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Attention To Detail Is Mandatory …
June 3, 2014, 6:10 am
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Recently I received this email:

The fact they titled it, ‘This is a game changer for Kennedy Wieden Inc’ … means they don’t give a flying fuck about who they’re talking to, they just care about selling their shit.

Seriously, how hard would it have been to check they had the right company name?

Christ, they even think we’re an ‘incorporated’ company.

All they’ve done is ensure they’ve lost any chance of having a conversation with a prospective client before they’ve even had a chance to introduce themselves.

As I wrote a while back, being stubborn about details is not pettiness, it helps create a platform that ensures you attract people because of your standards rather than simply spending your life chasing people with your lies.


What do you expect from someone called Chad Johnson?

Comment by DH

hes a massive fucking johnson.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice work there Andy.

Comment by Rob

To be fair, changing their name and becoming incorporated would be a game changer for Wieden.

Comment by DH

Do you host large scale events with more than 1000 participants Robert? I know this blog is popular, but is it so popular you would start a live stream, blog conference? I shudder to think.

Comment by George

if it is, its going to be the biggest fucking arrest fest for the pervert police in fucking history.

Comment by andy@cynic

I might be able to muster 10 people … but then I’d have to pay you all and we all know that is not going to happen!

Comment by Rob

Despite all your trillions, you haven’t got enough.

Comment by DH

if the things that people said were game changers were actual fucking game changers we wouldnt spend half our life stuck in a fucking traffic jams with the other half paying off mortgages and ex fucking wives. i hate people who say game changers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Remember the ‘Chicken Tonight’ brief we had. That still is the biggest none-game changer, game changer in history. Not that they thought that … but they were obviously mental and massive corporate toadies at the same time.

Comment by Rob

I don’t think that’s about stubbornness for details Rob, it’s just bad standards and practice.

Comment by Pete

Virtual platforms. Virtual service.

Comment by Wayne Green

Never a truer word said.

Comment by Rob

At least he didn’t address you as ‘Ron’ …

Comment by Ian Gee

id like the fucker more if he had.

Comment by andy@cynic

I obviously treat this post with caution, as anyone who has witnessed by legendary typing skills will understand.
It has really bugged for years though that certain pedants will be happy to argue for hours over a couple of words in a power point slide, or forensically check the handouts in case it doesn’t second guess every single product response, yet will refuse to waste any time digging a little further into the rather obvious ‘insight’ or actually find out why people care about something rather than the fact they do…….

Comment by Northern

Yep. I had a mate who was stuck in a meeting with Danone and spent 9 months on the words in their brand pyramid. NINE MONTHS. And then the ads were oh-my-god-awful. The only winner was the agency cash flow … literally, that’s it.

Comment by Rob

hello  how are you?? 🙂

Comment by mikheilshingazrdilovi

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