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I Seem To Have Inadvertently Become Paris Hilton’s Sugar Daddy …
June 21, 2013, 6:03 am
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Dear Hilton Hotel Sydney …

I had a very nice stay with you during my recent trip to Australia.

Sure, you were pretty expensive for basic things like Diet Coke and a packet of peanuts, but it was very nice … or should I say it was very nice until I checked my credit card bill and saw you had decided to sneakily charge me for an additional nights stay to the bill I had already paid.

And what did you do when I called you to question it?

You said I’d been charged because I was a ‘no show’, despite the fact you also acknowledged [1] I had already been in your hotel for a number of days and [2] I had checked out exactly when the booking said I would – which seems to be pretty good proof I WAS ACTUALLY THERE!!!

And what did you do when you heard this?

Did you go, “Oh so sorry sir, there must have been an error with our system, let me reimburse you right away”

No. You said it would take TEN DAYS to investigate and this shouldn’t be taken as an acceptance of liability.

Oh but hang on, there’s more.

You see rather than accept that there must be some sort of mistake, you then added that the only explanation must be that I “must have booked an additional night”.

Now listen here Hilton Hotel.

As much as I like throwing money away on stupid technology, even I wouldn’t rent another room in a hotel I was already staying in just because I could.

And even if by some weird quirk of fate, I had done, I sure as hell wouldn’t have ignored the checking in process because another room means more amenity packs to steal.

I find it amazing that a hotel chain that claims they want to ensure ‘all our guests have a memorable, personalised experience’ not only is reluctant to accept liability when they acknowledge I was already in their hotel as a guest, but wants to make me wait at least 10 days before they’ll think about reimbursing my credit card.

But there’s something worse.

Had I not seen the charge on my credit card, Hilton Hotel would have got away with this.

They didn’t call or email to tell me [1] about this charge or [2] that I had ‘failed to check in’ … they simply kept their head down so they could make a wrongful charge and hopefully get away with it.

As you know, I travel quite a lot until someone there not only reimburses me, but apologizes for the inconvenience they have caused, I definitely won’t be staying in one of their establishments again.

Of course, they probably won’t care especially because they’re probably of the view that if their business can survive after one of the founders family has been videoed fucking some sad, opportunist bastard on film, they can survive anything … and maybe that’s right, but I can assure them I’ll do all I can to try and make them take some sort of responsibility for their actions [or inaction], because this isn’t the behavior of a service industry, it’s the behavior of conmen.

Hilton Hotel. The battle is officially on.

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Everyone’s been inside a Hilton.

Comment by DH

Unless their rooms have robot waiters or a 24/7 video channel dedicated to playing queen videos, you did not buy a second room and I’m willing to say that in court. If you pay me enough.

Comment by DH

That is the nicest compliment I’ve ever had. From you.

Comment by Rob

So much for the customer is always right. You should link to this post on travel review sites and the Hilton Facebook page. Smoke them out Rob. I’ve had trouble with Hilton in the past with additional charges but they never said they needed 10 more days to investigate before they would even consider if they were wrong. Terrible service but they’re not very good hotels anymore. Good luck Rob.

Comment by Pete

This will be fun to watch.

Comment by Pete

I wish I could afford to stay in a hotel that overcharged me. #firstworldproblem

Comment by Billy Whizz

Didn’t you go to criminaland for a conference? Don’t organisers pay for your hotel? I bet they do, you the master of freebies wouldn’t make a basic mistake like that.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Make him pay hilton. I don’t care if he’s innocent, you can take a stand against jammy pricks who get everything paid for and do nothing but rehash the same presentation over and over again.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You wish a hotel would have you as a guest.

Comment by John

You clearly had “a memorable and personalised experience” but, that said, the point about their not contacting you is spot on.

I’m going through a lesser dispute about a direct debit and every time I speak to “customer service” they check that they have my email and phone number correct, say that they will deal with the problem and then when they decide not to, they don’t even bother to inform me.

The broadcasting/messaging mentality is alive and well as is the prioritising of short-term revenue ahead of longer-term trust.

Comment by John

Hotels are more shameless than politicians in the way they say one thing then act in an entirely different way. The charges they add to every transaction is ridiculous, especially when they have already inflated their prices for basic items 200-300%.

Didn’t you have a friend who was charged $2000 for a phone call?

I hope you get it sorted Rob, but I must admit I hope hilton take their time because it would be fun watching the mayhem you will shower them with. You do petty and petulance in ways no one can imagine.

Comment by Bazza

You mean he can be as spiteful as Elton John after a dress malfunction and too much marching powder?

Comment by DH

Yes, my friend’s mother had just been diagnosed with cancer and was on the phone to them [they were in the US and the mother was in Oz] for an hour.

Price? US$2000.

This was a long time ago, before skype etc … but even when my friend explained why she had been on the phone, the hotel said, “bad luck, pay up or we call the police”.

Now I appreciate that international phonecalls are more expensive than local – and 10 years+ ago, they would be even more pricey – but even sex lines don’t get away with charging US$33.33 a minute and yet a hotel thought this was acceptable behaviour, even when they were told – and shown – it was an emergency call.

Disgraceful behaviour.

Comment by Rob

I try hard to keep toxic celebrity out of my life because it intrudes and isn’t remotely realk, but that Paris Hilton break in movie based on real life Emo thieves in Hollywood just blew me away (and it was in LRB so I have an excuse)

I just can’t get over someone living with silk cushions with screen prints of their own face littered around their house.

It’s creepy.

Comment by Charles Frith

You better not come to mine then, I have a life-sized cut out of me. Though to be fair, it’s shoved in a corner of the office where it can’t scare anyone. Mainly me.

Comment by Rob

Mistakes happen. However not offering customers clarity on the resolution process is a basic customer service mistake. Make them learn from this mistake Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

After 10 days, Hilton will tell you that there will be no ‘room’ for discussion. Then theyw ill give you a spa voucher… on condition that you book another 3 nights with them.

Comment by Cheryl Guzman-Ng

Hello lovely CJ, how the hell are you.

Let’s see if you’re right. Part of me hopes you are because I will make their life a fucking misery. Not because the amount of money is really big, but because they have no right to act this way and pettiness is my middle name … as you well know, ha!

Comment by Rob

Italians and their vendetta’s – excellent

Comment by northern

It’s not a vendetta, it’s cultural. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

I’m so unimpressed … When I rang The Hilton and used your name to extend the stay, I told them a week. Can’t believe they only charged you for an extra day. Thieves.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

You have to work on your mischief influence.

Comment by Rob

But it was a good start … I’m sure most people on here would agree. (That’s a rhetorical question, you don’t have to actually tell me how much you agree)

In other news, why am I awake at 6am. On a Saturday. Checking my blog? Could it be because being the man about town that I am, I haven’t gone to bed yet? No, it’s because I went to sleep at 9pm last night. I know, I’ll go and sit on the pathetic step.

Comment by Rob

i cant be fucked to read all the bollocks ive missed but im pretty fucking certain theres nothing new in any of them and id disagree with all of the bastards.
read this one though. too fucking right you should go after those hilton fuckers. whats the fucking world coming to when you have to pay for your freebie holiday work trips. fucking outrageous.

Comment by andy@cynic

Glad to have you back – even if it’s insulting. Will call later to see how everything went.

Comment by Rob

oh fucking goodie.

Comment by andy@cynic


Dear Mr. Campbell,

I am in receipt of your correspondence after your recent stay at Hilton Sydney from the 3rd – 7th June 2013.

I was extremely disappointed to read your comments regarding the billing and additional charge to your Credit Card from your recent stay. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience in which you have encountered. After investigating this issue I have found that there was a duplicate booking and unfortunately our system did not register that you were currently a guest in house. I am truly sorry that this has caused for you to have an negative experience at the Hilton Sydney.

Please be aware that our Finance Department have received your query and have organized a refund of $XXX to return to the AX *XXXX. I apologise for the miscommunication regarding the 10 days of investigation as this is the incorrect information that you have been provided. Please note that we recommend you to allow 10 days for the refund to be processed and your banking institution to credit the funds into your account.

In view of your less than satisfactory experience I would like to offer you a Complimentary upgrade to one of our King Executive Rooms should you wish to book again. Should you wish to return please do not hesitate to contact me directly as I would like the opportunity to ensure that your future stay not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Mr. Campbell, I sincerely apologise that your experience at Hilton Sydney did not meet your expectations and I do hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back in the near future.

Kind Regards,


Morgan Meredith
Duty Manager


Good on you Morgan and Hilton.

Of course this should never of happened and should never of needed me to raise the issue – but you sorted it out – so I hope it’s told you, as Lee Hill said in one of the comments above, that making sure everyone has clarity on “process” because an inadvertent comment from someone in the organisation can result in far more pain and trouble than is necessary.

Comment by Rob

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