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Nothing Like Being A Little Biased …
April 18, 2012, 6:14 am
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So I recently came across an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the ‘premium economy’ ripoff.

If anyone has read the wonderful ‘Why I Hate Flying’ book, you’ll know airlines are masterful at giving the illusion of value, especially where business class is concerned … however, in these economically tough times, they’ve turned their hand at ripping off less wealthy customers thanks to the magic of ‘premium economy’.

Sure you get a better seat, better food, more room, a bigger television screen … but with some airlines now charging up to double the price of a traditional economy seat for these little improvement, you’ll realise the airlines have focused on the word ‘premium’, rather than ‘economy’.

As any woman will gladly tell you, a few more inches can make a big difference, but when you look at the economies of those minor improvements, you realise the increase in price you’re expected to stump up is way more than it is worth and – in some cases – proportionately more expensive than a business class ripoff.

Of course, if people are willing to pay it, then more fool them.

Sure, I understand the attraction.

Apart from having knees that are simply brushing the seat in front rather than being wedged tightly against it, you can pretend you’re superior to the plebs in “cattle class”, even though they’re not plebs and – it could be argued – they’re smarter than you because they’ve not fallen for the airlines attempt to pull off a David Copperfield illusion trick.

But believe it or not, that is not what this post is about.

You see accompanying the aforementioned article were photographs comparing 3 airlines offering Premium Economy.

Cathay Pacific. Virgin. Qantas

Here are the pics …

The pic above is Cathay Pacific’s offering.

She looks comfy doesn’t she?

Of course she does, she’s only 3ft 10″ so she could sit in a child seat and still feel it’s relatively roomy.

Mind you, even at the sort of height that makes Bazza look tall, her knees are nearly touching the seat in-front so you hope that she’s not paying for the ticket because it might be a bit of a rip-off.

Talking of rip off …

If I was her I’d be pissed off.


Because there seems to be only 2 people on the whole plane and those bastards have set her next to the only other passenger.

Mind you, they both seem quite attractive so maybe they’ll end up talking, start dating and then – in less than a year – produce 2 perfect children and call them Cathy and Pacific.

Right, next up, Virgin.

Lee? Steve? Dickie? What are you doing?

I know the economy is tough, but flying a plane that seems empty is pure bloody madness.

But what about the seats?

They seem alright, but you don’t get a sense there’s much room do you?

Couldn’t they have used a better photo? Even the Cathay Pacific pic is better.

Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that all these appeared in an Australian paper and that Virgin is seen as a much bigger competitor to Australian air travel than Cathay Pacific.

No, I must be living in a conspiracy World bubble, after all, this is the photo they used to show Qantas – the spirit of Australia’s – premium economy seat …

Another nearly empty plane, what the hell is going on?

But forget that, look at the space … the comfort … the serenity.

Of course, given the photo has been taken from the front, features another midget woman and the seat appears to be in a bulkhead position, it’s no fucking surprise there appears to be more room there than the average house in Blackpool.


Surely not – Australian media isn’t that petty, myopic and small minded are they?

Regardless, what this highlights is that too many airlines sell the dream but never manage to live up to the promise.

You might fool a customer once, but you won’t get to do it again. Unless you’re Ryan Air, who are more devious than the Chinese Government.

So to the Sydney Morning Herald, congratulations on being so blatantly biased, it’ll probably win you the ‘Australian of the Year’ award, even if everyone else will regard you as nothing more than a press release output for Aussie industry.

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what does any of this fucking matter campbell, you only ever fly fucking business class anyway and then you fucking complain about it.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

Keeping it real for the rest of us.

Comment by Billy Whizz

How did I guess that you’d say that.

Comment by Rob

dont worry campbell, its not all your fault, its the virgin fuckers for humouring you as well.

Comment by andy@cynic

nice pisstake post though. 2 in a fucking row. calm down, youre on fucking blood pressure medication remember.

Comment by andy@cynic

lee, you need to fucking smack someone for allowing that shit photo out in the public domain. expect my invoice for that fucking stunning advice within the hour.

Comment by andy@cynic

“more room than the average house in blackpool”?

where the fuck did that come from? and youre telling me the chavs living under the shadow of the fake eiffel tower have homes? since when did the northern fuckers get that rich? that would never of fucking happened under maggie t.

oi, groper. do you have a fucking roof over your head as well? what the fuck is the north/south divide coming to.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this blackpool like boise?

It can’t be that bad can it?

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’m impressed you didn’t spell it “boys.”

Comment by DH

Is the lack of sleep due to your newly acquired paternal role starting to have its effect on you? Appears so.

Comment by Rob

We live in a coal shed of course
Which is better than a moose stable I guess

Comment by northern

for north/south i mean poor/rich, ugly/hot, neanderthal/clever.

Comment by andy@cynic

Last week it was united now it’s cathay, qantas and (a bit of) virgin.

Maybe you should consider being nice to them given how much you fly and how much they could make your united experience a common event.

Comment by DH

The man in the cathay ad looks very pleased with himself. Bet he’s reading hustler.

Comment by Billy Whizz

i dont understand a fucking word of that. i never do anyway but that is especially fucking shit. stop talking planner wank and talk properly. better still, keep it to yourfuckingself.

love you really.

Comment by andy@cynic

why the fuck did my comment end up here? its supposed to be under petes. that fucking karma bitch has struck again.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yeah Pete, what the fuck were you thinking? Apart from “like a planner”.

Comment by DH

It didn’t make much sense did it. How about I sum it up as this:

What Rob said.

Comment by Pete

you think thats going to make you sound better? fuck me pete, youve fucking lost it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I doubt there’s some major airline seat conspiracy going on at the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper but the photos do show which airline is the most confident about their offering and for all the clever angles and space creation, Qantas are the most insecure.

I was shocked to learn some airlines are charging up to 100% of their economy seat price for their premium economy package. I know that’s still cheaper than business but there’s no way the benefits justify that premium. As with so many clients, they seem to have focused on single words (in this case, premium) rather than read them as a collective with a single meaning. (premium economy)

Comment by Pete

read my comment under billys. dont think youre going to be able to spout shit like that and get away with it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Responded under your “tough love” comment.

Comment by Pete

So premium economy is an oxymoron then

Comment by northern

That should be obvious before I even said it should be obvious.

Comment by Rob

On another, when Dan finally fires you for insubordination, cavorting with hookers masquerading as research or losing Levis because their denim car didn’t sell, you can always fall back on a career as the angry Alan Whicker (not telly presenting obviously)
By the way, I’ve been asked to interview for and FMCG brand manager, the salary is 70K and their lead agency is Mcann – I can’t think of anything worse, but can you afford it?

Comment by northern

Alan Whicker 2.0? Sounds my sort of thing … especially if I can endorse American Express and make some really bad ads, because then I’ll get a kickback from Visa for helping their business.

So yes, I can afford your 70k, but it has a ‘no re-forming The Smiths’ clause in it.

As an aside, did you know Johnny bloody Marr lives in Portland!!! That almost makes me want to resign before Dan fires me.

Now, please tell me why you are being approached for brand manager roles when you should be the CMO? And no, I’m not being nice, I mean it – it genuinely amazes me how headhunters are so shameless in [1] highlight they don’t know anything about the people they approach and [2] how prejudice they are, because I bet you a Morrissey ticket you’d be approached for a higher level role if you were based in London.

Comment by Rob

Oh stop it.
Although, come to think to think of it, why I’m not running Yorkshire Tea is beyond me, I probably acount for 10% of their profits as it is.

Comment by northern

get a fucking room you sad pair of twats.

and campbell, i saw your lots p&g mums (i fucking refuse to say “mom” and though i know youd of fucking had a spaz about it, you still let the cincinatti nutfucks to use it) olympic ad. all things considered its quite nice for sexist, sentimental, fucking drivel. especially for p&g which means this is also the best fucking ad for showing w+ks manipulative genius. canny fucker that dan man.

Comment by andy@cynic

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