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There’s A Fine Line Between Short-Term Thinking & Short Term Needing …
November 12, 2014, 6:15 am
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So when I went home recently, I found out that the college at the bottom of my street – the college I attended that is attached to the comprehensive school I attended that is attached to the primary school I attended – is closing down.

Despite it having provided free excellent further education to tens of thousands of students for decades, it recently got sold – by Nottinghamshire county council – to a private education company.

Because they have other campuses around the city, they have decided that all the current students can go to one of their other campuses, freeing them up to and sell the land to housing developers for millions.

I cannot tell you how upset and angry this has made me.

First of all, the fact that Nottingham County Council think it’s OK to sell a place of education is bad enough.

I know they’re in huge debt, but that debt is due to years of greed and stupidity and the fact they think it’s OK to try and cover their mistakes at the expense of future generations education is a disgrace.

Then to sell it to an organisation who view education as a profit centre – something I passionately am opposed to – is hugely upsetting, because they have just screwed over Nottingham’s young on 2 levels.

However the fact Nottingham County Council then allowed this company to sell the campus so they could profit by allowing even more houses to be built on the land just blows my mind.

I know England is supposedly massively short of houses, but to sell a place of education to solve this is despicable.

But the bit that seems most fucked-up of all is that by building more houses, there will be a greater need for a place of education for all the kids of the new young families who move there … which will place even more pressure on infrastructure and environment and drive the cost of education even more beyond the reach of many.


I appreciate we live in financially challenging times – which, let’s not forget, to different degrees we are all responsible for – but if we classify education as an expense rather than an investment [both in terms of helping people achieve more with their life, not to mention increasing the chances of them identifying and creating new industries and opportunities that can help millions economically and socially] then local councils and Governments are even more short-sighted than I feared.

I know it’s much more complex than this.

I know I am responding to this with an emotional, sentimental bias.

I know that having other college campuses to attend means people aren’t without options.

But this ‘sell land to developers’ to try and balance our economic mistakes of the past has many implications and if we’re not careful, we’re ensuring the next generations have even less chance of creating a better world for themselves and others.

Unless they come from very rich families.

Another reason why communism might not be so bad after all.

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From questionable children’s television shows to questionable educational policy. The diversity of this blog never ceases to amaze me.

I don’t know the situation in the UK anymore but what you say doesn’t seem to make much sense except for building up the bank accounts of housing developers.

Comment by Pete

I think the word you are looking for is schizophrenic.

Comment by DH

I think “unique” is the polite way of saying that Dave.

Comment by Pete

Just keeping you on your toes Pete. In no way does it represent my naturally confused state. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

Well said. Though they really should have sold it to you.

Comment by John

I bet he is the property developer.

Comment by DH

to build student accommodation. 10 to a room.

or a campbell palace.

Comment by andy@cynic

It looks a bit like a prison. But then it is in nottingham.

Comment by DH

If Andy ever leaves this blog you will be a worthy successor.

Comment by Pete

no fucker can replace me but if it lets me get away from this shit, ill let fucking rumsfeld take my place.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well said Robert. The thing with cost cutting is that it always makes someone rich.

Comment by George

In California too, I hear.

Comment by John

Good point.

Comment by Rob

Of course, the other situation is schools who make so much money from their fees they can buy land at almost any cost to end up making even more cash down the line.

I want teachers to be paid well, but I don’t want education to be a profit centre … where the focus becomes what they can earn rather than what they can do to help the next generation help themselves and their community.

Comment by Rob

when your son is born campbell, this is going to make you even more fucking angry.

general education standards are hitting the fucking ground while the costs are going through the fucking roof. its not the teachers fault, its all the government pricks who let this shit happen because they want the cash and dont give a fuck about raising a nation of idiots because theyll all be in their fucking retirement homes by the time those acne bastards hit the streets.

you want to know how bad its got? theyre letting you become a fucking teacher. were all fucking doomed.

Comment by andy@cynic

Actually this is already a point for us. We’re both against private education but it’s getting to a point that if you don’t do it, your child’s chances of building a happy life for themselves is almost impossible.

The thing we’re hanging on to is that the parents role and encouragement can still have a massive influence in how that turns out but when we look around at what is needed to just let kids have a ‘typical’ life, it is a scary situation … best exemplified by – as you so kindly pointed out – by my future [fingers crossed] as a teacher.

Comment by Rob

And so it goes.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

You are not alone thinking this way Rob, but economic rates trump education standards. If the world of finance included education quality in their future forecasting for a nations investment potential, it could change overnight.

Comment by Wayne Green

I love that idea. The economic value of a nation is influenced by the education standards they embrace because that directly impacts the potential of their future growth. It won’t happen [or maybe it does?] but I love it.

Comment by Rob

You are not alone at all. We’re at the sharp end with our children at the moment, in many ways being to have choices on where we live etc thanks to pretending to know what a TVR is makes all the media lunches worthwhile, but I passionately believe everyone has the right to a great education wherever they live.

Comment by Northern

You still call Nottingham home.

Comment by Northern

It’s infuriating and is happening regularly across the country. My old school was built in the 70’s but was demolished a few years ago, the land of course sold to developers.

There are so many horrific things happening politically in the UK I can’t even bear to think about them. Cannot wait for the next election, presuming the country isn’t as stupid again (I’m not confident.)

Comment by Rob (other one)

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