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The London Underground Understands Insight Better Than Planners …
May 27, 2013, 6:10 am
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I’m writing this from the lovely Philippines – or, more precisely, Manila.

The last time I was here, I found out the man I was sat next to on the plane was a Nottingham Forest fan [he was also a very senior officer at the HK Police] … a bomb exploded at one of the Embassy’s … I got taken to one of the weirdest places I’ve ever seen and – a few weeks later – a friend of mine got kidnapped for a week.

And I was only there for the day!

This time I’m here for a bit longer so I hope it will be a bit less dramatic because I’d like to have a good meeting, see some friends, enjoy the richness of the culture and the compassion of the people, re-experience the madness of the city at full speed and reacquaint myself with the countries creativity which – in my opinion – is some of the best for insight and emotion across the region.

Anyway, I digress.

How unusual eh!

So what is this rant going to be about and what has it got to do with that picture at the top of this post?

Well it’s this:

First it was Lucille Ball … then it was authors … and now it’s London Underground signs.

I wonder when modern adland will start saying stuff that’s as concise, interesting and insightful rather than the proprietary tool bollocks so many of us seem so keen to spout. Or the state-the-fucking-obvious diatribes like ‘Mum’s love their kids’. Or ‘global human truths’ which are anything but.

Two weeks ago I was so positive in my Monday morning post. I knew it couldn’t last.

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Another holiday!

Comment by Billy Whizz

For once I agree with you.

Comment by Bazza

Cheeky sods. Especially as this was the journey to Manila:

+ First the plane almost runs out of fuel – sadly, that’s not a joke.

+ Then we land into a massive storm.

+ Then, when we get to the hotel, they check our car for bombs.

+ Then they get a sniffer dog to check our bags for bombs.

+ Then they make you go through a metal detector.

+ Then you’re finally allowed in the hotel.

See, it’s not all glamour and beefburgers. Ahem.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

You pre wrote this didn’t you? You’ve now got to the point where you’re even pre writing your posts even when you’re away. Haven’t you realised we only come here for the comments. You could save yourself (and us) a lot of hassle by just leaving the posts blank and letting us get on with it.

Comment by DH

Yeah, what is it with all this post writing?

Comment by Bazza

Busted. I am so ashamed.

Comment by Rob

If you think that’s interesting and insightful you have even bigger problems than I suspected.

Comment by DH

Dwarfs? Really? Do they have stuff balanced on their heads so you can live out your Queen fantasies?

Comment by DH

That’s scary knowledge about a band you supposedly dislike Dave.

Comment by Pete

Yes, I’m very impressed. You are, of course, referring to their New Orleans party when they were launching the Jazz album [1978] where it is alleged that amongst other things, dwarves with small bowls of cocaine on their heads, walked table to table to ‘entertain’ the guests.

This has been denied by the band, but they would say that wouldn’t they.

Comment by Rob

That’s a whole different level of scary right there.

Comment by DH

Yes, I realise I let my Queen geekdom out with that comment. Apologies.

Comment by Rob

Hate the band. Like their style.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The Hobbit House is well known for all the wrong reasons Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

We’re not going this time Lee. I’ve matured. I also don’t have enough free time. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I bet they put tomato in fruit salad in China. I once got sweetcorn and peas in a restaurant dessert there.

Comment by Pete

That’s all very well, but can they encapsulate it in a hundred slide presentation.

Comment by John

In 8 font filled top to bottom except for a few bad pieces of clip art. Good call John.

Comment by DH

No comments for 13 hours. This post captured the blogospheres imagination didn’t it.

Comment by Bazza

i dont know which campbell is. a magnet for fucking mayhem of a blagger of sheer fucking bastardness. i cant be fucked to talk about the tube twats because if they were that fucking clever, they would be planners wouldnt they campbell. cough fucking cough.

Comment by andy@cynic

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