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You Should All Thank The Communists …
February 2, 2011, 6:20 am
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… because as of today, we’re all on a weeks holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year which means you get no blog bollocks for seven whole days.


Talk about a win, win situation for everyone.

But it gets even better for you.

Basically I’m traveling for the whole of Feb which means my ability to write rant rubbish will be pretty severely impacted … how good is that eh?!

Seriously, is this the best start of the year for you lot or what?

OK, it would be better if I announced I wasn’t going to write a post ever again – but you know that can’t happen given my wife’s new appreciation for what I do!

So enjoy the peace, spare a thought for Jill who has to put up with me 24/7 and go contribute to the best advertising man in the World’s* media campaign budget fundraiser.

* As voted for by Paul Colman. And anyone he threatened to sack unless they agreed.

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Gung hei fat choi!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That bunny doesn’t look like it’s into Metal. Seven days. Wasn’t 8 the lucky number? Anyway. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Comment by Evolution

Crying wolf again.

Comment by John

lets fucking hope not doddsy but the fucker cant help himself can he. thats what happens when your life is empty and you have no fucking friends. another name for it is plannerfuckingitus

Comment by andy@cynic

you jammy fucking bastard.

tell me campbell, how can you tell when its a holiday hen your productivity levels remain the fucking same regardless?

enjoy your time doing even more fucking nothing, i know we will unless youre going to spend it beavering afuckingway writing more oprah fucking blog posts.

Comment by andy@cynic

Suddenly my life looks a little brighter now, thanks Rob.

And only a planner would aim to raise £500. That’s like going to the Playboy mansion and being satisfied with the free sandwiches. Aim higher Colman, I might help you then. As long as you take IOU notes.

Comment by Billy Whizz

such good news completely undone by the impending doom of possibly catching up in real life. woe.

Comment by lauren

I know, I’m living in daily fear that I might actually be meeting you [and Rob M] soon.

Comment by Rob

Wo shi zhongguoren!

Comment by Aditya

Gong xi fa cai! Hong bao na lai :)?!

Comment by Evolution

Since I’m working from home today I have much better stuff to procrastinate with than this blog, but while I’m here, enjoy a well deserved break.

Comment by northern

Well deserved?

Comment by Rob

Your feet must need a rest from the shoes

Comment by northern

I went back to Birkies within 2 days … I’m tough. And pathetic.

And for the record, the fireworks for CNY have now been non-stop for 3 hours and there’s still 3 hours till midnight.

So much for Sydney having the “best fireworks in the World”.

Comment by Rob

had a good fucking day officially doing fuck all campbell?

you are sounding like victor fucking meldrew or whatever his fucking name was.

Comment by andy@cynic

hows mr fucking lazy?

Comment by andy@cynic

Toptastic thanks. I’ve got some ladies of the night to wear Birkies in a new research project I got Dan to sign off and even better, Nike have just signed off the car making project in association with Diet Coke

Comment by Rob

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