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August 30, 2013, 6:10 am
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I used to think that if you wanted something bad enough, you could make it happen.

Sometimes you can, but sometimes there’s an obstacle that is more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction.


Timing is similar to time and yet different.

Because in simplistic terms, time is about experience whereas timing is about opportunity.

That moment where everything comes together with perfect precision and lets amazing blossom and flow.

But there are times where timing can be cruel.

Where regardless of will, experience, desire and ambition, it destroys all promise and hope in the blink of an eye.

We never know which side it will show until it decides.

Because timing controls us.

We are slaves to it’s decision and fools to its seduction.

It decides when things can happen and when things can’t.

It chooses when opportunities will be seized and when they will only be viewed from afar.

Timing has the power to tempt us into believing in the impossible or leaving us with the shatteringly painful memories of what could have been … or what once was.

Timing is a bitch.

She toys with our emotions with a total disregard for the consequences.

Taking us to the highest highs or the lowest lows.

Making us and breaking us.

Exciting us and destroying us.

Teasing us and trampling us.

Timing has given me a life I never dreamed possible and a heart that’s been battered tattered and torn.

There are those that say fortune favours the brave.

Or that preparation welcomes opportunity.

Or what will be, will be.

If only it was that simple.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Because while timing can conquer most things, it can’t beat the will of the idiot.

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for once i agree with you campbell, timing is a fucker as evidenced by the fact you asked me to start a company with you on the very fucking day i was bored as shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know if it’s timing or karma but it fucking hated me as well.

Comment by DH

If this is supposed to make me feel bad, it’s failed … if anything the reaction I had when readings your whinging was sheer, unadulterated joy. Ha.

Comment by Rob

theres no bigger idiot with no bigger fucking will than you. congratufuckinglations.

Comment by andy@cynic

Of course you wouldn’t change a thing, you’re the jammiest person that’s ever lived.

Comment by DH

That’s was she said.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Well said Rob. As much as we like to think we are in charge of our lives, timing is the real master. Unless you have the will of an idiot of course. ; )

Comment by Pete

Stop with the smileys Pete. Only 13 year old girls do that anymore.

Comment by DH

Sorry Pete, but he’s right. Yellow card.

Comment by Rob

He knows his target market.

Comment by john

Normally if someone wrote this you would think there’s some weird shit going on in their lives but I know you’re just weird so I won’t even bother asking how you are.

Comment by DH

hes loaded, works at w+k, married out his league, travels the world on some other fuckers dime, is a property tycoon. of course hes ok, its the rest of us fuckers who should be feeling fucking sick.

Comment by andy@cynic

What was I thinking!

Comment by DH

Best backhanded compliment ever.

Comment by Rob

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity (/timing).

Comment by nyessy

I don’t know if that’s always true – but I do think when that situation is in place, it increases the odds.

Thanks for writing nyessy, come back soon.

Comment by Rob

Timing can sometimes surprise us with all kinds of wonderful.

Comment by Alice

Well said Alice. It’s in her hands, but occasionally she decides to give us something we never knew was available, possible or amazing.

That’s what my colleagues say all the time. Ahem.

Hope you come back on here again, that is if the other commentators haven’t scared you off.

Comment by Rob

You know what I’m going to ignore the banter today. This post was well said. “The will of the idiot’ I’ll steal that.
Fred showed me those Direct TV ads last week, hadn’t seem them before and, of course, they’re just bloody funny, but also built on the nature of coincidence and unforeseen consequences.

Comment by northern

As luck has been mentioned, I’ll take the abit and suggest, no state, that most people underestimaste the role of luck (randomness) in pretty much every walk of life. And what’s more most people don’t even understand the concept – hence you get platitudes about making your own luck which are just plain wrong.

Be prepared, yes. Recognise and seize the opportunities when they arise, yes. But don’t assume a causality. In finance luck is re-termed risk which is quite helpful. There’s systematic risk and non-systematic risk – one you can preapre for by speasding your bets and hedging the risk, the other you can do nothing about – it’s random and just plain luck or bad luck.

Comment by John

I meant systemic and non–systemic. Systematic and non-systematic are something else.

Comment by John

Having a bad day John?

Comment by Rob

Typos galore. You’re not yourself today John

Comment by northern

I was stupidly hoping my cuteness would get me by.

Comment by john

That’s better

Comment by northern

For example, you could buy an over-priced Cupertino computer and four months later have it turn into a brick on your desk.

Comment by John

Baz has a lot to answer for John. You will have to join the very long queue.

Comment by Rob

Unlike you, I’m in the paying queue.

Comment by john

Hello John. If your computer was bought new, any Apple store will assist you in fixing the problem. If it wasn’t, let me know and I will see what I can do to help, this blog wouldn’t be this blog without your viewpoint.

Comment by Bazza

Is the problem to do with the keyboard or is that just your own spelling/typing issue?

Comment by Bazza

This one is under five months old, so will eventually be mended but the period without it is annoying. I am now unable to begin my much-needed touch typing course.

However, since you have made this generous offer IN WRITING I can point out that my previous mbp also broke down and I will be happy for you to replace that one with a brand new model as part of the Campbell freebie programme.

Comment by John

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