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Who Needs A Four Hour Working Week …
January 21, 2013, 6:10 am
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… when you can have the ‘no hour working week.

No, I’m not talking about winning the lottery.

Nor am I talking about living the sort of life some mean people on here claim I live.

I’m talking about this act of utter genius.

Mind you, it could be argued that …

1. I live in China

2. I spend a lot of time looking up shit on the internet

3. I have a propensity to delegate stuff to my colleagues

… I was doing this way before that guy.

Sssssssh, don’t tell Dan.

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You forgot point 4. You are always going on paid trips while the worker ants do your job for you. Apart from that, it must feel good to admit the truth.

Comment by DH

In 2 weeks, you will think you’re Nostradamus with that comment.

Comment by Rob

That is genius though. Well, until he got caught.

Comment by DH

He’s not a genius. He didn’t route the VPN via a US server which is why he ended up getting him noticed.

Comment by Bazza

That is the scariest response I’ve read on this blog Baz.

Comment by Pete


Comment by DH

I think your bosses need to take a closer look at your productivity Baz.

Comment by George


Comment by Billy Whizz

I didn’t mean you Rob.

Comment by Billy Whizz

it took you two fucking minutes to correct… wtf Billy..

Comment by niko

He finds it hard to find the letters on the keyboard.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

I don’t mean you Dave. (That quick enough for you Niko?)

Comment by Billy Whizz

Of course it is Billy..if it is good enough for your dates.. then who am i to complain..

Comment by niko

In some ways Billy, not being your hero is a bit of a compliment. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I wish we had access to the minutes of the meeting where the findings were announced to the company.

Comment by Lee Hill

Yes, that would be a very interesting read. I daren’t imagine how many times the senior people in the company kept saying:

“Sorry … can you run that by me again?”

Comment by Rob

I feel I have to moral right to comment on this, as I’m currently snowed In, lounging in bed with the cat at my feet ‘working’

Comment by northern

You are creating a whole new way to ‘delegate’.

Comment by Rob

They should have promoted this champion, not fired him.

Comment by Oz

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