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Sit Down, It’s Going To Be A Big Week …
June 9, 2014, 6:15 am
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Every now and then the Universe decides to test us.

It’s as if it feels we’re too comfortable with what we’ve got and wants to test the boundaries of what we can handle.

This is going to be one of those weeks.

Over the next 7 days, we’re going to be subjected to incredible highs and some incredible lows.

Every day is going to expose us to news that will make us question everything we thought we knew.

Question the future that we all can look forward to.

Good and bad.

And how can I say all this?

Because I’m a planner and I’m paid to understand this shit.

OK, it could also be because this is the week the World Cup starts.

In Brazil.

Which means it’s going to be extra awesome.

Except if you’re an England fan, because while we say we don’t expect to do very well – especially with a team full of kids – we all still secretly think we might pull off the surprise of the century because no one expects us to achieve anything.

We’re deluding ourselves folks. Sorry.

In addition to the World Cup, this is also the week where I turn another year older.

Yes … I know you’re all going to pretend the thought of that is horrendous, but I know it’s something you’re all really massively looking forward to because you’ve been saving up for months to ensure you bathe me in wonderful, caring, considerate presents.

Or cash. I’ll definitely take cash.

So whatever you have planned this week, make sure you pace yourself properly because if you don’t it could all end in tears and something tells me this is definitely going to be a week you won’t forget. I certainly know that’s going to be the case for me.

Deep breaths. Stay calm. Good luck.

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Showing team loyalty like a true Italian.

Comment by DH

Well, if they win the World Cup, I’ll happily accept that compliment. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

Spoken like a true Italian.

Comment by DH

You’re not going to be posting birthday reminders every day are you? I remember when it is, I just choose not to acknowledge it.

Comment by DH

I have something much more scary for you to contemplate. Which is the best gift I can give myself, ha.

Comment by Rob

You’re going to keep writing this blog? You win. I surrender.

Comment by DH

can some fucker please make this stop.

Comment by andy@cynic

You need to talk to the NSA … not me. Mind you, based on all the leaks that have happened in the past few months, it appears they already have heard you.

Comment by Rob

you forgot to add “vomit in the sick bag” on the last line of your fucking wank post.

Comment by andy@cynic

Coming on here is more than you deserve. Don’t expect anything more.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The gift that keeps on taking…. the piss.

Comment by DH

I cannot describe the effect this post has had on me.

Comment by John

I don’t want to know about you pre-sleep habits thank you John.

Comment by Rob

I want to know if you are still dropping unsubtle hints to clients to buy you a present. More importantly, I want to know if that strategy still works.

Comment by George

So you’re actually equating the significance of your birthday to the world cup
And I thought the only team you were allowed to support in the respect of football was Nike

Comment by Northern

If you’ve got the impression I’m equating my birthday to the World Cup, I am sorry … that’s not what I meant at all. I meant to equate the World Cup to my birthday because it’s that special. Oh yes. You just wait and see.

Comment by Rob

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