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Who Is Evaluating The Evaluators?
August 10, 2011, 6:22 am
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So I read that Standard & Poors – one of the World’s biggest financial rating agencies – is threatening to downgrade the US economy again.

Now while this is bad news for some, aren’t these the same people who – the DAY BEFORE THEY CRASHED – claimed ENRON was a AAA+ rated stock?

In other words, as safe as houses.

Big houses.

Wrapped in steel and on nuclear bomb proof stilts.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they said – and did – the same thing with Bear Stearns.

AAA+ rating. As safe as the safest thing on earth.

Except it wasn’t.


And let’s not forget these are the people who used as their defense in the ENRON/Bear Stearns scandals – as seen in the awesome documentary, The Inside Job – that their information is only a ‘point of view’ and is not an meant to be treated as an indication of what may or may not happen.



Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out why … and the fact that they have just openly fucked the US Government shows that Obama might be the President of the United States of America, but he’s not running the place.

[Sorry, I obviously need some sleep]

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Wait, Michael Moore has a blog?

Comment by John


Comment by Carol L. Weinfeld

so its finally fucking happened. youve turned into a conspiracy fucking crackpot. lets hope it starts improving the shit you write. so far im not so fucking sure.

Comment by andy@cynic

and why stop at a aaa rating? these rating fuckers should learn off gilette and bring out a new “a” every year for a sharper, smoother evaluation.

“introducing standard and poors ”extreme hope’, our latest rating code with aaaaaaaa+ protection to lull you into a calmer safer sense of totally false fucking security.
standard and poors: a financial industry puppet company.”


Comment by andy@cynic

I hate saying this, but I LOVE this comment.

Comment by Rob

The only rating agency I’m interested in is one that rates how hot chicks.

Comment by Billy Whizz

whats the fucking point when your criteria means if theyre female and breathing (not fucking mandatory) youd class them as a aaaaaaaaaa+ rated chick.

Comment by andy@cynic

My standards are higher these days. They definitely have to be breathing.

Comment by Billy Whizz

on their own or with medical fucking assistance?

Comment by andy@cynic

Does this prove advertising works best when they lie?

Comment by Pete

no. it means you cant pull off a deep and meaningful fucking question if your life depended on it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m more interested in why there was ever any trust in a company called Standard & Poors.

Comment by DH

im more interested in knowing why youre writing something to do with the topic. have you gone soft or had a nasty bump to the head. if the former, i can help you with the fucking latter.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy might not appreciate it, but I do Dave.

Comment by Rob

What I find interesting is that despite all the evidence to the contrary, people still feel a sense of security with these sorts of organisations. Maybe security is the wrong word, but is this because it gives them confidence in their choices or because when times go bad, it gives them someone to blame for their choices.

Comment by George

isnt that why divorce lawyers exist?

Comment by andy@cynic

To blame and pass the blame?

Comment by Rob

Dear standard & poor’s:

I would like to have the opportunity to shit on you. After your great idea of downgrade us economy I’m looking forward to do the same thing that you are doing to me (or to us) Even though you didn’t shit on me in literally way, for sure, you did it in figurative way.

Thanks for contributing to the global paranoia!
Best of the best.

Comment by 1+

Hello 1+ … quite an entrance you made there.

Welcome and please come back. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Three years after the ‘recession’ 2008, not one piece of legislation has been passed anywhere in the world to change how the financial industry is regulated. It’s no wonder the shit is hitting the fan again. Same shit just a different year. And, like last time, the only people to profit from the present crisis are those who created it. Bring on the bonuses……

Comment by martin

They create legislation for fast food advertising but do nothing about finance industry behavior. Self government is like letting the lunatics run the asylum.

Comment by Danny

Lunatics would do stupid stuff like giving cash away. These guys are quite the opposite – more evil than lunatics. I appreciate the need to motivate through financial benefits, but when the system maintains a policy of ‘reward without consequence’ [especially consequence that could happen down the line] then it’s just encouraging more bad lessons to be experienced, but not learnt from.

Comment by Rob

Would you believe that the twat that run RBS had the nerve to say that problem was never the banks and what we’re seeing now is proof that it was always imbalance in the wider economy brought on by too much reliance on debt. Conveniently forgetting that the main reason we’re all in so much is because we bailed out the pinstriped pricks in the first place, which cost us nearly as much as Andy’s new log cabin, his divorces and Rob’s entire Apple collection combined
Can we talk about the Tea Party tomorrow?

Comment by northern

If anyone should lead the tea party – it’s you.

And I find it funny that Mr RBS conveniently forgets that the reason there was so much debt around is because those bastards offered money on a plate to all and bloody sundry so they could feel some sense of self worth and fulfillment by buying all the things we try and sell them with glossy ads and cool soundtracks.

Oh bugger, so it’s our fault. Whoops. Sorry.

Comment by Rob

And subsequent rising prices made it hard for you to add to your property portfolio.

Comment by John

Why do you think I went to Australia!

Comment by Rob

For the laydeez

Comment by northern

True … mainly because next to the classic neanderthal Aussie, I look quite refined.

Comment by Rob

I know you’re being flippant, but I don’t buy that. Brands and advertising has been around for centuries. not just the last twenty years when consumption became an end in itself. We delude ourselves that it influences culture, but it’s mostly a reflection of it.

Comment by northern


Comment by Rob

smiley faces are only used by sad fucks. oh, that explains it.

Comment by andy@cynic

if you look at the shit the agencies churn out every fucking day, im glad they dont influence much because if they did it would signal the fucking end of the human fuckng race. and people in nottingham.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is Bear Stearns that guy on discovery who can survive on piss and leaves? When did he collapse? Serves him right for surviving on piss and leaves when Maccy D is on ever corner.

Comment by Billy Whizz

fucked up comment. but a good fucked up comment.

Comment by andy@cynic

How come the government can increase their debt but the bank of america told me they won’t lend me a few measly grand when I’m more likely to pay mine back. Maybe I should ask for 10 billion, that seems to be when they start being interested.

Comment by DH

just put it on your credit card, thats what every other fucker does. better yet, put it on campbells credit card, hes more than fucking good for it. he has more cash than the fucking government but then who the fuck doesnt these days. and buy me a new car while youre at it, mines fucking dirty and i cant be fucking arsed to clean it. probably because im an environmentalist.

Comment by andy@cynic

They are a bunch of selfish greedy bastards who no one should pay any attention to.

It’s the symbolism of the move that is the kicker for the US.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob… Fuck Standard & Poors… Can you imagine what it will be like when the riots start to happen here in the US… And it will, for sure… Everyone here has at least one fucking gun. Don’t forget, the social safety net is far, far weaker here than in the UK. It will be a fucking aaaa bloodbath.

Comment by George Parker

What a pleasure to have you on here George … I thought you had much better taste than that but it’s still nice.

I can’t imagine how America would react if the streets ended up like the ones in London this week – shock and awe I suppose – but it could be worse, if George W was still in power, he’s probably authorize a nuclear response to get rid of the entire US except for Wall Street. And then charge the re-building cost to the people.

The cold war used to be between America and Russia … now it seems it’s between the financial industry and anyone that gets in their way.

Comment by Rob

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