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The Perfect Storm …
August 22, 2013, 6:10 am
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This is a post in two halves. The first half I wrote last week, the second I wrote yesterday.

The first half is this:

So let’s start with the good news.

This is my last blog post till next Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY! How happy must you all feel?

Before you ask, no – I’m not having another holiday thank you very much. I’m not even having a weekend.

[Cue: Violins]

Alright … alright, so I am going traveling, but it’s all genuinely work related, so it’s not like I’m going to be sat on my ass, doing nothing and chilling.

That’s what the office is for. Boom Tish.

Anyway, as much as this is no doubt, music to your ears, there’s 2 people who will hear this news with a sense of trepidation and dread.

Fredrik Sarnblad and Northern.

That’s right, two of the nicest people – and certainly 2 of the nicest people in adland – are sat in front of their computers, head in hands, screaming “Noooooooooo!”

The reason for this is that we’re all going to be meeting up in South Korea.

In fact, we’re going to be meeting up later today.

And South Korea thought their biggest threat was from that lunatic dictators ‘oop North’. Fooooooools.

Anyway, as much as adland has many faults, it also has a bunch of good bits and one of those is their pre-occupation with awards.

The reason I say this is because the three of us have been asked to judge at the AdStars festival in Busan.

While that is wonderful in itself, the chance for me to spend some time with 2 special people is awesome.

Especially as I’ve never actually met Northern before.

My adoration of both Freddie and Andrew has been well documented, so how I will end up feeling about them after we’ve hung out for 48 hours is anyone’s guess.

[For clarity, I should point out we won’t be spending all 48 hours in Busan together, we’ll not be showering or sleeping in the same room. At least I don’t think we will. In fact, I’d guess Freddie and Northern insisted I stay in an entirely different country, let alone hotel]

Anyway, the point of this post is that advertising – and blogging – is wonderful because it not only introduced these toptastic people in to my life, but it has let me spend some time with them.

That’s a gift, I really mean it … even if they might have quite a different point of view.

I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday.


So here’s the second half of the post.

While there will be no blog post from me till next Wednesday and I do love advertising for having conferences that let me meet up with people who mean the world to me … the fact is, I won’t be in Busan with the boys.

And I am utterly gutted.

The plane ticket was booked and paid for [by me, for the record] and we had arranged to see each other later this evening, but for some personal reasons that I don’t really want to go into right now, I sadly won’t be.

Maybe Freddie and Northern concocted some magic spell to make it happen … maybe the World decided to conspire against me … maybe it’s just utter shit luck, but I am very disappointed.

So you can sit back and feel glad that good things don’t always happen to bad people.


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South Korea breathes a sigh of relief.

Hope you’re OK Rob.

Comment by Bazza

Nothing a bunch of new iPhone/iPad/Macbook Air’s wouldn’t fix Bazza.

Comment by Rob

That’s the most effective strategy Freddie and Northern will ever pull off.

Comment by DH

Part 1 is like a letter Romeo writes to Juliet.
Part 2 is like a letter writes to his mate when he finds Juliet is banging his best mate.

Comment by DH

I’ll write the obligatory “are you OK?” message in case Rob put me in his will and there’s some cash to be had out of him.

Comment by DH

hahahahaha. haha. hahahaha. ha. you fucking delusional twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy’s right. The chances of you being left anything in my will other than an insult are approximately, zero. But keep dreaming Dave. Keep dreaming.

Comment by Rob

I’m disappointed too. I had high hopes for this gathering.

Comment by John

armageddon avoided.

Comment by andy@cynic

northern and swede boy both owe me big time. giving campbell a sniffle wasnt fucking easy.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s disappointing. I hope whatever caused the cancellation isn’t serious and gets sorted soon.

Comment by Pete

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but it will … which means this blog isn’t over brain-raping you yet.

Comment by Rob

Obvously Fred and I are disappointed. But I only care you’re okay.
I slept in the bath last night. The chinese guys are animals

Comment by northern

You slept in the bath? How many times have I told you to keep your golden showers fascination at home.

Comment by Rob

By the way this is one of the rare occasions I’ve been relieved to be in the south

Comment by Northern

So is ‘the North’.

Comment by Rob

This is not good to hear Robert. I hope whatever stopped you from visiting South Korea, is sorted swiftly and efficiently.

Comment by Lee Hill

i will hate myself for saying this but i miss ending my day without a new bullshit blog post of yours to rip the piss out of. sort yourself out campbell and get producing your unique blend of planner wank again soon.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s bought a bike.

Comment by John

No. I’ve bought ‘another’ bike.

Comment by Rob

Much easier than mending the ouncture on the other one.

Comment by John

todays post is fucking interesting, maybe your most interesting ever. what? you havent written anything? as i fucking said, its your most interesting post ever.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by John

‘The perfect storm’ was actually Fred’s relentless viking tennis game. Thanks to him I can barely walk

Comment by northern

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