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You Reap What You Sow …
June 8, 2012, 6:17 am
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Remember a while back I wrote about Sydney agency, Three Drunk Monkey’s allegedly changing their name to ‘The Monkeys’ to win the Diageo business?

Well guess what, they no longer work together.

Apparently the reason is that the agency didn’t want to adapt global work – which is all very admirable, but surely they should have discussed this before signing any contract and definitely before [allegedly] changing their fucking name to seal the deal.

So now they’ve lost their client and [I’m assuming] a sizeable pot of revenue to go with their credibility.

This isn’t about gloating – far from it, I really like The Monkeys – this is about remembering the value of values.

That said, if The Monkeys are ever tempted to be so [allegedly] generous/stupid to a client again, I suggest they read the words of Harrison Ford as regards [1] self respect and [2] career longevity. It will save them a lot of money, respect, credibility and face.

Last point.

A lot of Aussie agencies rightfully gave The Monkey’s a lot of shit for changing their name to win a client … and while they were right to do that – especially for being so shameless in doing it – they should not ignore the fact they’ve been whoring their values for a few dollars more over the years.

By all means name and shame, but remember to also look in your own mirror.

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“Three drunk monkeys” to “the monkeys” to “what the fuck have we done monkeys” in 6 months. Impressive.

Comment by DH

That Harrison Ford link is cool. Shame he went from Han Solo to a pensioner with an earring and Ally McBeal on his arm.

Comment by DH

from fucking a princess to shagging a twig. thats the sort of downsizing i thought was only possible with the greek fucking economy.

Comment by andy@cynic

That just might be the most offensive comment you’ve ever written. Hang on, who am I kidding …

Please ignore. As you usually do.

Comment by Rob

Now they can go back to being a really fucking bad pop group.

Comment by George Parker

Given one has recently died, I suppose the way the profits get split with the remaining members has gone up.

Comment by Rob

Didn’t the one with bobblehat found MTV?

Comment by northern

cant wait for your post in a few fucking weeks to announce theyve changed their name to the durex monkeys. theyd be a good fucking client for them to have given how they love to keep fucking themselves.

Comment by andy@cynic

nice kick every fucker in the face final paragraph.

after yesterdays alienation of previous decades ad greats, the legal system, the fucking moral compass of society and einstein, youve finished with what you started with this post. confuckingratulations campbell, youre even more unemployable than i thought was fucking possible. yet you have a fucking job. at fucking wiedens. on a fucking repulsively good salary. when the fuck does karma come and pay you a fucking visit?

Comment by andy@cynic

maybe it did already.

your face.

still not enough to justify the fucking life you lead that you deserve even less than my alimony parasites.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s my version of the movie ‘Falling Down’.

Comment by Rob

the fucking pg version. not even any tits. except you.

Comment by andy@cynic

So they changed their name to get an account that was about adaptation then threw their toys out of the pram saying they didn’t want to do that kind of work.

Doesn’t anyone read the brief before starting work anymore?

Comment by Pete

if you ask doddsy, no fucker even reads anymore.

Comment by andy@cynic

but if you ask campbell hell say it was because the brief wasnt written in a way that kept the monkey fuckers interested.

Comment by andy@cynic

instead of saying “youll be adapting our global shit” it shouldve said “you can do whatever the fuck you like”. or “you get another fucking chunk of change in your bank account as long as you do what the fuck youre told and keep your greedy fucking gobs quiet.”

Comment by andy@cynic

Well you clearly didnt read what I wrote. But I can’t blame you for that.

Comment by John

saved by your self depreciation.

Comment by andy@cynic

Clients don’t bother sticking to briefs any more and they’re not briefs, they’re orders

Comment by northern

Give me a bottle of blue every day and I’ll change my name to Johnnie Smirnoff.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I thought you’d already changed it to desperate.

Comment by DH

Pot. Kettle. Twat.

Comment by Billy Whizz

To be fair Rob, Harrison worked out the value of value because he had access to the force, the monkeys had to learn from their mistakes.

Comment by Bazza

The most useless junior planner I ever met, on the APG network thingy, ended up as Smirnoff’s UK brand manager.
Seriously, hopeless, self deluded but brilliantly conniving and fit enough to make your eyes bleed. That tells me everything I need to know about Diagio.

Comment by northern

When you write comments like that, you make me question my sexuality because I literally love you.

Comment by Rob

I wonder if they’ll change their name to “Drunk on Diageo Monkeys”… or “Regretful Morning Monkeys”

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

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