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I Left My Tan In Rio de Janeiro …
February 17, 2011, 7:56 pm
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After 2 days stuck in this …

… I have to say goodbye to this …

It’s been a really good trip … for personal, professional and sheer bloody “I’M-IN-RIO-FOR-A-MEETING” reasons … but without wishing to diss on it, it is also the sort of thing that has the potential to screw up adland because let’s face it, meetings in Rio are not reality – in fact they’re about as far from reality as a job can get – and that’s why it’s so bloody important you remember this sort of thing is a bit of a joke, because if you start to believe this is how life is, you’re screwed.

Maybe that’s another reason I’m Northern’s biggest fan … because as much asI know as he would enjoy being paid to get a sunburn on his bald head [which I got in approx 9 minutes] at the end of the day, the thing that makes him happiest is being at home with his wife and son and enjoying a nice cup of tea.

I don’t mean that in a sad way – to be honest, I’m a little the same [except you need to replace ‘son’ with ‘cat’] – it’s about not wanting to stray too far from ‘everyday reality’ [which is an oxymoron in itself] because that’s where you like to be because that’s where you want to belong.

I know it’s not true, but part of me thinks that’s why I like planners who either grew up – or worked – outside of London so much, because while the capital is an amazing place with an amazing and vibrant ad industry, there is more than a hint of ‘lifestyle bubble’ about the place and it’s very easy to be seduced away from the everyday when that actually is the place a planner really needs to be.

I say all that but now I head to Sydney to go and upset people by speaking about what they don’t want me to speak about [probably] so before I put my other foot in my mouth, I shall leave you be …

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Well said! Sometimes planners are just so full of themselves, just waiting to go to the next holiday-work destination. The real stuff we need to use in our work is in the places that are uncomfortable and grimy and REAL. You’re a real person. And a real planner too, I take it, having admitted this. *doffs hat*

Comment by Anjali

Said like the world class hypocrite you are. Well done Rob.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I did sort of make that point myself Billy!

Comment by Rob

You watching youporn in that first photo?

Comment by DH

If we were, we’ve chosen a very weird ‘category’ to study!

Comment by Rob

For the record, that is Dave Luhr – one of W+K’s uber-bosses – not Max Headroom.

Comment by Rob

Yep. The other reason I like talking to Northern is the subject of your last post.

Between the three of us we have more head sunburn than an outdoor Queen gig.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I remember in Leo back in Romania, going outside in the sun and heat was the LAST thought on any sane person’s mind to be honest. We actually stayed in till 7 when it was cool enough to go out and back home. That’s anything but exciting but tell it to someone who only sees clouds and rain all year and they’ll think you’re mad

Comment by andrea

having shit dress and musical taste doesnt make you one of the fucking masses campbell, it just proves money cant buy you fucking class. lets you buy a hot wife. and a fucking expensive divorce.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this this the wrong time to share I’m off to Singapore for strictly work purposes in March?

Comment by northern

When are you there because sadly [for you] I’m back there then too.

You’re going to cancel the trip now aren’t you.


Comment by Rob

Yes, unless you are bringing your wife son and teapot.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

Apparently 14th to 17th March- and sadly wife child and teapot don’t fit in my travel bag thingy

Comment by northern

Well the bad news is I might be there then. The good news is so will Freddie and he’s a much nicer person than me. But you know that already.

As for tea, I can take you to a place of Northern standard. Of course it costs 10 grand a cup, but it’s Northern standard tea.

Comment by Rob


You’re buying the tea, I’m skint

Comment by northern

Freddie’s buying the tea, I’m tight.

PS: Email me to let me know where you’re staying. And don’t forget the A(P)SOTW assignment.

Comment by Rob

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