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In A Fast Moving World, Let’s Not Run Past The Things That Matter …
June 26, 2012, 6:15 am
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A while back I came across an article in the LA Times.

It was written by Bruce Stockler – an adman – to his son, who is about to graduate into the big, bad World.

Apart from it’s humour, I loved how it captured some of the truly important things in life … the things we often relegate to being inconvenient as we rush towards the next shiny thing being promoted by the media or adland.

I particularly loved his comment about liberal arts education – especially in this World where everyone seems myopically focused on business relevant degrees and MBA’s.

The irony is the World can function without bankers or commodity traders, but it would be hard pressed to operate properly without doctors, nurses, plumbers, writers and artists.

You know, those people who haven’t necessarily got a degree in international business, finance or law.

That is not meant to put people in the financial industry down, I do appreciate they play a very important role in our society – or some do – however if all we ever do is promote their industries, who the hell is going to do the stuff that makes life a richer, more efficient, more workable and beautiful place to live?

I don’t know Bruce Stockler, but something tells me he is a very good man.

We need to celebrate those people as much as the next kick ass, digital dude who has just made a billion from the intersection of Wall Street and Silicon Valley … the everyday people, the ones who balance work with life.

Anyway, read it. I hope you’ll see why I like it.


By Bruce Stockler
May 30, 2012

Graduation season is upon us, and words of wisdom will be flowing to the class of 2012 in commencement speeches from boldface personalities such as Michelle Obama, Steve Wozniak and Steve Carell.

A little closer to home, I would like to offer a few insights from my dying analog generation to one high school senior in particular, who will soon be heading to the University of Chicago. Because he spends most of his time locked in his room, on his computer, ignoring my emails and texts, this is what I hope to share with him during one of our rare face-to-face encounters.

• Your friends will become your surrogate family once the cruel, Darwinian abandonment of your parents and siblings is complete. And by friends, I refer to those rare few people who will bring you soup when you are sick, correct your tendency toward self-aggrandizement and do whatever onerous favors that are the Digital Age equivalent of driving you to the airport. A Facebook friend will not drag you to the health clinic when you develop a mysterious and fast-spreading rash.

• Read books for pleasure. Buy old books you hope to dive into someday, even if you never do. Cherish the weight of a book on your chest as you fall asleep on a lazy winter afternoon. Books will still be here in 1,000 years. Pinterest will not.

• A dive bar is a social platform. Tumblr is for publicly sharing awful photographs of railroad tracks and snowy branches no one wants to see, not even your mother.

• Despite the ongoing existence of “Transformers,” a movie is not the first layer of a multi-platform marketing scheme but rather a singular act of art to be experienced, debated with good friends over food, drinks and revisited years later. To see a film projected in a common, shared space is central to the experience; feeling the audience catch its breath when Peter O’Toole blows out the match in”Lawrence of Arabia” is a moment you will never forget. You will be hard-pressed to recall to your children the exact surroundings when you first enjoyed the serotonin-flooding epiphany that was “Charlie bit my finger” on YouTube.

• Since the age of 20, I have started every day with strong coffee and several major daily newspapers. A newspaper provides a robust and reliable frame for my mental visualization of the world. Please do not let your frame be filled up by the Kardashians, conjoined twins, conspiracy theories, 46-pound cats and cancer-fighting Amazon lichens.

• Though I can no longer imagine life before Google or Yelp, I do remember that I was happy, productive and healthy, the sun streamed with equal brightness, and my mind was deeply occupied by the mysteries of the universe.

• Religious extremists, imprisoned serial killers and porn stars have followers. People who read your Twitter feed are probably just avoiding doing their actual work.

• Texting is a wonderful way to avoid the intrusiveness of the average, non-urgent phone call, but outside of that narrow context, it serves only to enable people who cannot write a simple declarative sentence.

• I have nothing helpful to say about your ability to hear, acquire and share new music. I cannot defend playing my vinyl copy of “The White Album” on any terms other than petty nostalgia, and I will take that false moral superiority to my grave.

Finally, a liberal arts education is an idea that has fallen out of favor with my generation and yours, and I am insanely proud that you have chosen that path. Let others pursue a narrow and relentless path toward one percentagery, but remember that very few people wake up every day and look forward to their labors. Most people only look forward to lunch.

Go out and discover the world and yourself. And if you have a chance, read that old copy of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” You can ignore the notes scribbled in the margins. I’ll explain that phenomenon another time.

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I love this post Robert. Not just because the letter by Bruce Stockler is charming but because of the passionate introduction you make.

I agree with both of your views.

Comment by Bazza

It is posts like this that makes this blog so enjoyable to read.
For a planner, you write very little about planning and more about emotions and life. The irony being these are the very things that real planning should be all about.

Comment by George

doesnt write much about planning? are you fucking kidding me? all his shit is about planning, thats why its shit. it might be less shit than all the other planner blog shit out there, but its still full of fucking skid marks.

Comment by andy@cynic

For all the swearing gymnastics, your comment sounds awfully like a compliment to Robert to me.

Comment by George

It does you know. You need a holiday.

Comment by Rob

Excellent point George. Excellent post Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by andy@cynic

Spot on George.
Great read.

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

im very fucking worried about myself because i fucking agree with baz. what makes that fucking worse is that it means i like this post, even the bit campbell didnt steal off the la times. fatherhood has fucked me up, why the fuck didnt anyone warm me.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m assuming they wanted to share the pain.

Comment by Rob

thats what exwives do too. bastards.

Comment by andy@cynic

When he writes “A while back I came across an article in the LA Times.” he means he came across it in the email I sent to him. I should therefore like to apologise to you all for facilitating this blogpost. Yes, it’s better than the average post here, but that’s no excuse.

Comment by John

you have a fucking lot to answer for doddsy. or thats what the police say.

Comment by andy@cynic

also means youre a sentimental sappy bastard too.

Comment by andy@cynic

I forgot you sent this to me, so apart from being grateful for the link, I’m also happy I can say this is all your fault.

Comment by Rob

the fuckers view on pininterest and dive bar social platforms are the most refreshing bollocks ive read on here. except my comments obviously.

Comment by andy@cynic

A great introduction to a great letter. I wonder if his son read it. My money is on him being bored by line 3 and going off to play farmville or some other digital activity that offers the illusion of immediate gratification.

Comment by Pete

Like google+ ?

Comment by DH

fucking. priceless.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s mean Dave. Brilliant though.

Comment by Rob

What’s graduation?

Comment by Billy Whizz

a pipe dream.

Comment by andy@cynic

I hate pipes.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Fantastic post and letter from Bruce Stockler – cheers for sharing Rob.

Comment by Willem (@Hippowill)

Both are terrific. Thanks.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

Well, I’d be quite pretty much on board with putting people in the finance industry down Rob. Great post.

Comment by James Parsons

I love this. love love love this.

Comment by Samantha Gomez

With triplets, I’m not surprised.

Comment by Rob

triplets? i hope for samantha gomezs husbands bank accounts sake you meant 3 separate kids campbell, not one set of fucking triplets. that would be a fucking nightmare. a beautiful nightmare, but a fucking financial and sleep nightmare.

Comment by andy@cynic

spare a thought for swedish freddie who has had to spend 10 minutes in campbells company today. poor fucker. still it could be worse. it could have been me.

Comment by andy@cynic

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