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Who’d Of Thought Dolly Parton, Metallica, W+K, Texas & Planning Could Produce Something So Beautiful?
May 31, 2012, 6:20 am
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I used to love TedTalks.

The Sir Ken Robinson and Barry Schwartz speeches literally blew my mind … and while there have been many others that have captivated and fascinated me, I’ve felt it’s slowly moved away from ideas that can change the World to being a publicity machine for people who are about to bring out a book.

Yes, that’s very unfair, but for some reason, it’s just lost me along the way.

And then I saw David Terry’s speech at TedX Portland.

I should admit I know David.

Actually, I should rephrase that, I adore David.

Not because he’s my offsider at W+K Portland – responsible for the planning that has helped drive some of the best work you’ll ever see anywhere in the World – but because he’s a wonderful man.

In a World where society calls someone ‘brave’ or ‘legendary’ just for kicking a ball or singing a song, Dave is someone who is actually deserving of both those accolades.

Not just because he’s smart, funny [in a very dry way] and as tough as fucking nails.

Not just because he was a roadie for Dolly Parton and Metallica.

Not just because he’s a loving father and husband to his family. [View ad at 1 min 2″]

Not just because he could beat the shit out of me with just a stare.

Not just because he say’s “mine” with the sort of force that could stop an army.

Not just because we share the same music tastes [except Queen. Sadly]

But because of this:

I know I’m biased … I know it’s not your typical ‘make the World better’ speech … but there’s stuff in there that can make a difference, not just to people in extreme situations like David, but anyone.

So now I love TedTalks again …

Sure, it might still have a pretentious streak running through it these days, but if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have this speech and without it, I feel I would have genuinely missed out on something beautiful, funny, valuable, legendary, moving, inspiring and brave.

As I told Dave recently, it might be his disease, but he’s my mate.

And I’m a better person for knowing him and hearing this.

Which is why I know he’ll win this in the end.

Because David is a fucking legend.

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is it mandatory for all fucking planners to be bald?

Comment by andy@cynic

Or balding.

Male ones – yes apparently.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Not all planners Andy. Just the better ones. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

i havent watched him rant yet but dolly parton, metallica and a bad attitude makes me fucking like him already.

Comment by andy@cynic

sometimes campbell youre a half fucking decent bloke. never fully decent but better than nothing. nice fucking post but it sounds like hard bastard dave deserves it.

Comment by andy@cynic

He deserves it for who he is, not what he’s got – but this speech just made me want to say it publically … which probably makes him more uncomfortable and scared than any illness he’s currently beating the shit out of.

Comment by Rob

youre not going to get the nobel fucking prize campbell. you could fucking right every wrong in the world and youd still not fucking qualify so stop trying to sound like auntie fucking george.

Comment by andy@cynic

I saw this clip last week, it’s a fantastic presentation. Honest, raw and inspiring. I don’t know David but he’s someone I would like to know. This is a great post Robert, for it’s inspiration and your obvious respect and friendship for the man.
Last point, I think it’s testimony to W+K’s progressive nature that their heads of planning come from such diverse backgrounds. Roadies, musicians, fighters. It sends a strong and important message to the rest of the industry.

Comment by George

or it could be because dan doesnt give a fuck what planners say so where they come from means fucking nothing.

Comment by andy@cynic

Funny you should say that George. We had a journalist here recently who was asking about planning at W+K and I said exactly that. There’s something really lovely that when we all get together, it’s quite a ramshackle bunch – full of diversity in terms of life, experience and work – which I genuinely feel contributes to the energy of W+K work.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do stuff that’s polished or elegant – but at it’s heart, you rarely see work from this agency where you feel the life of the idea has been boiled out of it.

Or it could be because Andy’s right … no one listens or cares about what we say and so they just get on with things regardless. Or that could just be in my case.

Comment by Rob

If he reads this post, Dave will be more worried about your lust for him than his illness.

Comment by Billy Whizz

that was fucking good. yes thats a fucking compliment. for a planner.

maybe im suffering from some bastard shit illness as well.

your post might be a bit gay campbell, but i get why you like the fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

As a planne,r he can’t help wielding a dangerously superfiicial vocabulary with absolute authority, but he does it brilliantly.

Comment by John

I think your last line sums David up perfectly Rob.

Comment by Pete

how the fuck do you get invited to speak at the opening of a pair of fucking curtains spouting the same fucking nonsense when theres dave? you have some serious blackmail shit on a lot of people dont you campbell.

thats not an insult, its pure fucking jealousy.

Comment by andy@cynic

He is a man of honour. I’m a whore.

Admit it, that’s what you were [1] thinking and [2] hoping I’d say.

Comment by Rob

youd have to be paid to be a whore campbell and no fucker in their right mind would pay to fuck you. maybe to not fuck you. but never to fuck you.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a fantastic speech. Moving and inspiring. Make sure you tell him that for me please Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Will do.

Comment by Rob

Those were the best 23 minutes of my day. Thanks David and thank you Rob for bringing it to my attention. Inspiration without any pretentiousness, just what I needed.

Comment by Bazza

Fantastic! What an inspiration, if just to know you work in the same organization as someone like him. I want one of those T-shirts.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

It has been a long time since I have commented. A lot has happened since I last commented. But David’s presentation compelled me to write and thank him for his inspiration and to wish him the best of luck in his quest for answers and health.

Comment by Jonathan Rosenberg

Great to hear from you Jonathan – hope all is well. Would love to catch up, so drop me a line when you’re free from the computer and we’ll make it happen.

Comment by Rob

Made me cry. In the office.

Comment by Marcus

David would call you a wimp. But be secretly happy.

Comment by Rob

I am a wimp and proud of it too.

Comment by Marcus

Truly brilliant
Nothing else to add
Except it says a lot about WK that they have heads of planning who have actually lived a life outside of advertising, I know someone else said that, but here’ some context.
A friend of mine was told by a big network agency in London that he’d make a great senior planner but it was policy not to give anyone that role unless they had 5 years planning experience
In fact something similar happened to me last year.
I want to show them this video right now.
I want to show the whole world this video come to think of it.
I like TED again, mostly

Comment by northern

I hate that 5 years experience thing.

Comment by Marcus

So do I Marcus, so do I

Comment by northern

Would you like me to video the next W+K planner get together? Compared to certain networks, we resemble the most motley crew since Motley Crue.

Need proof?

Agencies who think ability – or talent – is only available to those who have worked in one industry are delusional and a danger to commerce, society & colleagues. I mean it. I hate how there is such a snooty view of what ‘is acceptable’ … it seems length of service is more highly regarded than proof of ability, even if that proof comes from an unrelated industry.

One of the reasons adland used to be exciting is because it used to embrace the misfits and the intriguing. Now you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference against major accountancy firm staff. Or they’re a bunch of attitude in flashy gear – where the focus is less about what you think or do, but how you look and what you can regurgitate from someone else.

Some industries need experts who have more ‘one dimensional experience’ – surgeons for instance – but adland, an industry that is supposed to understand and move culture, is not one of them.

Comment by Rob

Now that would be a video worth watching
And he means what he says folks, him and Bouchers actually offered me a job when I was even more hopeless at this job than I am now

Comment by northern

Yes. And you turned us down.

Comment by Rob

NP knows what he wants, Rob.

Comment by Marcus

Yes. And a swear-free, less-argumentative, more family focused life was the winner. Maybe we should have told him we were pro-porn, that might have tipped him towards us.

Comment by Rob

Lets not get into this again, it wlll always be one of my biggest ‘what ifs’ and the decision wasn’t mine to make alone
I don’t always feel that being bored at work and loving every second of being a Dad is always a straightforward exchange, but you can’t have it all.
What it comes down to is that there are three people I would drink battery acid for, and none of them are employers or potential employers.
I think that’s the difference between happiness and pleasure

Comment by northern

I’m only teasing, we understand – or George and I did – Andy has only just got to that point [thank you Bonnie] but even that is questionable given he feels Jesus would come back to have a chance to bask in his shadow.

To be honest, anyone who puts family first makes me/us like them more – so if I/we ever did start something again [chances of that happening? Approx 2-79% depending on person & combination] your name would still be one of the first we’d be turned down by.

That is meant as a compliment, just in case you were wondering.

Comment by Rob

What-if decisions are what make us stronger, NP. I’ve seen some of your recent family photos on FB, and must say that you certainly seem to have made a very good decision (which is remarkable considering that you are a planner). xxx

Comment by Marcus

We’d of got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids & wife.

Just for the record, I actually did mean to sound like a Scooby Doo villain.

And let’s not forget Mr B, had the thing with you-know-who come off, you might have been in our clutches too.

Lucky escape for both of you.

Comment by Rob

Yeah. Blimey, that was a long, long, time ago. Jesus, we’ve known each other for about 6 years now, and we’ve still not met.

Comment by Marcus

I know. Mental. Or Fortunate – depending on which side of the fence you sit. I’m on the ‘mental’ side.

Comment by Rob

Don’t be daft.

Comment by Marcus

I have no experience outside advertising. So that’s me fucked then.

Comment by Martin

You mean all you do 24 hours is advertising? How very depressing, not mention self defeating

Comment by Northern

I bet Byron has only ever done advertising

Comment by Northern

You can say what you like Martin, you lived in South America, that is like being a lion tamer and bodyguard all rolled into one.

Comment by Rob

I faff about 24 hours mostly. But I have no former life. Though I have always wanted to be sniper.

Comment by Martin

youre fucking doomed then. but you might be the only one id fucking trust not to blow my fucking budget on making cars and bikes.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s planner/DJs that I don’t entirely trust. Is that just me?

Comment by Martin

Oh I am soooooooooooooooo with you on that mate.

Maybe that’s the real reason I like Queen, because it guarantees I could never dare even try to be a DJ.

I did work with someone that used to say to planners who spouted they were DJ’s,

“Oh, like Dave Lee Travis”

Best attitude killer ever.

Comment by Rob

I will use that!

two things I hate in twitter profiles (apart from the aching irony): claiming to be a part-time DJ and claiming to be ‘curious’.

Comment by Martin

Well you know my view on planners that think being ‘curious’ is a trait that separates them from the rest of the human race. Tools.

Comment by Rob

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