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Weighed Down By History …
February 9, 2011, 6:34 am
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Happy new year.

Well it was for me, that was my second ‘festive’ holiday in a month – what’s not to like!

Anyway enough gloating, let’s get straight back into underwhelming you shall we?

Hey, it might be a new year, but like the Western version, it’s the same old shit.

OK, here we go …

For almost 8 years, I used my cynic email address.

In some ways, it was as associated with me as my Birkenstocks were … and while I still use it and get a lot of emails on it [mainly porn, but that’s another story] the reality is I now view my W+K email as my main contact point.

Now I appreciate that might mean nothing to you, but it means everything to me because it means a part of my life has changed – a part that was wonderful, exciting, meaningful and personal – and whilst I am throughly enjoying myself and this change was something I wanted to do, it still surprises me how attached you can get to something so seemingly inconsequential.

But hey, that’s what made the CP+B IKEA spot so great, because it highlighted the ridiculousness of it all …

… but then, if you watch Rory Sutherland’s genius speech at TED …

[Part 2 can be watched here]

… you realise that is what adland does – or can do – and that it’s amazing, shocking, weird and [commercially] valuable … even if in the case of my email address, it’s more a byproduct of my over sentimental mind than anything creatively intelligent.

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i havent been that fucking underwhelmed since i got a blowjob off a pornstar. i say pornstar but she was more like a porn fucking understudy. and may i fucking remind you that apart from being the most sentimental bastard this side of some zz-grade “talent” show winner, youd still have cynic as your main email address if you hadnt decided to go “find” your fucking self.

it might be a new year, new look but its still the same old fucking bollocks.

going to listen to rory, 2/1 he will be living up to his physical frame stereotype, just with highbrow content.

Comment by andy@cynic

The only understudy she was, was to the back end of a horse. A momentary lapse of your out-of-your-league achievements and even being an ‘alleged’ pornstar doesn’t make you Charlie Sheen.

Then again …

Comment by Rob

charlie fucking sheen is a keith richards wannabe. god fucking bless him.

and talking out of your league, say good work to your wife for the header. shes got more talent in one of her shits than you have in your whole body.

Comment by andy@cynic

Can we talk more about the porn understudy?

Comment by DH

i am nostrafuckingdamus. rory was funnier in the first 3 seconds of his ted wank than campbell has achieved in 3 years or however fucking long its been since hes been writing this shit. im available for lottery number advice. for a fucking hefty cash up front fee.

and no dave, we cant. in public.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s cleverer than me. And funnier. Tell me something I didn’t know.

Comment by Rob

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet.

Comment by Billy Whizz

this is closer to the internetz, though.

Comment by Aditya

Rory is an entertaining chap, do you know him?

As impolite as it may be conducting personal correspondence via your blog, I want to inform you that I did receive your message and will respond shortly.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’ll tell you about Rory when you respond to my message. Ha.

Comment by Rob

ive been waiting for a fucking callback for 6 pissing months. guess lee only responds to the employed.

Comment by andy@cynic

CP+B and Spike almost a decade ago. Nice. Chairman Sutherland. Funny guy. Unfortunately, he did say too much that is not only funny, but slightly wrong or at least problematic and out of context. The Shreddies story got the same background Sheena Iyegur emphasized in a TED talk (see Dave Trott’s Brandrepublic blog for a quick catch up). You rarely have exactly the same products which could be differentiated by brand adding huge intangible value. The way forward is to make products that stand a reality and culture check. Why? Because I say so.

Comment by Evolution

slagging off one of the best fucking minds in adland, and definitely ogilvy, then making grandiose fucking self proclaimed statements. youre beginning to grow on me evolution. lets hope its not in the same way as cancer.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m just saying it like I perceive it. Thus following the Chairman’s advice. If that means cancerous in reality, it must all be due to the huge intangible value, innit. Better products are the way forward. That is a statement the greatest minds would all agree on. So you are :).

Comment by Evolution

It is.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

or fucking syphilis.

Comment by andy@cynic

Let’s hope the placebos work.

Comment by Evolution

don’t you know how to use mail rob? you can actually have more than one email address into the one inbox these days. and you can import your old inboxes, for those nostalgic times too.

Comment by lauren

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