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The Emperors Old Clothes …
July 25, 2012, 6:15 am
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Remember that preso I did with Chaz from BBH at the Asian Effectiveness awards?

Well it’s been viewed over NINETEEN THOUSAND TIMES.


Fuck me.

Now as nice as that is, there are a couple of points that are slightly worrying …

1. None of the presentations I’ve written on my own have got anywhere near that amount.

2. None of what we said was really new … it was just a consolidation of a bunch of facts we have all known about as an industry for a long time.

Which begs the question, does adland have the memory of a goldfish?

Seriously, why does a presentation that talks about issues that the industry has been muttering about for literally decades, become so popular.

OK, so I am using the term ‘popular’ in relation to my other presentations which are anything but, but seriously, what’s going on?

Debates regarding television vs internet … pre-testing … social media … the relevancy of US/UK ad models for other markets are hardly new themes, so why it is an issue that has seemingly got so much interest?

I’ll tell you why, because too much advertising is done to appease clients not to drive business.

Sure, a client has to buy into what you’re doing so that it can be executed as powerfully as possible, but sadly it appears too many clients are only interested in doing work that allows them to go into their review and say ‘they’ve executed their goals’ than do something that quantifiably helps their business grow.

I’ve said it before, but what’s more worrying than adland losing their seat at the boardroom table [which is our fault as we decided it was best to not talk about issues the board were actually interested in] is the fact that too many marketing directors have also been kicked out of the top floor room.

Instead of being charged to ‘market’ their company to groups who can fundamentally ‘change their commercial future’, their role seems to be to ‘satisfy the ego of the board’ … which is why our industry seems to have now ended up doing so much work that encapsulates everything we know is wrong, even though it is contributing to our own downfall.

Creativity is an amazing thing. It can change and build things. Amazing things. But it needs to be based on truth and quantifiable goals because if we continue to go down the path of satisfying clients whims – simply because we have sold the value of true creativity down the river and now need to chase every $ we can get – we are not victims of corporate ego, delusion & arrogance … but conspirators.


How many times has it been viewed if you take away all the times you viewed it?

Comment by Billy Whizz

what the fuck do you think?

Comment by andy@cynic

No one comes on here to think.

Judging by his posts, that includes Rob.

Comment by DH

You imagined you were the president when you wrote that last paragraph didn’t you.

Comment by Billy Whizz

you can tell his 2″ dick got hard as he pretended he was bill fucking pullman making his presidential speech at the end of independence day.

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry for putting the image of his 2″ dick in every fuckers mind.

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry bill pullman for associating you with planner campbell and his underwhelming man meat.

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry jill for having to be married to him. your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed by every other fucking female on the planet and they thank you from the bottom of their gold digging hearts.

Comment by andy@cynic

housekeeping note.

1 i dont know how underwhelming campbells cock is so dont try and fucking say i do you sick bastards.

2 im not saying all women are gold diggers. im just saying they have the potential to be. mainly when they have been married to me. what the fuck have i done to deserve it. im a fucking saint.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve just thrown up in my mouth with that image. I need soap to clean my mouth and memory.

Comment by DH

I didn’t know you’d had a chat with Jill!!!

Comment by Rob

so what you should be saying is the bbh bloke has had his presentation viewed 19000 times.

Comment by andy@cynic

to be fair campbell, maybe you are the cause of the viewership. shame it would be all the fucking online photo libraries checking out how many of their pictures you stole so they can sue you to kingdom fucking heaven.

Comment by andy@cynic

Who was it that got caught by getty images? Was it Ian?

Comment by DH


Comment by Pete

We are not allowed to mention that anymore Dave.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Carol

and i know i will regret the fuck out of this, but its quite a good fucking point youre making. yes its overlong and over fucking convoluted, but all your shit is. at least this is making a half decent point. make that quarter decent.

enough of this shit, my genius beautiful daughter needs to see her inspirational father. happy bollock comment writing.

Comment by andy@cynic

I shockingly agree with Andy, this is a great post, especially the point about the decline of marketing director importance within corporations. When you marry that to the agency focus of charging fees for process not creative and effectiveness, it’s no surprise the industry has become an ambulance chaser.

Comment by Pete

Forget that, spare a thought for poor Bonnie – she has a deluded Dad to contend with.

Comment by Rob

it is still a topic, because almost no-one ever found a solution for it. and without exceptions like wieden+kennedy and anomaly probably no-one ever will. because most advertising agencies and marketing folks are mainly measured in short term results. but you don’t build or change a brand with a sprint. it is a marathon. and it shouldn’t be about growth but about the quality of work that you are doing.

i worked for a client that changed their strategy every 2 months when there were new sales figures coming in. how is that a plan? it was a panic reaction. and panic doesn’t take you anywhere.

sometimes the best long-term decision mean that you might have some early set backs. when steve jobs returned to apple and reduced the number of products from somewhere around infinite to only 3, he did not care about what it meant now. only that it would help apple focus all their energy and money on developing this 3 products to perfection.

that’s why we probably have to hope that independent agencies like wieden+kennedy, that are not solely measured by annual growth, will make that change. because wpp, omnicom or publicis won’t.

Comment by seb

Good points Seb … though it’s also highlighting the benefits of having a benevolent dictator rather than democracy. I may be being a smart arse, but there’s a genuine point there because democracy [ie: shareholders] end up voting for whatever is in their own interests while dictators, keep the machine going in the direction they feel is the most appropriate for them.

Sure, there are some that change their mind on a whim, but that fucks up my point so we’ll quickly move on.

Comment by Rob

good point rob. i remember back at school we had an experiment. the whole school was divided into four systems: democracy, socialism, monarchy and anarchy. for a week we “lived” in that systems and at the end everyone had to vote which system they thought was the best. make a guess.

it was monarchy.

Comment by seb

didnt work for me but then my country was full of village fucking idiots. and planners. fucking story of my bastard life.

Comment by andy@cynic

and you are also right with dictatorship. it is good if you have a good dictator. if he’s not, then shit hits the fan. and I was born in the GDR which was some sort of dictatorship socialism…

Comment by seb

Essentially, adland and clients need more balls.
(Metaphorical not literal)

We have some brilliant agencies that focus on the long term, but all too often everything comes down to the next quarter, which is a complete shame. Sadly, as mentioned above, often when you do find a marketing manager who understands this, they tend to have a board that don’t…

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

This post was just to try and break the 20,000 views of that presentation wasn’t it?

It worked.

Damn you Manipulation Man.

Comment by DH

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