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Screw You Mills & Boon, Here’s Rob Campbell…
February 18, 2014, 6:10 am
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After writing a post on Friday about how I think Valentines Day is the absolute opposite of love, a friend of mine sent me this video of what love really is.

What a shame the couple in the video only have a 58% chance of staying married.

Mind you, with one having a Dutch accent and the other having a Scottish accent, they only have a 10% chance of ever understanding what the other person said.

Oh well, despite all that, I have to say I was moved by how the whole thing went down and I particularly loved how the happiness of the occasion swept through – and was shared – by the audience and cast members.


We need more happiness in the World.

I know it’s always there, but under the tsunami of fear being peddled by our media, we often don’t see it.

If Valentine’s day was about celebrating the feelings of love demonstrated in the video above, then I’d be all for it – but as I said on Friday, it’s not – because all companies want to do is flog scared men some overpriced cards, flowers and chocolates whereas real love, at least for me, is about emotional generosity and that’s something you show with your heart not your wallet.

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what the fuck has got in to you campbell.

If you think you can be the new barbara Cartland, you should stop fucking kidding yourself immediately. unless youre talking about looking like her because you achieved that years ago.

pull yourfuckingself together. the birkenstocks are bad. this shit is worse. and i never thought id ever write that.

Comment by andy@cynic

Best comment ever.

Comment by DH

I don’t know if I am more shocked at the character assassination [which made me laugh out loud so don’t get too smug with yourself] or the fact you used a capital letter in your comment.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

“mummy. how did daddy propose to you?”

“he was dressed like a twat and asked me in front of hundreds of people to hoodwink me in to saying yes. thats why i divorced the fucker after 3 months.”

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Miguel

Double Gold.

Comment by Rob

You are an old softie Robert. Andrew, you are an old cynic.

Comment by Lee Hill

Andy is an old cynic. Literally. So I expect you won’t get any argument from him.

Comment by Pete

campbell says they only have a 58% chance of marriage success and i get called the fucking cynic? oi campbell, is that % right. hope so, means im not fucking average. finally the exparasites give something back to me of value.

Comment by andy@cynic

That is a well reasoned observation Andrew. You are both cynics.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s not right the percentage of 1st marriages is much higher, overall figure is skewed by the fact that once you get divorced, you’re likely to do it again if you marry someone else.

Comment by northern

In other words Andy, Northern is saying you skewed the results. Another feather in your cap.

Comment by Rob

I like you more when you are only influenced by my opinion Lee.

Comment by Rob

I was moved too. 5 seconds after I watched it, I wanted to be sick.

Comment by DH

That happens everytime I visit this blog.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Maybe he should rename it musings of a wannabe bulimic.

Comment by DH

I remain awed by your ability to continually produce posts of this quality.

Comment by John

It takes practice, but I think I’m coming into my own.

Comment by Rob

I’m definitely grateful there’s only one of you Rob.

Comment by DH

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