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The Countdown Begins …
June 2, 2014, 6:10 am
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I don’t know how it happened, but we’re in June already.


That means we’ve had 6 months of 2014.

We’re 6 months away from Christmas!!!

6 and a bit months away from 2015!!!

But that all pales in comparison to the fact we’re 10 days away from my birthday!!!

Yes, I know at my age you should be keeping things like that quiet, rather than shouting it from the rooftops … but I’m an only child so I’m in it for what I can get.

Which sadly will be ‘not much’, but this subtle email is an attempt to change that.

Though all this email will actually achieve is appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary as an example of ‘hope’.

Or delusion.


But it’s not all bad news.

You see the kind folk in the Chinese Government have sensed my concern so have deemed today a public holiday.

No, I’m not joking.

I’d say it’s getting embarrassing, but it reached that stage ages ago.

So as I sit at home playing PS4, know I feel very uncomfortable about all this time off.

No, seriously, I do.

But on the bright side, at least I’m getting an idea of what retirement will be like.

And it’s freaking awesome!!!

So see you tomorrow … unless China decides to bestow another holiday on us.

Fingers crossed.

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Here we go again.

Comment by George

Is quoting a whitesnake song his birthday present?

Comment by DH

Now you mention it David, he should consider it so.
Happy pre-birthday Robert.

Comment by George

How much do you regret saying you weren’t going to have another holiday off for 5 months? That was 4 holidays and 3 months ago.

Comment by DH

Given that you bang on about solving business problems, you’d be better off putting down the xbox and devoting some time to remedial mathematics.

Comment by John

Or work.

Comment by DH

he can cause less fucking damage to commieland and wieden at home. theres some method to the commies holiday fucking madness.

Comment by andy@cynic

Again? Incredible.

Comment by Pete

I mean your latest holiday. Though I could also be referring to your upcoming birthday.

Comment by Pete

Is going to work like a weekend for you?

And don’t expect a present, your whole life is a gift.

Comment by Billy Whizz

nice fucking work. that jammy bastard won the fucking lottery of life compared to where he should be. which is jail. also known as staying in fucking nottingham.

Comment by andy@cynic

you have got to be fucking kidding me campbell. i dont fucking work and you have more days off than me. and dont get me started on your fucking birthday.

Comment by andy@cynic

We could always hire some people to give him the bumps.

Comment by John

more like bump the fucker off.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s pleasing to see age hasn’t diminished your birthday reminder subtlety Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Your best wishes are so touching.

I’ve just got a weird China set-top box that lets me have 900 channels from around the world for free. With that, PS4 and the new Watch Dogs game … could life get any better?

Well the answer is yes, because in 11 days I’ll be inundated by your presents and love. Don’t disappoint me.

Comment by Rob

I’d point out that the correct usage is “inundated with” but since you’ll experience neither …

Comment by John

Sadly, that’s a good point.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Northern

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