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Why Companies Need To Remember Value For Money Can Only Be Determined After They’ve Received What They’ve Paid For, Not Before …
December 16, 2013, 6:20 am
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So this, for many people, will be the last full week before the festive holidays.

It will certainly be the last week I’ll be writing my rubbish until 2014.


Jesus, I still think 1995 was only a few years ago … which at least explains my dress sense.

Anyway, it’s still a Monday and because of that, my low standards are even lower than usual [I know, amazing eh!] so instead of spouting more planner nonsense, here’s a picture that explains the point I was trying to make in this post, in a nano-second of the time.

While you can definitely pay too much for some things, you can also definitely pay too little too … and when all you do is base your decision on cost – because you don’t appreciate the factors that separate good from bad – you are setting yourself up for a terrible fall.

And on that happy note, I’ll leave you to enjoying the depression of Monday morning … which is doubly painful this time because it’s on the week before Christmas. That is unless you’re out every night, getting hammered and using the excuse you’re simply ‘celebrating the festive cheer’ with colleagues … even though you haven’t spoken to half of them for the past 6 months and you don’t even know the name of the new guy in accounts.

The even worse news? The posts don’t get better later in the week. Sorry.

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You had me at “this is the last week I’ll be writing this rubbish”.

Best. Present. Ever.

Comment by DH

Funny how you say you’ll use a picture to explain what you want to say than explain what the picture clearly says. You can’t help yourself can you.

Comment by DH

youve only just worked that out? what the fuck is wrong with you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve been in denial.

Comment by DH

1) it’s sunday here.

2) how can anyone be depressed in your last week of blog crap. The only downside is knowing you’ll be back next year.

3) is that you in the picture?

Comment by Billy Whizz

what if i remind you youll be at home alone. no family around you. no party games and presents to pla and open? just you with food, drink and the remote control.

you lucky, lucky fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

When you put it like that…..

Can I come over and spend the big day with you Best buddy?

Comment by DH

Fuck off DH and go spend your christmas being bored shitless.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Another reason why living in China is attractive at this time of year.

Comment by Rob

you dont have to worry campbell, no fucker would invite you anywhere anyway. and why the fuck are you up so early? are you doing your annual day of work at work?

Comment by andy@cynic

Basically, yes.

Comment by Rob

“When all you do is base your decision on cost, you are setting yourself up for a terrible fall.” Nicely said Rob.

Cost is always a factor, but evaluating it against the needs you have and the benefits the investment will give you is key. Unfortunately for the advertising industry, they have such a bad understanding of what effectiveness is (as your post on Friday showed) that they are being judged by business purely on a bottom line figure, which is slowly destroying them.

Comment by Pete

I didn’t have Monday depression until after reading this post. Thanks a lot Rob.

Comment by swati

Mission accomplished.

Comment by Rob

Now I fell terribly underpaid… on a monday. Depressing.

Comment by Miguel

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