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Walking Hypocrites …
January 24, 2013, 6:15 am
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I’ve written countless posts about how people are inherently hypocritical.

Saying one thing but acting in another.

Demanding action in one area, but insisting their situation isn’t affected.

Shouting about democracy but not liking it when the result doesn’t go their way.

We are all like this – everyone – but I am still amazed how many people only see this trait in others, not themselves.

Actually, I’m even more amazed that there are researchers out there who don’t even recognise this behaviour in others – which might go some way to explain why so many focus group findings could have been found by a blind man, but I digress.

The reason for all this is that I recently was in a meeting when a man I’d never met before, walked in holding this glass …

Cop a load of that.

1. He’s telling everyone he’s a Virgo.

2. It goes on a massive rant how brilliant & hard working Virgo’s are.

3. It has the audacity to say they are modest and shy.

Modest and shy?


Now I know what you’re thinking, “But what if that isn’t his glass?”

Well that’s a fair enough question – even though anyone in their right mind would do all they could to avoid using that glass – but when I saw it, I asked him if he was a Virgo and the funny thing is, he was genuinely surprised that [1] I asked and [2] I was right.

Who are these people???

Now I appreciate he didn’t do it to be a showoff – he was an extremely nice, gentle and kind gentleman – but the fact he didn’t realise [1] bringing a glass to a meeting that basically screamed ‘Virgoan’s are the greatest people in the entire Universe’ and [2] we’d naturally assume he was born a Virgo, highlights how people often see themselves very differently to how the rest of the World see’s them.

To be fair, a lot of that is the brains fault given it has been designed to protect our memories and ego regardless of reality, but still, not realising a glass like that would make you look an egotistical dick rather than a diligent and humble hard-worker is quite amazing.

So next time you’re in a meeting and people are throwing out facts about their life or thoughts … remember what they’re saying, might not always be as singleminded as they might like to believe. Focus group facilitators take note.

With all that in mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you lot … my wife … my friends … my clients … my colleagues … who all keep me very, very aware of my utter hypocrisy at every turn. I suppose that makes me a lucky man, even though I probably need to spend a bit more time trying to convince myself of that fact.

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Can I just confirm this is all because of someone’s drinking glass? I’ve not missed something that justifies this length of post or character assassination.

Comment by DH

Don’t worry Rob, I’m not blaming you. Paul Britton has to shoulder most of the blame for filling your head with all that associative relevance and projection crap.

Comment by DH

Associative relevance? I’m impressed Dave. And slightly scared.

Comment by Pete

I don’t know what it means, I just know that’s what he used to say to justify the huge Britton invoices.

Comment by DH


Comment by Pete

Well he has been struck off by the UK medical board. Maybe I could sue?

Comment by Rob

Wasn’t the TV show Cracker based on him?

Comment by Pete

I’m sure Mr Britton might have noted that there was potential self-deprecation in the “modest and shy” element of the galss. That said, just being in possession of an item related to astrology is enough to condemn him. Same applies to Queen and Forest. Obviously.

Comment by John


Comment by Billy Whizz

Oh trust me, there was no self depreciating going on here. He wouldn’t even know what it means and if it was explained, he would look at you with a quizzical look before asking why anyone would do something like that.

That said, I do get the Forest/Queen slur you – and Billy – so kindly chuck in my direction. But I never claimed to be anything other than a hypocrite with bad taste did I.

Comment by Rob

This from a man that drinks from a nottingham forest mug. Do you want me to tell you what that says you are? I’ll give you a clue, it’s worse than someone drinking from a glass with some star sign shit on it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yes, I had concerns that might be the case.

I’m just glad I never drank out of the ‘boob mug’ I got as a birthday present from Paul when I was 16 or something.

Comment by Rob

people who can’t walk are hypocrites as well.. just being PC.. carry on..

Comment by niko

People are definitely hypocrites Robert. Some spend decades stating they hate The Smiths only to admit they’re actually quite the fan.

Comment by George

or buying everything but the bono pod (you didn’t..did you? you did.. didn’t you) while slagging of the multiple colour strategy of Apple..

Comment by niko

No Bono pod, but yes to everything else.

Comment by Pete

That’s it Niko, get a good kick into my ribs while I’m down. And I NEVER EVER EVER had a Bono iPod. I have a lot of other Apple stuff … I appreciate that makes me a hypocrite given my ‘observations’ about Apple seemingly moving from an innovation strategy to an aesthetic micro-change strategy [sorry Baz] … but I could never have that Bono/U2 rubbish. Not even for free.

Comment by Rob

What if they released a Morrisey Pod?

Comment by northern

I would take it back to the shop because it would whine rather than play music. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

Oh my sides George. My sides.

Comment by Rob

I agree that people can be hypocritical and lacking self awareness, but to say the subject of this post shows signs of both just because of his choice of drinking glass is pretty harsh.

Comment by Pete

Harsh? Rob? Never. Well only 98.5% of the time.

Comment by DH

OK … OK … it might be a bit of an overkill attack, but my excuse is I was there and saw the broader context of his behaviour and you lot weren’t so that makes it a bit more justifiable. Doesn’t it? [Don’t answer that]

Comment by Rob

Maybe Robert watched one too many episodes of Sherlock Holmes.

Comment by Wayne Green

Nice post, it shows there is still hope for long copy (talking about the glass, I do not mean it as an insult of your post). However, I read the print on the glass as a failed attempt to be funny and ironic; with the word modest spelled so big and prominent, the letters of energy being empty and what about the dot after the word motion as if the motion is halted?

Comment by Paul

You have an even greater cynical eye than me. I don’t know if that’s a compliment, but it’s certainly a fact. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks you.

Comment by Paul


Sorry, about this, but I had to delete your comment. You said nothing wrong and I’m all for people saying what they think on here – however the comment you made mirrors, by tragic coincidence, a situation my friend [and regular commentator on this blog] is currently going through and the last thing I’d want is for him to see something like that when he and his family are going through such a tough time.

I know you wouldn’t know this, but I hope you understand.

Comment by Rob

Don’t know what was said but sounds like the worst kind of coincidence. Good work Rob.

Comment by DH

I only ever remember one quote about Virgo’s and it stuck because the ‘glove fit’. It said. Virgos are boringly predictable.

Comment by Charles Edward Frith (@charlesfrith)

I was a hypocrite yesterday, some cretin broke my china mug and I was forced to drink hallowed Yorkshire tea from a branded agency mug. It felt very dirty and wrong.
I’m not the Morrisey thing is hypocrisy, more epiphany surely?

And do pass on best wished to Andy

Comment by northern

China mug?

On behalf of the people’s republic, thank you.

Consider the best wishes passed on. He’s having a very tough time right now so I know it will be appreciated.

Comment by Rob

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