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The Last Week Of Responsibility …
December 20, 2010, 6:20 am
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So on Saturday [not Friday. Ahem] it’s Christmas day.

Christmas bloody day.


To be honest, it’s the most Christmassy I’ve felt in a long, long time.

As I ‘ve said before, this is normally a hard time of year for me because 12 years ago, this was when my Father became ill and ended up dying after a few weeks … however, thanks to quite a bit of time having now passed, the fact I had a quick trip to Portland – where Christmas is a very big fucking deal – and I now reside in a country where it is actually cold at this time of year [which is the first time that’s happened in 15 years] I enter this week with a little bit of excitement.

OK, so I doubt there’ll be any pressies that will rock my World like my Raleigh Grifter … or even the brilliant-but-fell-apart-within-12-seconds-of-putting-it-together Tin Can Alley … however spending some time with my family – in the freezing cold – with a ridiculously huge traditional Christmas dinner [yes, even with custard] is something I am really looking forward to and to be honest, that’s probably the best present I could ever ask for.

[Note to wife: I won’t say no to an Angelina/Megan sandwich if that’s a possibility]

As this is the last post of my year, I thought I’d end it by rehashing a blogosphere thing that was quite popular a few years ago.

Basically I am nominating the following people …

Paul Colman [so he’ll start blogging again]
George Parker [he’ll never do it, but you never know]

… to answer some questions about their 2010.

1/ Best single thing [personal &/or professional] you did/achieved in 2010.
2/ Most shameful thing [personal &/or professional] you did/achieved in 2010.
3/ Ad industry scandal or scoundrel of the year.
4/ Your overall rating for 2010 out of 10.
[1 = shit / 10 = showoff]
5/ What do you think will be the most overhyped advertising related subject of 2011?

The rules are that they have to submit their answers on their own blog [By Jan 5th] and link it back to this post. On top of that, they have to nominate 5 other people [I got to nominate more because this is my idea and so I can be a fucking little Prince] they’d like to know more about, by getting them to answer the same 5 questions as stated above and so on and so on.

Unlike the ‘total stupid twat’ version that I embarked on back in 2006 [2006!!!!] this is all quite innocent, but it would be nice to hear how others view their 2010, if only for the fact that I’m a nosy bastard.

Anyway, as I wrote about previously, this has been a stellar year for me and if 2011 is half as good, I’ll be feeling very fucking happy with myself … so all that leaves me to do is wish each and everyone of you who has ever visited, commented or insulted me on this blog a very, Very, VERY happy Christmas [or for the PC amongst us, a happy ‘festive season’] and I hope you get spoilt with gifts, love and food because all things considered, I think you’re all very nice and that’s not something I say very often. Or very easily, ha!

So here’s to you, me and us.

Cheers and see you around Jan 10.

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Good to see you got back safely though I’m sorry I missed you. Hope you’re back soon.

This is a fine post to end the year with, or it will be if the people you’ve nominated play ball, but that aside, I’ve had a pretty special year myself and a large part of that is down to you and the boys which is why Sarah and I wish you all (and everyone on this blog) a great festive season and a prosperous beyond prosperous new year.

Comment by Pete

youre sorry you missed him? fucking sorry? well let me put your fucking mind at rest pete and tell you i did see him and i feel fucking violated for that fact so cut your whining and feel very fucking happy with yourself.

and i deserve more fucking thanks and good wishes than those other 2. the fucking money and talent parasites.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve noted that you haven’t answered the questions you’re expecting everyone else to answer. Cunning.

Comment by Pete

Last week of responsibility? Responsibility? You? Best joke of the year, well it will be if I ignore every post you’ve written and bored us with over the last 12 months.

Happy holidays to you and yours, now answer those questions yourself.

Comment by Billy Whizz

pete. billy. stop fucking encouraging him to write more bollocks. this is his last post of the year and if were lucky its his last anything of the year though i dont know what else the fuck actually does.

no one is going to answer your fucking questions campbell because theyre all nicey nice. wheres the “who did you fuck?”, “who did you fuck over”, “who do you wish you could have fucked?” questions? w+k has changed you, youre becoming nice and that makes me sick so i hope santa delivers you some balls on saturday and you can once again become the spiteful shit that made me put up with you in the first place.

happy christmas (its christmas, deal with it pc types) and all that shit to you and jill. but mainly to jill.

and the rest of you sad bastards who come here.

Comment by andy@cynic

You should take over Regis job. But keep Kelly Ripa, she’s a milf.

Comment by Billy Whizz

well id rather fuck her than robot regis so i guess she can stay.

Comment by andy@cynic

Last post of the year? Yeah right.

Comment by John

No, this one is it. I know I’ve said that before – like last week – but this time it’s true so wipe your eyes John and remember, nothing is as bad as it seems. Except your sex life. Probably.

Comment by Rob

There’s bound to be some christmas font that deserves over analysis.

Comment by John

because i know every fucker on here is desperate to know what the guru thinks, here my answers to campbells shit questions.

1/ Best single thing [personal &/or professional] you did/achieved in 2010.

getting away from you.

2/ Most shameful thing [personal &/or professional] you did/achieved in 2010.

sometimes missing working with you. mainly when i need a coffee making.

3/ Ad industry scandal or scoundrel of the year.

after you? fcb still claiming to be a genuine place for creative work.

4/ Your overall rating for 2010 out of 10. [1 = shit / 10 = showoff]

swings between 1 and 9.21. dependent on how close planners or babes are to my vicinity.

5/ What do you think will be the most overhyped advertising related subject of 2011?

this blog. planning. rob campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

As Andy said.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Since you failed to mention builders in your answer to 4, I’d suggest that the most overhyped aspect of 2011 will be the completion date.

Comment by John

That comment is worth me apologising for my last one. Genius.

Comment by Rob

campbells shitty little quiz was based on events from this year doddsy. buying the fucking shack and having to put up with a bunch of builders that could make australians look hard working is the fucking lowest point of the decade and i got divorced twice in that fucking period. and another thing. why the fuck are they called builders when the only thing they build is their fucking bank balance. and theyve dropped hints they want a fucking christmas bonus. hope they like a hammer in the fucking skull then.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m with Andy – why the hell would anyone want to hear my answers, especially when most of them have been written on this blog somewhere or other.

No, this is just for the people mentioned – and Andy – who can never bear to be left out of anything that allows him to talk about himself.

Comment by Rob

first sensible thing youve ever fucking said.

ever. said.

Comment by andy@cynic

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I look forward to reading the responses to your questions and very happy holidays to one and all.

Comment by Lee Hill

I know you’re at Weidens which means influencing culture etc, but surely not even you lot can alter the date of Christmas Day. Unless I’m very much mistaken, Christmas Day is on Saturday, not Friday.
I’ll do the posty thing, and I can say what I like sincde no one reads my blog anymore, can’t think what will top Youporn though…

Comment by northern

But my priority tool said I could.

Bollocks … how sad is that … but on the brightside, it gives me another day to buy my pressies.

Right, will change the day while you get writing your answers.

Comment by Rob

Saturday Rob. Christmas is Saturday.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes, yes … now answer the questions man.

Comment by Rob

2 people have responded. 2. fucking hell, thats even shitter than i expected which means the people on this pile of shite arent as shite as i thought they were.


Comment by andy@cynic

I only responded because I have a quiet day!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’m nearly done, it’s more interesting than writing up workshop notes

Comment by northern

pity the fucking same cant be said for the poor bastards who are going to read them.

Comment by andy@cynic

My answers or the notes?

Comment by northern

just read w+k are creative agency of the fucking year despite having campbell in their ranks. to get past that handicap, they must be as good as every fucker says they are though its all going to end in fucking tears once campbells convinced them to build a fucking w+k plane and present it as the future of advertising.

Comment by andy@cynic

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ahem. this is how much i love you rob: my laptop is currently in service centre pergatory and i’m in a fucking internet cafe on a PC, with Vista and IE7 about to answer your questions. that is committment. or stupidity.

i think i get the easy way out, actually, ‘cos i don’t have to be accountable for slagging off ads/ad peeps. i can just fire at will and it doesn’t affect my job! awesome..

much love to all of you this christmas – i hope you all get home safely and have great times hangin’ with your families/friends.

Comment by lauren

your commitment to campbells cause is fucking alarming.

Comment by andy@cynic

that’s because I failed to mention that it’s a perfect excuse to be narcissistic, a cause I have a greater commitment to 😀

Comment by lauren

So you’re expecting me to come and see you in Feb then I take it.

Comment by Rob

1) Nothing
2) See 1)
3) I wasn’t paying attention
4) 0/10
5) Making the industry fun again.

Comment by John

Nice to see you being so positive as usual Mr Dodds.

Comment by Rob

I was being positive.

Comment by John

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im still pissed out my fucking mind. how are you fuckers going?

Comment by andy@cynic

Worried that the firs place you go when pissed is here. I prefer Youporn

Comment by northern

(I’m working by the way)

Comment by northern

Nice to see you two are maintaining the standards we have managed to create over the past few years.

Comment by Rob

I know I’m late but I’ve been away.
here you go mate…

Comment by Age

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