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Work With The Man That Owns This Magnificent Specimen Of A Pooch …
October 29, 2012, 6:15 am
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… or the man that conveys uber-professionalism in his photos.

I am of course talking about Paul Colman & Kevin Chesters, the wonderful heads of planning at W+K.

You see the London office has just launched a new initiative that offers 3 months internship in the ultra-awesome planning department of W+K London.

More than that, it’s a 3 month PAID internship … which let’s be honest. is exactly what it should be.

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“But that’s not new, agencies have been doing that for years.”

… and you’d be right, but there are a few differences with our version.

1. It’s at W+K.

2. You’ll be working alongside some of the best people in advertising [note: I didn’t say ‘advertising people’, because great communication comes from people who live life, not a lifestyle].

3. You’ll learn and develop under some of the best in the biz, not just in planning, but in every department.

4. You’ll be part of one of the most interesting, creative, challenging and downright lovely planning teams around.

5. You’ll get to do the sort of stuff – on the sort of brands – that you thought only existed in the most extreme of planner hardcore porn fantasies.

6. You’ll be in countless Paul Colman ‘insitu’ instagram photos.

While those reasons are all amazing and compelling, the best reason of all is that you’ll get to spend a bunch of time with Paul and Kevin.

Apart from being two of the smartest and nicest [when they’re in a good mood] guys around, they are also enthusiastic, worldly and hands-on.

I’ve previously written that one thing I love about W+K is that their planning departments are run by people with diverse backgrounds – from Dolly Parton/Metallica roadies to cage fighters to crime fighters to World travelers to errrrm, ex-Terrance Trent D’arby guitarists and pretty much everything in-between – which means you get actively encouraged, pushed and prodded to explore more broadly, deeply & weirdly … which not only makes your job more interesting, but helps actively create commercially valuable distinction in a world of ever-growing parity thanks to the addiction of ever-growing pointless propriety tools.

[Sorry for the utterly long sentence there. Went off on a bit of one there]

In fact the only downside I can foresee is that you’d have to listen to Graeme Douglas go on and on and on about how ace running is.

And Leeds United.

And Call of Duty.

And his kids.

But even then, the bugger is so ridiculously clever and lovely that it will be well worth the pain and sacrifice.

So if you’re interested or want more details, all you have to do is click here.

While I obviously work at W+K, the fact of the matter is that this is a really great opportunity so I wish everyone who applies, the best of luck.

You most certainly won’t regret it.

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dorothy the fucking dinosaur outfits?

call of duty?

dolly big tits parton?

it sounds like jimmy savilles house.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep, just your average ad agency kindergarten.

Comment by Rob

you missed a point campbell.

point 7. youll work at the same company as campbell which means you most certainly will regret it.

Comment by andy@cynic

the hound is awesome.

thats the real reason to apply.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes, I love that pooch.

Comment by Rob

dont worry everyone, im safe from sandy the storm thanks for no fucker asking.

selfish pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Trust me, the storm would be more scared of you than vice-versa.

Comment by Rob

I would not mind applying for that myself. It is definitely more attractive than my first internship which was at Tesco’s and required me to stack and price shelves for 8 hours per day. I lasted 3 weeks.

Comment by George

unless you worked at hipster cool fuck tesco, you wouldnt get in. this is the london office campbells writing about, not the shanghai bastard, where they will take anyone it seems.

Comment by andy@cynic

Terence Trout D’Arby’s guitarist! There are no words.

Except to say that you’re linking to a post that effectively says come back in a few weeks. Fine work.

Comment by John

youre wrong doddsy. theres lots of words like “muppet” and “twat” and “tuneless cock”.

hope that helps.

Comment by andy@cynic

How do you know I’m referring to myself John? Oh – because no one else would be that sad. Guilty as charged.

What can I say, I was young and needed the money.

Comment by Rob

D’arby’s career went on from strength to strength after that collaboration didn’t it Rob.

Comment by DH

So basically what you’re saying is I deserve an OBE for services towards music. That is what you’re saying isn’t it Dave?

Comment by Rob

I know this post is about a fantastic opportunity at W+K, but that dog is stunning.

Comment by Pete

………and you get paid. In an industry that exploits young people, this is also good.
I fully support the exposure to Leeds United.

Comment by northern

when will you fuckers learn. being paid isnt the fucking issue, what the fucking amount youre getting paid is. fuck me, no wonder adland is in the fucking state its in.

Comment by andy@cynic

This job description has really brightened my day. Looks like a wonderful opportunity, I will definitely be applying. Hopefully they like tits and bullshit.

Comment by ionadavis

I would love to send my resume across to w+k London. Would the team prefer to see a seasoned-battered-marinated-bruised-yet-still-excited Planner, i.e. me armed with some good efficient campaigns/thinking experience on global brands, from India?

I dnot mind starting my Planner like Journey on a clean slate…Anything for W+K London (one amongst dream agencies)


Comment by Jyothsna

I think they’re open to all Jyothsna – there’ll be more info on the W+K London blog soon. Good luck.

Comment by Rob

Thank you Rob. Have seen the link, Will fix my homework



Comment by Jyothsna

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