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Let’s Start The Week With A Bang. And I Mean That Kind Of Literally …
September 10, 2012, 6:13 am
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Just how do I describe the clip below?

When Harry Met Sally 2.0?

Intellectual Porn?

Creative Indulgence?

Youporn Lite?

I literally have no idea, so I’ll let you decide.

Now given I’ve alluded to there being some sort of sexual element to the clip, I can imagine a number of you may be rather impatient to get to the ‘good bits’, so for you [yes, that’s you Northern, Doddsy & Billy] may I suggest you jump to around the 4 minute mark.

So get a tissue, sit back and errrrrm, enjoy.

Weird eh?

For the people who are asking “what-the-fuck-was-that?”, you may want to go here because you’ll discover what you dismissed as being impossible, is – like those German bastards, Adidas – most definitely possible.

PS: I hope none of you watched this at work and then got called into the bosses office for some reason. If you did, don’t worry … I’m sure you get taken off the sex perverts registry after about 7 years.

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Best. Post. Ever.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’m impressed that you could type that comment with one hand.

Comment by Rob

I love avant garde art projects.

Comment by DH

Sorry, it’s not art, it’s a social experiment, examining human motivations and behaviour so important insights can be extrapolated for use in the next Nike women’s campaign. Just Do It.

Comment by DH


Comment by Pete

I’m blaming you Robert if Mary or the IT police come calling. Quite the book reading.

Comment by George

I notice she wasn’t reading your blog.

Comment by John

They wanted her to climax, not be sick.

Comment by DH

finally a fucking post looking at. why were there no fucking porn star bookworms when i was at fucking university?

Comment by andy@cynic

Like most bands I listen to, I’m more familiar with the earlier work she has done. Did any of you really listen to what she was reading?

Comment by Paul

I think most of them went straight to the 4 minute mark.

Comment by Rob

Like you probably did too Paul. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I almost feel bad for you that you had to sit through the first four boring minutes (you didn’t did you?).

Comment by Paul

I did, just so I could save everyone else the pain.

I’m so considerate.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Jemma King

You’re going to give Billy a bloody heart attack.

Comment by Rob

By the looks of the comments I may have to watch this when people aren’t near my desk…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob why did you mention adidas here ?

Comment by toto

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