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A Day That Should Be About Peace, Not Pain …
September 11, 2012, 6:15 am
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So last year was the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

In the post I wrote about that fateful day, Dave wrote a comment that had a very profound effect on me.

9/11 was tragic and shit. I lost 9 friends and will be there on Sunday to remember them. When it happened I wanted revenge. I wanted America to be strong and decisive. I was wrong. Justice and revenge are very different beasts but I still meet people who can’t distinguish it. Families of the bereaved or victims of the attack I could understand, but it’s rarely them. The compulsion to get involved in matters you have nothing to do with is an American trait but using 9-11 to do that is unwarranted and unwanted.

With all the mudslinging going on between the Republicans and Democrats in the US election right now, it would appear nothing has been learnt and that’s another tragedy because as John F Kennedy said,

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

I just hope sanity rises above all the rhetoric, machismo and political posturing being banded about and – even more scarily – celebrated.

So to all the people who have to revisit a dark place they would rather not have exist today, I wish you well and hope the pain has been replaced with good memories of who you lost. It took me 10 years to start remembering the good times with my Dad rather than just focus on his last days so I hope the same has now happened to you, if not before.

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This is good Rob. And not because you used my comment.

Comment by DH

Glad you like it mate. Hope today is OK for you.

Comment by Rob

nice campbell. its all daves work but its still fucking nice.

elections in the us make me fucking sick. the land of the free is nothing of the fucking sort at presidential election time. you have to pick a side, stick with it and fight to the fucking death to protect it.

any positive comment about the opposition and youre treated like a fucking traitor.

any attempt to have a proper conversation about issues and it turns into a slagging off match.

its not an election its a fucking dirty war so its no fucking surprise the paranoia of the country extends to having an itchy fucking trigger finger on any situation it doesnt like or feels threatened by from oil to gun control.

and the best bit is they talk about giving democracy to other fucking countries when the republicans are doing all they can to make sure only the people they like in the us get the vote.

nice post campbell for all the wrong fucking reasons.

Comment by andy@cynic

+ Like.

Comment by DH

only human.

Comment by andy@cynic

Good comment Andy. Funny you should mention the Republican’s attempt to dismiss hundreds of thousands of voters eligibility, because I watched a documentary on that at the weekend and mentioned at the time that if another country was acting in such a way, the US would be the first to shout about their lack of democracy.

Comment by Rob

Good post Rob.

To Andy’s great comment, the election campaigns haven’t even started in earnest and it’s already looking like it will be one of the dirtier campaigns. The good news is Mitt is putting out embarrassing ads like this, the bad news is there will a lot of people who don’t think it’s embarrassing.

America doesn’t practice what it preaches or learns from its mistakes. But then who does these days when redemption is available via Dr Phil?

Comment by Pete

I saw that ad – it’s absolutely abysmal – but like you said, the frightening thing is many people will be nodding in agreement with the message, which from ‘the land of the free’ would be rather amusing if it wasn’t so tragic.

Comment by Rob

What makes it so problematic is that the use of negative campaigning on what they consider ‘ethical issues’ creates no real opposites but instead takes the subject matter hostage. It forces Obama to either retaliate on another subject or hold still. Not a single hair on his head would ever consider making an explicit pro-gay marriage video as the subject of gay-marriage is to hot to handle at the other side of the bargain. For a long time it seems now that in the USA national reform on ethical issues is only possible through policy implementation.

Comment by Paul

Like gun control.

Every time a shooting happens, there’s lots of talk about how terrible it is, but no one, NO ONE, talks about introducing more stringent gun control rules because it is as sensitive a subject as gay marriage. I find that bloody amazing because gay marriage doesn’t kill innocent people watching a film in a cinema late at night.

Oh America …

Comment by Rob

Nothing else to add except Andrew should write more comments that show his brain, not just his enviable collection of vulgarity.

Comment by George

What I meant with my comment is that Andrew is very smart and can provide this blog with more than his pretend vitriol.

Comment by George

I love how you are petrified someone might misinterpret what you say, even though it was perfectly clear.

Comment by Rob

pretend vitriol? fucking pretend? ill show you pretend it is on saturday when you buy me an overpriced steak.

Comment by andy@cynic

How come he buys you a steak but never buys me one?

Comment by Rob

he likes me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Whenever I read a post like this (and in the blogosphere they seem rather scarce these days) it makes me feel really humble.

Comment by Paul

My mom’s birthday is today.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Happy birthday to your mom. Be good today Billy.

Comment by toto

Well written Robert. Good comment Andrew.

Comment by Lee Hill

When everyone stays on topic, you know this is an important issue. Good post and comments everyone.

Comment by Bazza

Good post, and Andy’s comments are (for once) spot on.
The two party system basically creates an illusion of democracy when really there is no such thing.

The Simpsons brilliantly parodied this with two aliens Kang and Kudos that took the place of Clinton and Dole, both intended to enslave the human race.

“I’ll vote for a third party candidate”
‘Go ahead, throw your vote away’ says the alien.

Later while being whipped homer says “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kudos.”

It’s a day to remember the innocent people who lost their lives. Not only in New York on that crazy day, but those in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the soldiers who bravely fight with honour despite the hypocracy of their governments.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

what the fuck do you mean, for once. cheeky fuck.

dave. today is a shit day for you. be good to yourself.

Comment by andy@cynic

Same hopes for you Dave.

Comment by Bazza

Andy – Was being nice to Rob C

Dave – As Andy said, be good to yourself on a hard day.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Good posts. Good comments. Good afternoon.

Comment by Marcus

A 3 part interview with Evander Holyfield and his thoughts after visiting China, i thought you might like this

Comment by toto

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