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To Dad.
January 16, 2012, 6:10 am
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At 10:34am today, it’s been 13 years.

13 birthdays, christmas days and new years.

That’s a long time.

A long time to not hear your voice, your opinions, your laughter.

A long time to not see your beautiful pale blue eyes looking up at me with love.

A long time to not watch you frown as I tell you another of my bird-brained ideas.

A long time of not looking at your big, wonderful dimples.

A long time to not see you by Mum’s side.

Holding hands.

Being close.

I wish we could talk.

Discuss what I’ve done and want to do.

Hear your words of advice, encouragement and opinion.

Know I’ve made you proud.

I wish you could meet Jill.

To say hello.

And tell her the same silly jokes you used to tell everyone.

Before questioning our sanity about having a cat.

Even though I know you’d secretly adore her.

I’d love for all that to happen.

While you are sat next to Mum.

Holding hands.

Being close.

But you’re not here.

Not in my physical world anyway.

But you are here.

In my thoughts, hopes, dreams, values and beliefs.

And you always will be … whether it’s 13 years or 33.

Because you are my Dad and I love you.

And miss you.


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