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Friday Feels Like _________.
February 24, 2012, 6:11 am
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When I was growing up, Friday was my favourite day.

It was the day before I got two days of play.
I would get my one can of fizzy pop for the week. [Tizer]
I got to watch one of my favourite shows, Grange Hill.

It was awesome.

But while those things were personal to me, there were at least two things that were almost common to all:

1. The TV show ‘Crackerjack’ [“It’s Friday, it’s 5 to 5 … it’s crackerrrrrjaaaaaack”]

2. The chocolate bar ‘Crunchie [“That Friday feeling”]

Now the weird thing is that the last time I saw – or tried – either of those things was probably 35 odd years ago … yet they’re still stuck firmly in my consciousness.

But this isn’t talking about how utterly old I am … nor is it about associative branding … it’s a request for you to give me some things that were deeply associated with your Friday, wherever you grew up or whenever you grew up.

The only request is that it’s not purely unique to you, like Crackerjack and Crunchie … it should be something that infiltrated the whole countries psyche.

I know I’ll get the usual filth and inappropriateness, but if there’s something genuine amongst all the rubbish, I’d be eternally grateful.

Well, not eternally, but definitely grateful.

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The a team was on Friday nights that seemed to matter to kids my age
On a national level tfi Friday really mattered to twenty somethings beginning the build up to going out
The word captured the post pub thing
But best of all was is the universal bacon sandwich run in offices across the land

Comment by Northern

tizer? explains everyfuckingthing.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m sure Tizer would now be classed as a weapon of mass destruction. Nothing that red and sugary can be good. Nothing.

Comment by Rob

what was the name of that crackerjack twat who said “i could crush a grape”? stupot something. twat. bet hes a fucking grey cardigan wearing insurance assessor now in fucking norwich.

Comment by andy@cynic

Last seen on Border TV in 1987. The building has since been demolished to protect the innocent.

Comment by Chris

a team? for fucks sake. what about the fucking dukes of hazard. daisy duke in her daisy dukes was the wet dream of a generation. unless you were a future sex pest and got wet over flash the fucking dog or boss hog. im saying nothing northern groper.

Comment by andy@cynic

Erin grey from buck rogers always wins

That jumpsuit, even twiki fancied her

Comment by Northern

wasnt grange hill one of the first shows to have a spin off with that tucker bollocks? isnt he the only fucker of the cast who still works as an actor. isnt he in eastenders, a show so fucking depressing it makes billys life look like liberfuckingaces.

Comment by andy@cynic

I had to look at your last word in the above comment for about 5 minutes before I understood what you meant. I know you love to swear, but can you make it a bit easier for us to understand. And for the record, that ‘Tucker’ guy was in ‘The Bill’ too. Though to be fair, UK “actors” end up doing the rounds on every regular soap, because there’s not enough work to go round.

Funny how he did end up having a longer career than other Grange Hill lumaries, like “Just Say No” Zammo.

A psychologist would say it’s because it connects people of a certain age to a happy time in their life. I’d say that’s bollocks … it’s because he looks so old and rough it makes people of that era think they’ve not aged too badly in comparison and feel better about themselves.

Like people who watch Jerry Springer.

Or read this blog.

Comment by Rob

this comment sums up how fucking sad you are better than anything i could ever fucking say. anything. thats fucking saying something campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Jason

Oh yes. I definitely feel that.

Comment by Rob

I think he was referring to the 13th – well I know he was.

Comment by John

you fucking idiot campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Chores, double homework and beatings.

Comment by Anon

One can of fizzy pop? That means that now every hour is like Friday.

Comment by John

I’ve cut down, it’s now every 4 hours that feels like Friday.

Comment by Rob

Going outside to avoid Crackerjack.

Comment by Chris


Comment by Rob

More to do with 1-channel television otherwise I’d probably have been glued to Lookaround.

Comment by Chris

i fucking like the way these comments are going.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not thursday.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Well, i grew up in Algeria so as a kid, friday meant a day off, going to my grand-mother’s house, seeing and playing with my cousins and friends there.I had school the next day though, since at the time, in the algerian school system, we had monday and thursday afternoon off, and the whole day friday.

Cartoons were more of a Monday afternoon thing. And Thursday was for playing with neighbours outside.

Not sure I’d go as far as saying it’s infiltrated the country’s psyche, but that’s what it was like for me and most people i grew up around.

Comment by Rafik

In a particularly, almost serious, frame of mind because of two very different but equally mind fucking events that occurred in the last 24 hours. Both very sad.

So what’s with Fridays as a result?

Well, first there’s my mother’s cooking. Fucking awful. On Friday we got a reprieve, we had fish. She couldn’t fuck up the fish and chips. So, I looked forward to Friday’s dinner. God bless the Catholic Church (I’m a recovering Catholic).

The second thing I associate with Fridays was working at BBDO in the early to mid-seventies, in London. This was after working at Lintas, CDP, Waseys’s (yes, heh the start-up didn’t work out for me)) and JWT. Easy going Tim D. was the creative director at BBDo (I was an Account Manager BTW). On Friday I would find out who was coming in on Saturday – which was most of the creative department. I couldn’t wait to join them – even if they weren’t working on something for one of my clients. I’d like to name names, but to those who matter they know the names, to those who don’t know what the fuck I’m rabbiting on about, who fucking cares.
To me it was heaven, they actually came in to WORK and I got to be a part of it. Groupie? Probably, but God, I got to contribute occasionally, and it was fun.
Anyway, that’s what I think of when I think of Fridays.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

Hi mate – sounds like you’ve had a shit time, hope all is OK.

Funny you mention about Mum’s cooking. I had a mate whose Mum literally destroyed EVERYTHING, but tried to pretty it up because she thought she had ‘natural talent’. I remember having dinner at their house once where she had burnt Vesta pre-cooked curry and tried to add a ‘personal touch’ by smothering it in – I kid you not – blended banana and pieces of pineapple.

It’s little surprise he’s not my friend anymore, ha!

I love your BBDO story. I love that you went through 4 agencies before you got to be an AM … not because you were bad, but because back then, they made you work hard and were trained hard before handing titles out willy-nilly.

My favourite part of my job is being with my creative colleagues … chatting, coming up with stuff, making little seeds of thought turn into ideas of potential.

Of course to do that that requires the second favourite part of my job to happen – talking to life’s weird and wonderful – but the older I get, the more I feel these 2 parts are becoming less and less of everyone in adlands day … and that saddens me because as much as some of it is due to the way the industry has become a subserviant industry, it’s also because we have become an industry of egomaniacs who view others as destroyers of ideas rather than builders and collaborators.

Comment by Rob

Rob, my claim to fame. I was on crackerjack once doing some stupid quiz. I always was a clever fucker even then. Leslie Crowther was very friendly……maybe too friendly. So I had my fifteen minutes of fame when I was ten years old. Everything’s been downhill since then……

Comment by martin

I don’t know what shocks me more … I have a real live Crackerjack guest on my blog or that Leslie Crowther hosted the show??? Jesus, how old are you Martin!?

Comment by Rob

The Tube

Comment by Rohan Lightfoot

The Tube. Great reminder there Rohan …

Three in particular stand out.

Motorhead were on and my Dad walked in while I was watching it. After a particularly lingering shot on Lemmy’s mole-ridden face, my father declared/asked: “WHAT. IS. THAT.”

Another time, when Guns ‘n’ Roses were on, my Dad walked in again. For some reason I pointed out that the guitarist was called Slash and he came from Stoke-on-Trent, a place quite near us. I still remember him looking at me and asking, with some justifiable distain:
“Why would you name yourself after a long streak of piss?”

And finally I remember ‘Then Jericho’ making their television debut. I don’t know why I remember them, because I never liked them, but I do. Maybe it’s because the song they played had some loud guitars on it and I had just started learning how to play. Who knows. I also remember the band ‘King’ making their ‘The Tube’ debut, but that’s almost entirely due to the fact I loved Queen and thought they’d be novel to check out.

Thanks for that moment of reminiscing, you might not have liked it, but I did.

Comment by Rob

On that note, the time Slipknot appeared on TFI Friday was amazing.

For a while Top of the Pops was regular Friday viewing.

Question Time is always a reminder that tomorrow is Friday!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

TV programme, not transport…obviously.

Comment by Rohan Lightfoot

The weird thing is that it never crossed my mind it could be anything else.

Comment by Rob

Old Fridays meant to me freedom. My mother and all their friends had around 33 yr old and all of them had children too. So we used to meet up in some house and spend all night long having fun. When I say all night long means all fucking night long. While they were playing some board games and drinking we were doing mess around whatever was the house of that night. Watching thundercats, jumping from one bed to the other one, running everywhere, sometimes trying to watch some dirty movie like Nine 1/2 Week and so on.

Friday was freedom and lot of laughing.

Comment by via memory

Nice. I like the ‘freedom & a lot of laughing’. Nowadays Friday feels like ‘pressure release & recuperation.’

Comment by Rob

Friday feels like TFI Friday with Chris Evans and co having a whale of a time. My favourite segment was “Freak or Unique?”!

Comment by Emma

My dad would send us (me and my little sister) to the pub, which had one of those walk-in off licenses that they don’t seem to have anymore. Walking into that place was almost as exciting as the packet of monster munch (they were new back then) and the bottle (glass bottle) of r whites lemonade that we would come home with.

Comment by Marcus

The off-licence … we had one up the road. It was like a peak into the future because the only thing separating that from the pub was a wall. A wall with a great big door sized hole in it. A great big door sized hole that let you smell, hear and taste the lights & sounds of adulthood and boy did it sound exciting.

Comment by Rob

Your first realisation that impressions are not insights?

Comment by John

Comment by Marcus

When I was a kid I liked Friday because it was the story day of the week on PlayBus – The Tent Stop.

Plus, now first thing in the morning on a Friday it’s ‘McFly Day’ (Radio One, not my choice in CDs) which should be annoying but somehow just means it’s nearly the weekend. So I end up singing McFly at the top of my voice to myself in the car. Maybe I should have kept that one to myself…

Comment by Sarah

The Word, then an ‘arty’ film on Channel 4, if you get my drift.

Comment by David

The Word. With that Manc twat host. I remember that. But I remember the ‘red triange’ Channel 4 movies better … even though a copy of FHM is more explicit these days.

Comment by Rob

The lengths you had to go to as a 15-year-old to see nudity in early 90s Britain…

Comment by David

I believe the pre-X Files David Duchovey was in the Red Triangle

Comment by northern

Friday meant Friday football at school, and then further games after it. The best day of the week by far.

Comment by Will

This is all brilliant, thank you so much – you’ve not only helped me, you’ve reawakened a bunch of memories from my youth … even if some, like ‘The Word’, were one’s I’d of been happy to keep in the dark box of my mind.

Comment by Rob

In middle school, every Friday afternoon we only have 2 classes instead of 3, often the 2 of them are very relaxing classes such as art or PE lessons. What’s better is that on Friday night, we don’t need to finish all the homework that day. so the gained hours were so precious that i used to hangout with friends, go to karaokes, go to fake market next to the school to buy cheap clothes, go to internet bar to play online games, eat as much as street food i can… (all these activities are without the conscious of my parents) that feeling of temporary freedom was so exciting. But after getting into university, when every leisure moments suddenly become legitimate, i can no longer feel that excitement anymore.

Comment by sue

Then you ended up working for me and I ruined your Fridays with a shitload of work that I want done by Monday.

It’s OK Sue, I get it … you hate me.

Comment by Rob

I didn’t mean that ! but Amen!

Comment by sue

hi sue.. welcome to the blog..

Comment by niko

hi! 🙂

Comment by sue

I think here (Malaysia) a lot of people will associate Friday prayers (1pm) to their Fridays (and traffic jams)

School level: excitement of playing Little League the next day
Teenage level: Alcohol

Comment by Jacob

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