by John

So this is the latest plan your colleagues have come up with to get you fired.

Comment by DH

those poor fuckers.

Comment by andy@cynic

And 10 years in China is nothing compared to surviving a year with you there.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Funny, that’s what Dan said to me yesterday. And I’m not even joking.

Oh, and I’ve been there almost 5 years. FIVE! How did that happen?!

Comment by Rob

It’s tough to get people to relocate.

Comment by John

Not if you come from Nottingham it isn’t.

Comment by DH

what do you mean he told you yesterday. is the poor fucker in commieville? with you? good fucking job wk are independent or their fucking share price would be crashing right now.

Comment by andy@cynic

Have you not seen the photos?

Comment by John

The moment Dan Wieden’s reputation hits the skids.

The moment he realises it.

Comment by DH

Weirdest episode of The Dating Game ever.

Comment by John

holymotheroffuckinggod. my eyes. my fucking eyes.

Comment by andy@cynic

Please tell me you’re playing a Smiths song Robert.

Comment by George

I know you to well to believe you have just started rehearsing the songs you will be playing. Will there be a video?

What were you doing with Dan?

Comment by George

Thanks for the stalking Dave.

And to answer your questions George …

1. Not a chance in hell.
2. Pretty much.
3. Don’t think so & if there is, you still won’t see it.
4. Talking nonsense. It’s the one thing I’m better at than either Dan or Susan.

Comment by Rob

I’m guessing a WPP founders day would be spent at their accountants. Also known as Sorrell’s office.

Comment by DH

Or a calculator manufactuer.

Comment by Rob

What an excellent idea. Have fun Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

There are an awful lot of colleagues getting their first tattoo and cupping experience [that is not a euphemism] as part of our 10th Anniversary Founders Day. But if they think that’s bad, they will be exposed to my guitar playing later. And to think this is supposed to be fun for everyone.

If anyone is on Wechat, you should look for any #wksh tagged photo. You will see fucking mayhem unfold infront of your eyes. It’s another reason I love Wieden. But the main one is they haven’t sacked me. Yet.

Comment by Rob

It sounds like there will be a lot of groggy and regretful faces tomorrow. I’m sure you will be sensitive to that fact Robert.
How was your performance?

Comment by George

[…] be back till Wednesday. Rumours this holiday is in honour of Wieden+Kennedy’s annual Founders Day are completely false … though given we’re celebrating it today [which is a day earlier […]

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