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Has Someone Shot The Messenger?
November 19, 2013, 6:10 am
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Quick question, how many people still use MSN Messenger these days?

I, as I’m sure a lot of you guys still do, have it on my computers – and my phone – but I never use it, preferring all manner of alternatives from WeChat and Skype to Whatsapp to something called ‘having a conversation’.

Anyway, I’d be really interested to know if:

1. You have it on your computer/phone.

2. Whether you still use it.

3. What is your main choice for instant messaging these days.

Don’t worry, this is not a ruse for me to find out your social media tools so I can quickly ‘friend’ you to stop looking like I’m Billy-No-Mates [also known as ‘Billy’], it’s a genuine question which I’d love you to answer, even though I know all I’ll get in return is abuse. Ta and Ta-ra.

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None of the above. I insist on a working knowledge of semaphore for all meaningful conversation.

Comment by Chris

Yes I do but no I don’t. I cannot remember the last time I opened it. My main choice of instant messenger would be my voice. Old school perhaps, but still highly effective. In technology terms, it used to be skype but after a certain gentleman I know residing in China talked it up, it is now wechat.

Comment by George

You mean you downloaded WeChat but never actually use it … just to be accurate.

Comment by Rob

I’m use tinder but there must be something wrong with it because I send messages but none of the hot chicks can write back. I should sue.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You mean countersue.

Comment by John

Yes I still have msn, no I don’t use it. I have no friends.

Comment by John

Is it because you have no friends or because you use msn?

Comment by DH

Hey Rob.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but MSN Messenger has been shutdown for 8 month. Login should be unsuccessful by now.

I’m 25, abroad for one year (Originally from France, I’m now in Canada). I used to have data in France, but considering the price of data plan here, I haven’t anymore.

Also, my routine would be:
What’s app, mostly (easy and quick) chats with friends and family. It replaces by far the sms. I use it both in France and Canada.
Viber sometimes. Exactly the same usage than What’s app but some of my friends don’t have the first one (I have to say, mostly people who got smartphone or data plan later). Plus, Viber allows phone calls for free.
Skype, only video call with friends and family. I wouldn’t use that much Skype if I stayed in France.
Google Hangout sometimes, to chat with several friends at a time (Skype doesn’t allow mutli calls with the free access)

In my mind, we hardly can compare Skype (which has mainly a tablet or laptop usage) and What’s app (which is mobile only). They don’t really compete, they share their users and fit different need: mobility vs spot, immediate vs appointment, personal vs gathering.

Up to read your point of view!

Comment by Jo

You know this is Rob’s blog. No one takes anything he says seriously.

Comment by DH

I’ll tell you that I have it but never use it. But I’m not falling for your trick in getting me to reveal what I use. I can only just cope with you on here.

Comment by DH

Since I purchased Apple laptop, I totally forgot of such a program as MSN Messenger.
Instead of it I do use Skype and WeChat (which is much better than WhatsUp).

By the way Messenger has only been shut down for American and European market. It is still accessible and widely used, for example in China.

Comment by M.Borgarbúi

I used it messenger last night. My mum is on it and to move her over to another system would be too problematic. She’s the only reason I use it, otherwise it’s whatsapp. I’ve resisted wechat, but I know it’s coming because it’s going to dwarf twitter and facebook within 12 months. China wins again.

Comment by Pete

You’re right about it dwarfing Twitter and Facebook … 3 years old and at 700+ million. Yes, I know it has an advantage over the others because it’s not banned in China whereas they are, but still, that’s bloody amazing given the amount of competitive products there are available here.

Comment by Rob

Thank you for all this – I’m amazed how people have actually answered the question, what the hell is wrong with you all?

And hello Jo and M. Borgarbui – thanks for your comments and I’m sorry this blog will have bored you to tears, ha.

Comment by Rob

It’s still on my desktop. It was the chat tool of choice for myself and many digital types in Australia for years but has definitely been superceded by FB chat, Viber, Whatsapp etc. I am holding a memorial service for it this Sunday.

Comment by Oz

i dont use anything that could let ex #1 and #2 demand more shit from me. even a fucking carrier pigeon is a risk im not willing to fucking take.

Comment by andy@cynic

I still have MSN Messenger on my computer as it came as a factory setting with my laptop, I never think to get rid of it.
I had heard that MSN was no longer working, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure it even CAN be used anymore.

Comment by 7equilasunrise

I use it but via an app on my phone, not on my computer.

Comment by Pete

Nope, I thought it became obsolete ages ago. I remember using it in university but not in the last 10 years! I use Whatsapp primarily. Google Hangouts sometimes. Skype following that.

Comment by Anjali

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