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Sometimes, Bad Luck Never Ends …
January 30, 2015, 6:25 am
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So I’ve decided to start blogging again.

Yes, I know I am possibly the last person blogging in the entire universe, but after 2 months of [near] silence – and yes, it really has been 2 months – I have come to the realisation that I sort-of have missed it. Actually that’s not quite true, I’ve sort-of missed the people who used to comment and abuse me.

Does that mean I have battered housewife syndrome?

Anyway, I fully expect everyone that used to come here has come to their senses and disappeared forever, but that doesn’t matter – I’ll just continue to spout my nonsense because at the very least, it helps get all my brain-farts out the way so I don’t end up giving my son bad advice.

That said, in the unlikely event there are still a few of you out there who have no life and are bored out of your mind, I’ll ease you into my rubbish by doing 2 things:

1. I’m writing this on a Friday so you have the weekend to recover.

2. Instead of any planning rubbish, I’ll just leave you with a little video.

On first glance you may find it massively disturbing, however on second and third glance, you’ll realise it’s not nearly as bad as the stuff you’re going to be reading on here from now on.

Anyway, it’s sort-of nice to be back and I look forward to you telling me whether my new role as a father has ‘changed me’.

Oh, last thing.

If the thought of me coming back is all too much for you, you’ll be glad to know the lovely folk at the Chinese Government will enforce a week of peace during Chinese New Year, which means you only have to put up with this nonsense for a couple of weeks before you get a rest.

While I’m on holiday.


See, some things never change.

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2 fucking months. take away the fucking festive holiday bollocks, the time off for the birth of your kid and the few posts youve written and youve been away 5 fucking seconds. that would normally be shit fucking news but it means i won the bet and every prick on here owes me $1000.

Comment by andy@cynic

You of all people should know keeping my opinions to myself for even 5 seconds is amazing.

Comment by Rob

to be accurate, you mean keeping your fucking gob shut for 5 seconds is amazing.

Comment by andy@cynic

what the fuck is that video. seriously campbell, what the fuck is it.

Comment by andy@cynic

My eyes. My eyes.

Comment by DH

You should see the Youporn version of it. I bet Northern and Billy have. Boom Tish.

[For any lawyers reading this, I was joking. About the Youporn video, not the Northern and Billy bit]

Comment by Rob

And here I thought we had seen the last of ‘distrubing videos”…glow in the dark clown lamps would have been kinder

Comment by judyt54

Back back? That wasn’t part of the deal. I just wanted the photo of masturbating northern gone.

Comment by DH

dont fucking fear dave, give his kid a few more months and campbell wont have the time to wipe his ass let alone write any more shit on here. hes only doing it because newborns sleep more than fucking cats at first. but then they change and that will save us all from this shit. though as fucked up posts on here go, its better fucked up than usual.

Comment by andy@cynic

Saint Otis.

Comment by DH

Given how tired I am this morning, there is a strong possibility you might be right. I might have a mass blog writing session so I can set them up and then hibernate over winter.

Comment by Rob

youve probably written 1000 fucking posts already. all on uncle dans dime. what the fuck was he thinking hiring you. what the fuck is he thinking not firing you.

Comment by andy@cynic

He has more dirt on people than the NSA.

Comment by DH

I heard that

Comment by Northern

Worse, after reading it, I got that image in my mind. If I ever finally get to meet you, I don’t think I’ll want to shake your hand.

Comment by Rob

Murder the goat.

Comment by John

Someone pass me the pills.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I think you may have to get in line Billy.

Comment by Rob

A very disturbing piece of film Robert. But it is pleasing to hear you will once again be part of my day. Welcome back.

Comment by Lee Hill

Worse, I am wearing an Angela Lansbury t-shirt today so it looks like I’m some pervert stalker.

Comment by Rob

The only thing more unlikely than an Angela Lansbury T shirt would be an Angela Merkel T shirt …
but you’ve probably got one of those as well.

Comment by Ian Gee

He’s got 500 queen t-shirts it doesn’t get much worse than that

Comment by Northern

Hello Ian. It sounds like you might be very, very jealous of my Angela Lansbury t-shirt [blame my sleep deprivation] so if you want one, you can get the same as me from my friends company:

You’ll be also ecstatic to learn that after doing a quick search, my friends’ company also offers a nice range of Angela Merkel t-shirts, starting with this one:

But as Northern said, his real talent is furnishing me in Queen t-shirts, but I have been assured he is not my friend purely because I make him a profit on clothing no one else in their right mind would be seen wearing, let alone buying.

BTW, it’s these comments that made me want to start this blog again so thank you.

Comment by Rob

If anything says he’s back it’s that comment.

Comment by DH

If he starts here, how much lower can it get in a few weeks. ISIS doesn’t seem so scary now.

Comment by DH

Dear God! It’s like Rule 34 for T shirts!

Comment by Ian Gee

Welcome back Robert. This is very pleasing news but for the love of God, please no more videos of television pensioners doing aerobics.

Comment by George

[…] some have even gone and then come back … and even this blog supposedly closed down only to start up again because I’m a sad, sadomasochistic fool … but the fact is I have to admire their […]

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