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New Year, New Look …
February 8, 2011, 6:15 pm
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Like my new blog header?

Yes, you guessed it, it’s the handy work of the wife which begs the question, is it an act of love or an attempt to get the Chinese Government to pay me a visit and offer me a none-negotiable one-way ‘holiday’. For 500 years.

[Should the wonderful people in Beijing actually see this, please note it has been done with the upmost respect to your ways and beliefs. Besides, my wife did it so if anyone should be in trouble, it’s her]

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Very nice. One question though – do you always lightly smirk when you salute?

Comment by Will

Basically, yes.

And you may note I’ve had Jill move my hand slightly as the previous version was way too close to a Nazi salute for my liking … which might of been her attempt to get me arrested by 2 different factions. These females are cunning beasts …

Comment by Rob

I like the touch with the birkenstock plane

Comment by andrea

Phallic overcompensation.

Comment by John

Astute analysis John.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope you don’t end up renditioned to a North Korean jail. I really hope so. 🙁

Comment by Aditya

you look more like fucking mussolini than mao and if that didnt insult a billion fucking chinese enough, you’ve desecrated his uniform by putting a fucking forest logo on the lapel.

good work jill, youll be rid of the little fuck by sunrise.

Comment by andy@cynic

and youve been fucking photoshopped. gayboy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Of course I have, you don’t think I am really bald do you?

Comment by Rob

you sad twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Whilst applying for my China visa I had to tick a box that said “I will not be visiting Rob Campbell whilst in China”

Good title picture though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Being a tit, can you send me the dates you’re in HK again please matey.

Comment by Rob

That’s me who is the tit, obviously.

Comment by Rob

Disturbingly cleanshaven.

Comment by Chris

Not now, I look like a gypsy.

No, I’m not sure what that means either.

Comment by Rob

Keep it up, The Roy Wood look is going to take over 2012.

Comment by Chris

I feel so sorry for those commie bastards.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Socialist realism I like. Why should it be offending to the rulers. Everyone can be portrayed as a hero, as everyone is a hero in communism. Even a planner 🙂

Nicely done, Ms Campbell.

Comment by Evolution

What a surprise, Rob in a dark green shirt.

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

Wave goodbye to your Birkenstock.

Comment by aaronaldo

Shit, I hadn’t noticed that – another example of her scheming.

Comment by Rob

Great graphic. You married well. It will be sad to not see your musings on the social web anymore. I am SO NOT reposting this.

Comment by Jan (drjanroodt on twitter)

Errrrm, do you know something I don’t Jan?

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

All good, despite the growing resemblance to Bob Hoskins
And where is the cat? We could have called you Chairman Mioww
By the way, are you trying to use the force in this image?

Comment by northern

I’d look too much like a James Bond villain if I had the cat. And I like Hoskins, I’d rather be him than Mussolini who Andy kindly referred me to.

Comment by Rob

..that’s a good point, forgot Dr Evil

And Tony Soprano

Comment by northern

And Brad Pitt … albeit it the dark.

Comment by Rob

more like arm pit. yes i know thats one of your “jokes” campbell but as frank fucking carson said, its the way i tell em.

Comment by andy@cynic

all I see is a flat grey header. which is either a) exactly what you’re referring to; b) a wordpress mobile site glitch; or c) you’ve offended the sheikhs here too.


Comment by lauren

its the grey header. to match his scintillating fucking personality.

where the fuck are you by the way?

Comment by andy@cynic

dubai, as it happens.

Comment by lauren

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