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May 30, 2014, 6:10 am
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One of the things I’ve always had a problem with about America, is their obsession with gun ownership.

Actually that’s wrong.

One of the things I’ve always had a problem with about America is their tolerance of the NRA … the National Rifle Association.

For all the talk they give about wanting to maintain the rights of the ‘sport’, the hype they – and their members – spout seems to convey a very different motivation behind their actions.

Have a look at the stuff they say on their website …

Now have a look at the ad one of their members put out …

Yeah … they really sound like an association committed to the use of guns for the purpose of sport don’t they.

Seriously, using nationalism and aggressive language like ‘army’ doesn’t do them any favours and neither does their whole ‘right to bear arms’ argument, because as Ice-T once said, back when the 2nd amendment was written, America thought it was OK to keep slaves so maybe it’s time they accept the World has moved on for the better.

For any NRA advocate who needs another tragic reminder why they need to stop fighting for liberal gun ownership laws, they need to look at this video of the Father of Ricardo Martinez, a young man who died in last weeks mass shooting victims.

I know responsibility cannot be aimed at one person or group … I know the NRA don’t pull the actual trigger when someone dies … I know there are millions of responsible gun owners out there … I know shooting can be a sport … I know the gun industry keeps hundreds of thousands employed … but the NRA are not helping matters with their consistent and aggressive lobbying and hyped up stance on gun ownership being an ‘American’s right’.

Grow the fuck up and accept your part in the problem and work with it, not against it.

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I was not expecting a post like that. I try to pay as little attention to the NRA as possible. That is the wrong view but I am exasperated by their comments every time there is a mass shooting.

I agree most of their members are law abiding citizens but their paranoia about saying anything against these situations because they think it may be used against them leaves me angry and cold towards them.

Those ads are horrific which is on brand for the NRA organization. Well said Rob.

Comment by Pete

Ricardo Martinez father is a giant amongst men. The NRA will claim he has let his emotions rule his logic. I would respond by pointing out his reaction is common amongst parents who have seen their innocent child be gunned down and then faced an organisation who finds it impossible to empathise with their tragedy.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by DH

Couldn’t agree more. To find the strength to speak out at such a time of grief is incredible. But you’re right, he’ll be slammed down for being “emotional”.

Comment by Rob

The NRA will be shitting themselves.

Comment by Billy Whizz

They should be, appearing on this blog is a death sentence.

Comment by DH

Or a credibility death sentence.

Comment by DH

Doesn’t your family have some massive gun collection? No NRA membership for them with this post.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yep. A huge collection including some of the rarest guns around … but that doesn’t mean I – or they – are some massive, blinkered gun-toting crew.

This isn’t about owning guns [though I do believe there should be some limits on that as well as strict guidelines on how/where they are purchased and used] this is about the NRA treating anyone who is injured or killed by a gun as enemies rather than as victims.

Comment by Rob

I don’t like agreeing with you ever Rob, but I hate the NRA and everything they do in the interests of their group. They’re pedlars of violence. Their members aren’t but the NRA are. Those ads make me sick. Charlton Heston makes me sick. The way they’ve hijacked the word “patriot” makes me sick.

Comment by DH

If only it were that simple. See this well-reasoned article and the resultant comments

Comment by John

No one is denying it is a complicated issue, but that doesn’t justify the NRA’s behaviour when reasoned debate is needed.

Comment by George

Agreed. But until the second amendment is repealed, I can’t see any way forward.

Comment by John

When history becomes a hindrance.

Comment by George

What about the right for everyone to have an education and health protection.

Comment by George

You’ll get no argument about that from me.

Comment by John

The sad comment I read the other day was a comparison of how a person tried to blow up a plane with a shoe and suddenly we all take our shoes off for screening, but 30+ mass shootings after Columbine and no real changes made to gun ownership.

Surely compulsory voting in the US would help marginalise lobby groups such as the NRA, as suddenly Presidents would be elected by everyone, and not just interest groups who can motivate their followers to vote.

Comment by Mark

That’s a great point Mark.

To add to the stupidity of it all, I found an old post that talks about how the NBA lobbying had banned doctors from gathering data or discussing guns with patients.

It’s all gone a bit mad and surely it’s time the people had a say, rather than just the people with the chequebooks.

Comment by Rob

The guy in the first picture should be told we are out of date, we are out of step because we are Americans.

Comment by Wayne Green

I bloody hate this lot and agree with the point about hijacking the word ‘patriot’
It’s like the Tea Party perverting the word ‘freedom’ or David Cameron with ‘fairness’

Comment by Northern

Is it wrong I played GTA all night?

Comment by Billy Whizz

If it kept you out of general circulation, then no.

Comment by John

The chicks are devastated.

Comment by Billy Whizz

There are troubling points about this shooting. I could go on at length but the killer point is the extra gunman in the car. Here’s the witness describing it.

Comment by Charles Frith

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