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April 22, 2015, 6:25 am
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So Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a feature where they analyse the clothes of various people in business.

However in all honesty, I think the real criteria for appearing in the section is your ability to spout a load of pretentious bollocks that makes you look more like a dick than a fashionista.

I’ve written about this before however I recently saw a guy whose mutterings just screwed with my brain.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … let me introduce you Pierce Thompson, a 25 year old brand strategist in NYC.

I know I don’t know Pierce.

I know this is massively immature of me to call him out like this.

I know I am the last person on the planet who should talk about fashion but …


He’s 25 for fucks sake.

TWENTY FIVE … why the hell is he sounding like a pretentious 40 year old?

Seriously, his comment about ‘what inspired him today’ could be a line from ‘The Office’.

And don’t get me started about the whole ‘high pant leg’ thing.

Look, I know this is childish. I know his comments could well have been played with by the magazine editors and I genuinely do think it’s cool to have a massive passion … but I’d love to ask him, as a brand strategist, what he thinks this interview has done for his brand.

Hey, maybe – probably – I’m totally wrong.

I’m a 44 year old man, who has the dress sense of a 13 year old and has never sounded professional in my life … however I hope when my son is 25, he is living, experiencing and exploring life rather than sounding, acting and living the lifestyle of a 40 year old middle manager at a multinational corporation.

Look, I know times are different to when I was Pierce’s age.

I know professionalism is something to be respected and embraced rather than rejected and ridiculed.

And I know that to stand any chance of earning a decent salary at some point in your life, you have to start your career early and try to stick with a particular industry.

But still, he’s 25 … why isn’t he doing stuff that he’ll regret when he’s older?

Or maybe he is. Ha.

Of course, now I have gone on that little tirade, it means my son will most definitely follow Pierce’s lead just to piss me off.

But hey, there’s worse kinds of rebellion, just ask my parents.

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it all balances out campbell, youre 40 something and dress like a fucking 12 year old.


Comment by andy@cynic

He already admitted that in the post.

Comment by DH

you think i read his shit all the way through. are you fucking deranged? mine was funnier anyway.

Comment by andy@cynic

everything fucking wrong with adland in that fucking editorial. well fucking done pierce thompson. on the positive, youre not a planner, dont write a blog and dont wear fucking birkenstocks.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

Oh dear.

Comment by George

Is that aimed at me or him?

Comment by Rob

My old room mate knows this guy. Not joking. Guess who I’m going to message to get them to message Mr Fashion of adland.

Comment by DH

you fucking brilliant bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

but why the fuck are you friends with friends of 25 year old media twats? sick bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Because I don’t have enough money to be picky or anti-social.

Comment by DH

thank fuck im not that poor.

Comment by andy@cynic

Can I use the excuse “… he started it?” Damn.

Comment by Rob

Dutch masters? In a museum in Amsterdam? Who’d have thought it?

Comment by John

and how pretentious to bring in his artistic sensibility as to colo: not just, “hey, I liked that color,”, but lets crank in the fact that a) he actually went to Amsterdam, b) he does museums, and c) he knows the difference between the cigar and the painting…

Comment by judyt54

The comment about his dress sense is personal and mean.
The comment about letting life pass him by is personal and true.
The good news is the way you live your life proves there is still chance for him when he is older. That it meant as a compliment to you by the way.

Comment by Pete

You mean the compliment after the [rightful] insult of me?

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

What I want to know is why is this the only magazine that Campbell hasn’t featured in? Anyone know anyone at Bloomberg? We need to read about the people he works with to get his tailoring suggestions; the comics that inspire it and how birkies have no laces yet are far from clean on the foot.

Comment by John

campbell features in bloomberg.
magazine folds shortly after.
birkenstocks share price tanks.
wieden sue for loss of reputation.
it would be a fucking brilliant idea except campbell would still find some way to come out of it smelling of fucking roses. ive said it a fucking ton of times, campbell made a pact with the devil, its the only fucking explanation.

Comment by andy@cynic

Granted I am old school when it comes to dressing, and the old school would take one look at this young person preening and looking smug (and why is he portrayed as standing on a desk???) and they would say, “ugly shirt, too many patterns, too many excuses why this works (we only have his word for it) and its a singularly unattractive look. The only thing he lacks–and maybe those are underneath the jacket–is suspenders…

and yeah, the pants. Lengthen the damn pants. Dont give them a name.

Do men seriously DO this kind of ‘build my wardrobe around one piece” thing?

Comment by judyt54

no. not real fucking me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hello Judy, nice to have you back. I – obviously – don’t dress around one piece [except maybe Birkies] but I do know men who do. And they all look bloody great which is very depressing. Or should I say humiliating.

Comment by Rob

Are you talking about Wayne?

Comment by DH

lol i never left, Rob. Every word, i swear. And its good to see YOU back being your old lovable self, lol

But ill bet they dont dress like nana’s parlor suite either =)
id say the guy is trying too hard

Comment by judyt54

wayne made freddie fucking mercury look like a bricklayer.

Comment by andy@cynic

you also have to consider that anyone who looks as if he was put together by his tailor probably was: most times any guy who dresses himself thinks black and red plaid matches black and red stripes (“well the colors are the same”)– not unlike this fella. Or my mother.

Im also wary of anyone who looks that good on demand. It says the package might be more impressive than whats inside it…

Comment by judyt54

The shoes, by the way, are to die for. I would wear those shoes.

Comment by judyt54

i meant “men”, not “me”. but i am the fucking definition of real man.

Comment by andy@cynic

thats for my comment above. why the fuck is this blog fucking with me? its asking for a bruising and as a real fucking man, i will give it. techshitwank.

Comment by andy@cynic

Real men don’t waste their time knowing how to use tech. Explains why Baz, George and Pete work at Apoogle.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by Rob

I’m not sure this guy sounds professional or old so much as he does–how to phrase this politely?–wanky.

Comment by Tim[othy] Collins (@rummychap)

Pierce works in a media agency
Enough said

Comment by northern

What happened to being young and foolish?

Comment by Lee Hill

I was just about to fire that question to him, about the French Locker, but thank god he’s already answered it. He’s always getting asked it, apparently.

Comment by theslingsta

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