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Byron Has Me Bang To Rights …
April 20, 2012, 6:10 am
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So yesterday I saw someone had written a comment on one of my old posts.

When I checked it out, I saw it said this.

“Not only are you inarticulate, but you also show in the above and in many other posts on your blog, your narrow view and limited understanding of the advertising world.

Occasionally in the advertising industry, we feel as though we’re taking advantage of consumers, we’re operating within a shallow existence or we could be doing more for society. This blog reassures us that at the end of the day we can be reassured, that there is a lower form of scum in cyberspace.

I’m not sure what you do for a profession (obviously it is not advertising), or who would employ you, but a tip for your career – ensure the decision makers in your organisation never see your blog. Or you’ll be in the streets faster than the duration of a groan delivered by the average online user when reading one of your poorly worded assumptions in your advertising ‘literature’.”

Thanks Byron, you speak a lot of sense – please show me the light and take me to examples of your work because as an advertising master, you’re bound to have stuff that will blow our tiny, uneducated minds.

Oh and for the record, you can see why I’m so bad at knowing anything about advertising by going here.

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byron, i fucking love you.

you come straight in and go for campbells fucking jugular. good fucking work fella. its just a shame youre a fucked up, sad, delusional waste of fucking space or it would mean something.

Comment by andy@cynic

i am particularly fucking impressed that you call campbell inarticulate. to be fucking fair, hes from nottingham so it cant be helped and he is doing pretty well if you consider that fucking handicap. but then who can compete with a man who can right the most overly descriptive last sentence as you?

youre not just an amazing adman, youre william fucking shakespeare.

i mean william fucking shakespeares aborted brother.

is that articulate enough for you?

Comment by andy@cynic

and how the fuck do you think campbell doesnt work in advertising? ok so he doesnt actually do any real work and hes a planner so that doesnt count but what sort of twat would write that much shit about adland if he wasnt involved in it?

maybe the same sort of twat that didnt see campbells fucking “about me” link on the fucking right hand side of every fucking blog post page you have to fucking read.

Comment by andy@cynic

Byron has no attention to detail, must be a creative

Comment by northern

As that link appears on the left-hand side of my screen, I think we can agree that you are right.

Comment by John

i read this shit standing on my head, do you have a fucking problem with that?

Comment by andy@cynic

this is a wind up isnt it. have i just been punked by that ashton twat?

Comment by andy@cynic

i know campbells a twat, but hes my twat and absofuckinglutely no one can come in unannounced and try to batter him. though im being generous saying “batter” because your insult is pure fucking schoolyard bollocks spoken by the guy who thinks hes cool and clever but really is a massive cock.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is quite touching.

Maybe it is a wind up and Rob did it to see what you really thought of him?

Comment by DH

you can go and fuck yourself too dave.

Comment by andy@cynic

campbell, get stevie to track byron down so we can all email him directly for career advice. better fucking still, we can go and knock on his fucking door.

Comment by andy@cynic

byron, are you a mental?

Comment by andy@cynic

This is gold.

I want more Byron. Who next? Telling Obama he should stop talking about the economy because he knows nothing about it and he should get back to his KFC job and hope his bosses don’t see his views on the front page of every newspaper?

Comment by DH

You are correct Byron, there is a lower form of scum in cyberspace and it’s the ones that make ill-informed, aggressive comments and then hide behind the curtain of anonymity or false details. Congratulations on your achievement Byron.

Comment by George

when george fights back you know youre in the fucking shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t feed the trolls.

Comment by John

you mean dont feed the pathetic fucking sheep that has no brain, no teeth and needs to be put down for their own fucking good?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by John

Will you be my friend Byron?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Maybe Byron works at McCann’s? If he does we should forgive him because his view of advertising will be tainted by shit tinted lenses.

Comment by DH

maybe byron is that twat from mccant that campbell wrote about earlier this week? its all becoming fucking clear now.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s a Media a Media Arts guru, I bet you a years supply of Yorkshirt Tea

Comment by northern

Terribly sorry to inform you Byron, but Robert has been the recipient of much better articulated negative commentary than you have been able to muster with your effort. I personally have directed what I consider to be first class insults at him and he didn’t so much as bat an eyelid so I would beat a hasty retreat and consider myself fortunate to have been able to live the tale.

Comment by Lee Hill

george and lee? thats like having kermit and big bird leap to your fucking defence. fuck me campbell, people might actually fucking like you. or at least hate you less than we all thought they did.

and sorry to disappoint you lee, but your first class insults are my 300th class so youve got a bit of fucking work to do too. maybe you could start by saying “no” to campbell when he next asks you for a fucking freebie. i know youve got it in you, youve been saying it to me for fucking years.

Comment by andy@cynic

I didn’t know any of you cared.

Actually I know you don’t, you just want the insulting rights all to yourselves.

Comment by Rob

Byron is entitled to his opinion, unfortunately we never learn what that might be because he chose to throw out childish insults rather than clearly articulate a substantiated point of view.

Byron, if you think Robert’s view is narrow and limited, then yours is unable to be even measured. Grow up.

Comment by Pete

george. lee. now pete. this is fucking unprecedented. its almost making me want to join byrons team because i fucking hate all this campbell protectionism going on. if only byron wasnt such a fucking loser twat nobody, i might have the energy to bother, but i havent even got the energy to talk about the twat on here any more.

Comment by andy@cynic

Byron was obviously molested by an uncle who looks like our hero, RC.

Comment by Ernie

Grade-A fucked up, backhanded compliment.

I’m impressed.

Comment by Rob

For your infomation, I’m head of Media Arts at TBWA Bangcock, after heading the planning for Visa US.
I have twenty years on the business and have transformed brands like United Airlines, Hyundai and Quantas.
That’s the kind of great work I’m talking about, not prententious crap with Orange men slapping kids, trying to link fucking jeans with revolutions or getting rappers to promote luxury cars. Head of Planning at WK? Think I’m impressed, that just means you’re too afraid to put your flimsy work through the LINK test and you can’t be arsed to proper planning with a well honed message and dress up you laziness as ‘cultural influence’. As for ‘provacative relationships’ that just means you can’t have an idea and just go for controversy.
Any idiot can do work for Nike, getting great work out of Visa, now that’s a real challenge that hippie planners like you would run a mile from.
And it’s not brave to gang up on one person who expresses a valid, well thought out opinion. Strap on a pair no marks.

Comment by Byron

I know that’s not the real Byron, it makes too much sense. I like it though, especially the “too frightened to put our flimsy work through link testing” comment – genius.

Mind you, whoever wrote it could be the head of MediaArts, it sounds the sort of stuff they say. Allegedly.

Comment by Rob

Byron’s spelling and grammar are as woeful as his grasp of advertising. I’m beginning to like him

Comment by Northern

youre not the same fuck, different fucking writing style so i wont waste my fucking brilliance on saying what a cockheadtwat you are. yes i really fucking am sherlock bastard holmes. pray at my gorgeous toes bitches.

Comment by andy@cynic

“valid, well thought out opinion” ? Glad you are not a lawyer.

Comment by Shelly

I just want to share you guys about my experience regarding having a telco operator ad that generated 1.8 million new subscribers in the first two weeks of TVC airing. This result was considered a phenomenon here in Indonesia by so called market expert; mind you that this is a country where telco category is treated like a commodity by consumers. The funny thing was, when this particular ad was considered missing the mark when it was pre-tested. Nevertheless we at the agency believed about the potentials, we persuaded the client and afterwards everything else is history.

The point is, advertising test is not the acid test whether an ad is good or no good. At the end of the day, advertising like Nike’s has been proven to generate more sales than its competitors due to W+K’s sharp strategic planning and great creatives (don’t simply take my words, kindly read the book Cultural Strategy by Holt & Cameron for evidence). For me, that’s the ultimate test of an advertising; can it sell the product or not.

As for those brands (Visa, Hyundai, United, Qantas) that Byron proudly wrote “great work”, I hope Byron keeps on doing their crappy ads that are the laughingstocks of the consumers. Maybe then, the clients will realize what they’ve done wrong and award the businesses to us :p

Comment by tofanw

Byron has a point – TBWA have been making waves with some provacative (sic) disruption.

Rob – keep on writing your posts – they’re great.
If anything good has come from this – it’s allowed us to Andy’s true love for Rob to finally show through…

Comment by AJH

Lesson learned. Proof read comments.

Comment by AJH

Lesson learned? You mean, don’t visit my stupid blog again? Good point.

Comment by Rob

No – more lesson learned that my sarcastic TBWA insult sounded genuine when written as a comment.
Keep writing Rob!

Comment by AJH

TBWA guy who wirks on United and Quantas..?!
Surely this is a wind up.

A note on the ‘pretentious’ crap of orange men slapping kids. If you’d like to know what disruption really should mean and do, then you have no finer example there. An ad that overnight turned a brand no one gave a shit about into the most talked about brand in the entire country.

Also, you spelt bangkok wrong… surrrrely a wind up no?

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

Also … when past CLIENTS come to his defence on his personal blog, I think that should give you a sign or two about his position and effectiveness in the industry.

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

lee only did it so he can tell campbell to fuck off at the next travel request fucking freebie.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

Maybe it was Byron Sharp?

Comment by AJ

I wonder if Byron’s client “Quantas”, whom he did some amazing work for clearly, appreciate he can’t even spell their fucking brand name properly.

Comment by Age

Oh, dear.

Comment by Marcus

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