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The Biggest Question In Adland, Or At Least W+K. Shanghai. Maybe.
January 18, 2011, 7:22 pm
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It’s snowing in Shanghai.


Sure, that might help hide the shit on the street and give the whole place a more scenic appearance, but the real question is:


I know … I know … if I was a real tough, Northern bastard it wouldn’t matter – but I’m half Italian and have spent the last 15 years living in anti-snow climates – so whilst I’m OK at walking in the cold and the rain [and in public] in my Birkenstocks, there’s a limit to how far my loyalty will stretch and that limit is walking around in fucking snow.

So find out tomorrow if I break almost 15 years of habit by wearing shoes to work – and more interestingly – find out if I actually have any bloody shoes to wear in the first place.

Thank God NIKE and Converse are my clients.

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I should sell advertising on this post because I just know you’re all on the edge of your seats. Cough Cough.

Comment by Rob

buy pair of Adidas.

Comment by Dude

just put on a pair of thick wool sox.

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

Just wear 2 foot high brick piles under each foot.

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Comment by John

Glue some yellow pages to the bottom of them.

Comment by Will

1. Northern Bastards are sensible and would wear appropriate footwear
2 Only as adman, or woman, would care about sartorial/personal identity issues over the demands of dressing appopriately for the climate
3. Combat wellies (bet Hunter do them)

Comment by northern

and in other news, nobody gives a shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

galoshes. Or spats.

Comment by Chris

so campbell, whats it going to be? are you going with the twat option or do you throw caution to the fucking snow and stick with the super fucking twat option? will anyone really be able to tell the difference? will any fucker actually give a shit?

Comment by andy@cynic

If you’re going to break the habit and wear shoes, it should at least be a special kind of shoe. I recommend you watch a few episodes of Sex & The City to get some tips. The mental anguish you’d get from that should theoretically reset your brain to factory settings, and we can then continue as if nothing ever happened

Comment by Simon Kendrick

So have you wimped out?

Comment by DH

you do know that birkenstock make closed-toe shoes too, don’t you.
and unless you wear leather versions, converse aren’t snow-appropriate either. I’ve been wearing canvas shoes in berlin and they’re only for the foolhardy.

Comment by lauren

Did you use to work at Payless Shoes or something?

Your knowledge is alarming – but yes, I did know Birkenstocks make closed in shoes, but they are only slightly less ridiculous than adults wearing Crocs in the street, so I have happily been an ambassador for their sad, hippy sandal range instead.

As for Converse being snow magnets unless they’re in leather – I’ve found that out today, but given they were the only shoes I had in the house [I might of been able to steal Jill’s socks, but I couldn’t/wouldn’t want to be able to borrow her shoes] they’ll just have to do … though I do have the Converse guys coming in for a meeting in 10 mins so I’ll be dropping massive amounts of hints.

Comment by Rob

ha! payless shoes.. sadly, no. that would be pride and joy on the CV.
i didn’t say birkenstocks were pretty..just not snow magnets 🙂

Comment by lauren

3 words Rob… “Nike Employee Store”

Comment by Age

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