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If You Want Proof Intelligence, Isn’t Always Intelligent …
April 10, 2012, 6:20 am
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… look at this:

They’re so many things I could say about this, from how deluded the 3 guys on the sofa are [“no one uses their own name on twitter”] through to how much I hate people who think they’re superior/smarter/better than everyone else simply because of their educational background … but I think the comments under the clip do it far better than I could ever pull off.

What I will say is:

[1] I’ve always thought Jon Ronson was a legend, but now I think he’s a God …

[2] I’ve met a few planners who behave like those 3, especially the guy in the middle …

… so if you think you are an intellectual colossus because you believe you can can outwit, outsmart and outvocab the masses – beware – because like the guys in the video, you really coming across as a great, big, stupid twat.

I think my Dad said it best:

If you to show off you’re intelligent, you’re not nearly as smart as you thought you were.


you mean any fucking oxbridge educated, london based planning fucker who tries to overcome the fact theyre nothing but a semi well paid, post rationalising bag handling nothing by using big words, no reality and a condescending fucking attitude all dressed up in either hobo chic or an overfuckingpriced ironic tee? yes, thats that middle fucker right there. wankers, the fucking lot of them.

Comment by andy@cynic

Excellent abuse. You might be a father but you’re still a fighter.

Comment by DH

Andy is back. All hail the bad tempered, bad mouthing king.

Comment by Billy Whizz

A bit of a generalist statement.

A bit nasty and condescending.

A bit aggressive.


Comment by Rob

Not a patch on the Radio Time’s review:

“Three of the most infuriating berks ever captured on film.”

Comment by zeroinfluencer

jon ronson is a fucking legend. ill gladly pan those 3 fuckers if he wants me too.

Comment by andy@cynic

theyre like a modern version of the 3 ugly sisters sat on that fucking couch.

spinster sister. bruiser sister. dumb subservient sister.

cock. cock and cock.

Comment by andy@cynic

Spinster sister. Genius!

Comment by Rob

not for his fucking mum it isnt.

Comment by andy@cynic

funny how planners are meant to be do fucking aware of others feelings, mood and attitude but most of the pricks have all the self awareness as some shit welsh rapper on x fucking factor.

Comment by andy@cynic

at least you know youre a sad bastard campbell.

look at what fatherhood has done, its made me the campbell a compliment. a back handed one, but its stil a compliment and nottingham beggars cant be fucking nottingham choosers.

Comment by andy@cynic

“Shit welsh rapper on X factor”.

Random, yet awesome.

Comment by DH

thats how i fucking roll.

Comment by andy@cynic

your old man was fucking smart. which is what the most beautiful daughter in the world already thinks of her old man. see how fucking smart she is already? takes after me. lucky lady.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you could only strangle one of them, who’d you pick?

Comment by rafikrafik

The bald bastard. Always go for the baldie.

Comment by DH

excellent fucking point dave.

besides the fucker on the left looks so old hes going to croak on his own in a matter of months and the child on the right looks like hell go back to bring a rent boy so he wont be able to talk any more shit because his mouth will be permanently full with male conservative mp cock. so the bald prick gets it and wed all stand around and cheer.

Comment by andy@cynic

Best. Comment. Ever.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

I have to agree with Dave and Billy, a very nice comment – even if it’s not very nice, if you know what I mean.

Comment by Rob

Fair enough – I’m the one who set this up in the first place.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

Some of the answers the academics give to justify their identity theft are beyond belief. I wish Jon Ronson would sue because a prosecution lawyer could make mincemeat out of them.

While I think Andy is generalising his character assessment (assassination) of Oxbridge educated planners, I have to say that there is a hint of truth to what he rants, even if it’s not exclusive to Oxbridge or London based planners.

Comment by Pete

Planners with an MBA or those who go endlessly on about attending “biz school”?

Comment by DH

Oh Dave, that’s so accurate – especially the “biz school” comment. Whenever I hear people say that sort of shit, I want to hit them, I literally want to hit them.

Comment by Rob

Now I get it, you call Andy out for generalising because you went to Oxford university didn’t you. Careful Pete, your strategy is showing.

Comment by DH

you fucking wimp pete. but youre my fucking wimp or you were till campbell went and fucked it all up.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re right Pete about it not being exclusive to Oxbridge people, because apparently they are ‘art school’ types. How do I know? Because Mr John Dodds knows one of them!!!

Comment by Rob

what the fuck? doddsy knows one of them? who? it better be hippie father fucking christmas because if its either of the other 2 im going to have to fucking whack him.

Comment by andy@cynic

My relationship with Doddsy is complicated etc.

Yup – it’s the hippy santa on the left.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

All relationships with Doddsy are complicated, so there’s nothing shocking there.

Comment by Rob

Jill must be happy hearing someone say they’ve never described themselves as a brand.

Comment by Billy Whizz

what the fuck are you talking about?

Comment by andy@cynic

you know that means youre admitting to paying afuckingtention to the shit campbell writes on here. and that you need to get a fucking life.

Comment by andy@cynic

Only the stuff Jill has told him to say. Anything that comes from his brain, I just ignore.

Comment by Billy Whizz

good fucking save.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’ve just made Jill’s day by remembering that post Billy. Let’s face it, that’s the only way you’d make Jill’s day.

Comment by Rob

yup – I totally swiped that out of the plannersphere. Or was it off Hugh’s blog? Cant remember.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

When I first saw there were so many comments I was surprised – then I saw Andy had come out of his self-appointed exile and all made sense.

Comment by Rob

Do the men on the sofa realise what an utterly preposterous argument they’re making? I agree with Pete, were Jon Ronson to take this matter further, a good lawyer would be able to destroy them.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think they’d have an ‘insanity’ plea to fall back on.

Comment by Rob

Morning made with that comment

Comment by Andrea

You need to get out more. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I was on a fine line on this issue – but it comes down to intent. If the intent was to defraud Jon, then it would illegal.

@jon_ronson is clearly labeled about what it is – a Weavr made from a Wikipedia page.

But I can offer you a fresh legal identity for $85k.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

I know a few people who might take you up on that offer.

What I would say is that one persons ‘intent’ is another persons adventure and so while I appreciate you didn’t mean to do it with malice, some of the comments made in the video don’t come across as convincing, more ‘missing the point’, which is a shame because it appears due to that, we end up missing the point of what you were trying to do.

Comment by Rob

That’s fair, but it’s important the legal side of this is understood.

What I was after from the Jonson adventure is very much in the video though I wasn’t honest with Ronson about what I was after.

If I had explained to Ronson what I was after, he wouldn’t have gone through with the interview.

I’ll post an explanation to this in a fresh thread below…

Comment by zeroinfluencer

Cool. Of course the issue of ‘intent’ is basically the basis for the entire concept of law, so hopefully next time you can make sure the situation is clear rather than this nightmare muddle you found yourself in.

Looking forward to the full explanation.

Comment by Rob

The photo of Jon is a ‘sampling’, the robots caused the Wall Street crash, using your own name is brand management, our cause is to expose these things by building more of it…. It is clear they suffer from a form of Cargo Cult Science (Feynman) – they know the words, the makes the sounds and wave their sad little arms at the right time… Tragic really, and exactly what you would expect from people that feel it is justified to have psychological control over their students.
Great post Rob, and btw, taking them on in court will just feed their insanity by noticing their miserable existence.

Comment by Henk Roodt (@drhenkroodt)

Hi there – all good points – though as I said to Steve below, the beauty of a court case is their need to be seen as ‘intellectual colossuses’ would be destroyed forever.

Comment by Rob

Wow. Those guys are so caught up their own BS! Your trying to talk to him like a normal human being and he’s trying to make it into layers of psychological babble. I think they just wanted a little internet face time. You shouldn’t have indulged them.

Comment by Steve Bayley (@TheLincolnKing)

Hi Steve, fair point, it’s obvious their ego is huge – but so is their need to be seen as ‘geniuses’ and the beauty of a court case is that their cred would be publically cut into shreds in a matter of seconds.

It could be classed as an unfair attack till you realise they deserved it.

Comment by Rob

I would like to point out that the one of the left (or baldy) is a personal friend of yours truly. There is a long backstory to the 12 minutes you see above but it is a) not my place to tell it and b) it is a tedious tale anyway.

I’ve read through most of your comments and if I didn’t actually know most of you (digitally speaking at least) I would be massively disappointed by their resemblance to 99% of brainless commentary on this piece of film.

There are however a couple of points I would like to comment on.

Most of your comments refer to “them”. Plural. One of them, however, doesn’t speak at all (he also has his full name on Twitter which is highly amusing considering what the gentleman in the middle says) and the gentleman on the right is often times edited in the middle of a sentence. The main thrust of criticism should be aimed at the gentleman in the middle, who, as most of the commentators have already mentioned, comes across at a bit of a cock. I’ve have told him this personally (actually I said “you come across as a wanker – drop the academic shit).

I have been involved in one way or another with the thing they discuss since 2009 (it really is quite amazing what they have build) and consider David to be a personal friend. We’ve talked about the film and as you can imagine he’s not happy with it either. It is the result of an hour long interview, and as such a piece of film that doesn’t really explore what they do (and why they did what they did). It’s part of the Jon Ronson show, and should be perceived as such.

You’re points are all valid, Robert, don’t get me wrong (I would have loved to see a lot more humour from the gentlemen on the sofa).

Love and hugs,
The Kaiser.

Comment by Marcus

All fair points Marcus – but to be fair, most people have said the ‘problems’ that emanate from this clip originate the man in the middle, not the guys either side.

Of course the other two are not totally blameless, but in terms of coming across as a foolish and condescending wanker, the man in the middle has just won the European Cup.

I am sure there’s a much bigger ‘back story’ to this … I’m sure some things that were meant as ‘jokes’ didn’t come over properly … and I am sure Jon Ronson has edited this clip this to suit his side of the argument … but as much as you may be disappointed with the comments on this blog [which, as you point out, is how they react to everything, regardless of circumstance or content], the fact is the people on the screen haven’t exactly helped themselves with some of their dialogue and that is what they are reacting to.

That said, the point of this post was more about the way they come across [and it’s relation to how some planners I’ve seen act in meetings] than the specific content of the clip, because to me, that’s the real lesson here, not the gibberish that this clip has been edited to sound like they’re conveying.

Comment by Rob

That’s why I said that your points are valid (I nearly got through my comment without making a spelling mistake – but fucked it up towards the end).

Comment by Marcus

On the bright side, you did so much better than NP could ever of done.

Comment by Rob

Don’t be wicked, Robert.

Comment by Marcus

It’s not wicked when it’s true.

Comment by Rob

There is nothing more wicked than the truth.

Comment by Marcus

How are you lovely? All good?

Comment by Rob

All good here, Kimosabe. How the devil are you?

Comment by Marcus

I’ve just been re-looking at this:


… which should tell you how I am.

I hope you remember this was all your fault.


Comment by Rob

I remember. A proud moment.

Comment by Marcus

Where’s one of yours, to keep things balanced …

Comment by Rob

I deleted them all (I think).

Comment by Marcus

Hello Rob. Hello everyone. Andy, hi.

I’m the Spinster sister.

Doddsy, stop gossiping. Marcus, thanks for sending me this.

Good morning.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

Isn’t that typical, I write a massive rant about UPS a few weeks ago and no one from that organisations gets in contact … then I write about an incredibly dodgy film clip, and one of the guys writes in. Pah!

I know there is a back story to all this, but as I wrote to Marcus [] the reason I showed this clip was not about what was said, but more about how it came across.

Finally, I know how horrid it is to read nasty comments about yourself when you’ve had no chance to explain yourself and while some of the things said are pretty nasty, what I would say is that this is the general response from people towards everything I write on here and it’s more bluster than truth [at least I hope so given I seem to be the main recipient to the negative commentary] so I hope it is taken in a less serious tone than it may appear.

That said, I will happily remove comments if they cause duress because I’ve never wanted this blog to be like those ‘other blogs’ and I know no one on here would want their views on here to be taken too seriously.

Please let me know.

Comment by Rob

You muppet.

Someone called me the Spinster sister above. I liked that.

The post is signed as zeroinfluencer – as in David Bausola. (no one ever uses their real name etc…)

So let me start that again – hello Rob, David here.
The one on the left in _that_ film.

Please don’t delete any comments.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

And for anyone who saw I’ve edited my above comment, it’s because I’m so thick, I actually thought it was the sister of the person in the video, so had to change the perspective of my comment to make a bit of sense.

Comment by Rob

It took an hour to watch the whole thing as the guy in the middle just grates and grates. Ronson made such a good point that they use such different language to him – they come from a different world altogether. I don’t think the education is a problem in itself, not all well educated people are idiots and/or if they are, at least it doesn’t offend us personally as long as they do their job (if someone’s surgeon has an oxbridge education or some other distinction, you don’t think twice about complaining that he’s too intelligent).

The worst thing is the ivory tower you choose to live in as you forget what the real world looks like, and get so bogged down in conspiracy theories that would make The Daily Mail blush. The good people in academia probably live and breathe their subject day in, day out but once you lose your social intelligence (for lack of a better word) you stop being able to function as a human being unless someone calls in the perspective police.

He’s a serious offender but I’ve seen and heard worse in terms of vocabulary. People who need 10 minutes to explain their job titles.

It’s another level of snobbery – envy and insecurity in a bundle. Even if the clip isn’t representative of the hour as a whole (& all the arguments above). On bad days we all tell ourselves some story to keep us going, that what we’re doing is important, is meaningful, it’s changing the world, no one else gets it, sucks to be them and who knows. But there’s getting through the day and then there’s taking it a bit too far. And too seriously…with all respect to those people’s intelligence.

Comment by Andrea

And I can’t for the life of me persuade wp to change my profile to stop pointing to a blog in a strange language so sorry about that (feel free to delete this comment or change the link)

Comment by Andrea

I don’t think anyone is saying all educated individuals come across as condescending – that’s obviously ridiculous – my point was that I have met planners who act/think they’re superior to everyone else because they believe they have some talent that lifts them to god-like staus, the irony being to many who meet them, they end up forming the opinion they’re anything but.

Some people mentioned that these people often are Oxbridge educated or have an MBA or talk about ‘biz school’ – and while in my experience, that is more often than not the case – I know that is a massive and generalised comment and should not be taken as fact whatsoever.

Just want to ensure there’s a bit more clarity, ha.

Comment by Rob

No, wasn’t suggesting that – but you can never include all the things you ever want to say in a tiny box 🙂 but you and your dad are right – if you have to tell people that you’re intelligent you’re anything but. The ivory tower/bubble is the really annoying thing, the lack of contact with something to make you feel humble real fast.

There was that question on quora a while ago, ‘What’s it like to be the smartest person in the room?’ – some people say you’re either in the wrong room (go somewhere where you can feel challenged) or you are probably a bit full of yourself if you always think/assume you’re the smartest 🙂

Comment by Andrea

If you think you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to get out more. Fortunately for me, I never feel that. Not even when I’m in a room by myself.

Comment by Rob

So …

… the man who has been labelled ‘spinster sister’ is going to respond to this post and comments.

I think that’s a good thing – not just so we get the back story to this situation, but so he can better explain how such a bad representation of him happened to end up on Youtube.

This doesn’t mean it will change how they come across, but it does mean we get a better perspective, especially as I don’t really want this to be the Fox News of blogging.

I’ve told our new friend that the comments on this blog are typical of all comments on this post and as hard as it may be, he should not take them too personally – so as weird and rare as it may be – I hope that whatever goes on from here, we can discuss it in a calm and considered manner, rather than the usual St Trinians approach we tend to favour.

I’m not saying this because I’m a wimp, I’m saying it because [1] I know what it’s like to be misrepresented [] and [2] people who come on here who don’t know what we’re like could easily misunderstand what we’re like.

That’s it.

Here we go.

Comment by Rob

And then – after I type all of that, I see he’s already commented and in an act of even greater annoyance, he’s handled it well.

The good news is that tomorrow’s post features a video of me being a tit, so he can see all the shit that was said on here today, will be repeated but with me in the line of sight.

Comment by Rob

I don’t really give a shit if one of these guys is reading this, or if he is a mate of Marcus… all of these guys show a massive lack of empathy for the “victim” they are using (without consent) to make some barely-connected point about algorithms and the unseen threat of code on real lives.

The code they’ve made might be really smart, but in creating it with the view of making a grander statement, they themselves have become the very thing they detest. But not in a way that illuminates, but in a way that gets their audience’s back up and destroys the quality of the message they are “trying” to get out there.

They talk about a “human scale” but display no ability to be able to really understand and connect with it.

Sorry but that is the truth.

Comment by Age

Without doubt, there was an alarming lack of judgement in how they handled the questioning by Jon Ronson. Then – to make it worse – the man in the middle comes across so badly, it just adds petrol to the fire …

What I’d be interested in knowing is that if they were in the same situation again, would they change their response. I don’t mean change their project, but how they acted when first contacted by Mr Ronson.

One final thing.

Regardless of all the factors that contributed to this video, the fact it appears there has been – as far as I can tell – almost universal condemnation as to how they justified/handled themselves will – I hope – make them consider there are issues they need to take blame for rather than simply put it down to being ‘misunderstood’.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Age

Yes! Precisely – rather than a sort of ‘point and laugh’ going both ways.

Comment by Andrea

And trust me, if anyone knows this – it’s me.

Comment by Rob

It’s hard to see from the video how intense the ‘interview’ was.

Could it be said that Ronson staged that event accordingly?

In short – In a basement, glaring reflector lamps, rushed to cram it all in 50mins (Jon had a TED talk lunch to rush off to afterwards).

Jon demanded that my researchers we’re present – I had given Jon and his producer the options to talk just to me, but they declined. They had seen Dan’s public talks before they met him. I think they knew what they wanted from Dan.

You have to remember that Dan was pushed into a small room – told where to sit, with a camera running before we arrived. It was hardly the most welcoming behaviour. Did that give Dan licence to speak the way he did? How would you have reacted to this?

I think most people would have declined the interview and left the room.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

Please don’t get me wrong Age. I’m not asking you to give a shit. I’m not asking anyone to give a shit. I would happily stand up for any friend of mine if I felt they were being misrepresented (which pretty much includes all of you lot) and (as you all know) would tell any of my friends when the are talking a bunch of shit.

But I’d like to remind you all that the story you see is the story Ronson wanted you to see.

There is also something rather amusing about ad-folk complaining about the use of “language” that know one else can understand but I suppose that was the point behind Robert’s post.

Comment by Marcus

Yep, that was the absolute point. Plus the tone and manner. Especially the tone and manner.

This has turned into quite an interesting post really. Shame tomorrow it’ll all go back to normal.

Comment by Rob

Jesus, my spelling.

Comment by Marcus

So I’ve tried to go around everyone’s comments and answer them separately – but I’m going to end up repeating myself if I do.

The following, I hope, answers your questions.

Where to start?

Yes – this was one of the oddest things I’ve been involved with.
Ronson is a clever little sod; I’m still a fan of what he does. I do think the 2 films he made about @jon_ronson are wonderfully absurd.

Also, I’m the one who set this up and I’ll explain why.

A few facts first…

1. I aint no academic, but…

I just wanted to clear that up – but Rob, you knew that. Ronson knew that too.

Jon also knew that the others are not ‘full time’ academics either.
Harpo (Luke, on the right) had just left University (performance studies).

Chico (Dan, the one in the middle) studied Philosophy at Oxford, and has been an English teacher in Germany for past 5 years.

Together, they’ve been doing research for me, for the development of
I found them after presenting Weavrs at an event called Virtual Futures. It was fucking awesome.

Groucho, on the left, is me. I’ve done some time in planning, with some success.

2. It’s frickin’ TV

You know those shiny films called adverts – guess what – they don’t have a whole load of truth in them.
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Giving Ronson access to my little research unit was payment for something I wanted from him.
Also – the researchers REALLY wanted to do this ‘interview’. I did warn them this would be dangerous.

3. Ronson was giggling all the way through this.

Once he started referring to the internet as a set of tubes, sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face after that.
Being accused of stealing a bit of his soul. Priceless.

4. Identity Theft.

Read the Twitter account Biography. FFS.

Identity theft requires intent to defraud. @jon_ronson is a robot with labels everywhere to show that it is what it is = a robot. Ronson knew that too.

Why d’ya think Twitter didn’t kill the account after 4 months? The bot was innocent!

5. Why Ronson?

The back story:

6. Errors
okok, Dan saying no one uses their real name was a blunder. Also, Weavrs has very little to do with financial algorithms. Ronson was winding him up and Dan took the bait. Go and check out Kevin Slavin’s TED talk if you want to know more about that stuff.

I shouldn’t have allowed Dan and Luke to be filmed – they have no media training – and judging by the universal responses to them, everyone expects them to behave nicely in front of someone like Ronson.

For the record, Jedi mind tricks don’t work on Ronson.

7. Why did I do this?

I’ve been working on the Weavrs technology for about 3 years. (Marcus was there at the birth)
It’s won Gold for Market Research Innovation in 2010, thanks to the AAAA.
It’s used globally by brands to understand demographics. It works – you should use it.
BBH and Stupid Fun Club highlighted Weavrs at SXSW this year as a new form of media.
A CERN researcher recently called Weavrs “Quantum Beings.”

Weavrs are really hard to describe and so Ronson was a gift. Having him throw some time at it – and get frustrated – put pressure on him to deal with it. He’s in it for the video. I’m in it for his professional / emotional rationale.

Ronson delivered the gold when he said:

“I know @jon_ronson is out there, Tweeting.”

Before you all get pissy about academic existentialism and post-modern wank (I wont even mention OOO), for a filmmaker/journalist to state that something was in existence – even though it’s a self generating cluster of data – is frankly odd and a bit exciting.

“out there” – out frickin’ where, Jon?

(psst – there is no ‘outside’ of the internet or does he believe the @jon_ronson is floating around the streets…)

But the bottom line – and back to Rob’s point – the language we use is mental – and it’s like this most days for me. Working with engineers, philosophers, designers and clients to craft “info beings” is bloody weird – but it’s very interesting – a shed load more interesting than building websites or iphone apps.

We do have an internal lexicon for Weavrs development – Federations, Prosthetics, Runners — none of it relates to what you may think of web/digital products — but that’s kind of the point. We’re developing something unusual, and if someone like Ronson comes asking but refuses to listen, then it’s going to turn into comedy.

I’ll leave you with another video – which explains the project origins.

Fire away with comments.

Comment by zeroinfluencer

you are a planner? why the fuck didnt you say, that explains everyfuckingthing.

alright zeroinfluencer, youve handled this fucking well so even though i still think theres a fuckload of wank being spoken in the video, youre alright and i fucking respect that you came on here and faced the vipers nest of petty shitty vindictive bitches.

youre obviously not italian like campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

He is very Italian. And not a planner.

Hello Boucher.

Comment by Marcus

campbell or zeroinfluencer bloke?

who fucking cares.

hello monsieur brown. like old times on here isnt it. that doesnt mean its good, just like old fucking times.

Comment by andy@cynic

now that Campbells fucking comment thing works again I can comment. Not that I wanted to comment, mind. Cock.

Comment by Marcus

and spinster sister is still better than being from fucking nottingham so its a kind of compliment. well it fucking is from me anyway.

Comment by andy@cynic

you’ve changed. Being a dad has mellowed you.

Comment by Marcus

fuck you.

but shes beautiful. and wonderful. just like her fucking old man.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck me, youre right, i fucking have. need to smack a few fucking planners to get back to fucking normal.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this somewhere before, but I am very happy for you. A tiny bit sorry for your daughter but very happy for you and your wife.

Now run off a smack a planner.

Comment by Marcus

you talk some sense brown.


Comment by andy@cynic

that’s because I’m not a fucking planner, Boucher.

Comment by Marcus

why the fuck do you think i like you?

Comment by andy@cynic

90 fucking comments. 90. fucking kill me now.

Comment by andy@cynic

And they all lived happily ever after.

Comment by DH

Rounding off the comments to a nice round 100.

Comment by DH

Bloody hell, it’s all gone mature and sensible.

Comment by Rob

What’s depressing is that I allow myself to feel inadequate when I’m in the presence of bullshit wafflers like that. I’m a blunt-talking Manc bird that hates buzzwords and people that talk in riddles; yet when I’m with people like that, I let them make me feel like I’m an idiot. Gah!

Comment by Dena

Just get them to sit on a sofa in front of a video camera and you’ll immediately feel empowered.

Comment by Rob

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