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The Power Of Ssssshhhhh …
February 23, 2012, 6:20 am
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The good thing about adland is that it’s full of people who like to listen.

The bad thing is that quite often, the thing they like to listen to the most, is their own voice.

And trust me, if anyone can say that, it’s me.

There was a scene in the movie 13 Days that had quite an effect on me.

It was when JFK had all his military advisors in a room, asking for their views and ideas of what to do regarding the build up of missiles in Cuba.

One by one, he heard representatives of the navy, army and air force express their opinion.

Then he listened to each of his Government advisors as they explained their point of view.

After all this – and only after all this – did he say what he thought and what they would do.

And what he decided they would do was not based on the recommendations of most of the people in the room.

He didn’t do this to cause offense.

He didn’t do this because he was weak.

He didn’t do this because he had no opinion of his own.

He did this because he valued the perspective of his colleagues in the room and appreciated that their background, expertise and unique viewpoint could change, impact or influence his decision.

Then he made his decision.

And explained why.

That’s leadership.

And that’s why it’s good to listen to your colleagues before you listen to your own voice – because at the end of the day, as long as you have good people working for you, you’ll be able to make better, more rounded and more effective decisions which will lead to better work, more acclaim, better job offers, more money and the delusion you’re even better than your already massive ego has deluded you into thinking you are.

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you saying people should shut the fuck up and listen is like hitler saying jews should be treated fairly. you motherfucking hypocrite.

Comment by andy@cynic

or me saying planners are clever, useful and nice.

Comment by andy@cynic

I am aware of that, but the only reason I was like that when I worked with you was because I was doing all I could to minimise the opportunities where you would open your gob and cause all manner of shit to fall into our laps. It wasn’t being in love with the sound of my own voice, it was stopping you making our ife crap.

Comment by Rob

let me get this right. youre linking planning to a kevin fucking costner movie. lets say that again. a kevin fucking costner movie.

Comment by andy@cynic

when does your “lessons from harry fucking potter?”

Comment by andy@cynic

that was a rhetorical fucking question.

Comment by andy@cynic

just so were all fucking clear. especially for young, misguided planning twat groupies that come on here and sit in the shadows thinking theyre getting good advice from a w+k pro even though theres no fucking way anyone would regard campbell as pro anyfuckingthing except the obvious. he is a fucking hypocrite. trying to shut him up is like trying to shut the ozone layer. he can breath through his fucking ears which might be fun for jills bedroom antics but absofuckinglutely no fun for normal bastards mind.

Comment by andy@cynic

And that’s when he’s not even been asked a question. Or even in the room.

Comment by DH

good fucking point. hes a fucking nightmare if you just ask him to give you a fucking post it.

Comment by andy@cynic

every time he talks it’s a gwyneth fucking paltrow speech and a piece of me fucking dies.

Comment by andy@cynic

is the ssshhh sound meant to be the allegedly soothing sound of a lighter flame touching crack rock in a pipe, because Kennedy was high as the late great Ms Brown-Houston during this piece of great leadership..

Comment by niko

campbell acts like hes high and pissed out of his fucking face 99% of the time and hes mr fucking clean living so imagine what sort of fucked up shit hed be up to if he was drinking the fucking glass of johnnie black i have in my fucking hand right now. ww3 type of shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Like Oprah during her crack period…

I’d vote for that..

Comment by niko

Is it April 1?

Comment by Billy Whizz

everyfuckingday is april 1 on here,

Comment by andy@cynic

This is great advice Robert. It’s just a little amusing coming from you.

Comment by George

Though you were only like that when you had to deal with Andy and me.

Comment by George

fucking crawler.

Comment by andy@cynic

I like this post. The power of silence is immense.
Just an observation – Lately I have noticed that we don’t bother listening to ourselves – instincts, gut, that voice in our head. Don’t know whether this is the impact of technology, internet, smartphones, headphones, short attention spans etc…we are just getting loud and too sure of ourselves. Being sure is good, but being oblivious to our own thoughts and motives let alone trying to understand others is just sad.

Comment by swati

Good point Swati – infact we’ve just done some work on why this is the case, but it’s for a paying client so I’d better not go on about here, just in case. Ha.

Another issue is that people don’t actually know how to communicate anymore, let alone listen. This post I wrote back in 2008 still seems relevant, which is pretty sad given I’d hope after all the shit the World’s gone through since then, we’d maybe learn from our mistakes.

Comment by Rob

But what do you do when you’re surrounded by nitwits

Incidentally on the booze v teetotal theme I’m giving up alcohol for lent just to see what it’s like

Comment by northern

You’ll note I did highlight the requirement to have ‘good people around you’ – because if you don’t, then violent behaviour is more than justified.

Comment by Rob

Violence is more than likely as the 40 days and 40 nights progresses
And I’m not saying I’M saurrounded by nitwits (officially) just what if
Although, worryingly, someone did call me the Malcomn Tucker of advertising the other week

Comment by northern

I’d view that as one of the best compliments you could get.

Comment by Rob

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