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The Day Before The Countdown Begins …
November 30, 2010, 5:50 am
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So tomorrow is the 1st of December.

Fuck me, how quick has this year gone eh?

So no doubt, from tomorrow, blogs around the World will start doing ‘annual reviews’ – stating the good, the bad and the bollocks from the previous 11 months.

Well I’m not going to be one of those people, because I’m going to do it today instead.

2010 has been a good year for me.

OK, so Forest fucked up the play off games, but all in all it’s been a very good year.

Apart from the fact I and my loved ones, have been happy and healthy – I entered a new chapter of my life which is proving to be interesting and exciting – which is really great given I’m an old fart at 40 years of age.

Without doubt moving to China and starting at W+K has been great.

I must admit I was a bit nervous.

Not of moving to China … but starting as an employee again after almost 9 years.

Now while some people may think I am of the opinion the company is called Wieden+Kennedy+Campbell [Andy!!!] I’d like to think I’ve adapted to my new circumstances and situation fairly well … and I am certainly very excited about what we can [hopefully] achieve together in the next 12 months.

However if I was to pick one thing that stands out for me as the best point of 2010, it’s my birthday present to my beloved Paul.

Seriously, it was wonderful and turned out way better than I could ever have hoped.

The look on his face – especially when he realised it was in every paper, not just a one off – will stay with me forever, however the real reason it’s the best thing of my 2010 is that I know he knows how important he is in my life and that’s really important, because he’s done more for me than he’ll ever know and I’d never want him to think I’ve taken him – or his actions – for granted.

I can hear you, “Oh god, Rob’s going sentimental again”.

And I guess I am – but in an industry that it supposed to be all about understanding and empathising with people, I find it amazing how little we talk about this sort of thing and while I appreciate a lot of it is personal and private, it should still be something we discuss openly especially when so much of the ‘cutting edge thinking’ that gets the focus and the applause is often hardly new and hasn’t involved all that much thinking.

I’m not saying everyone in adland is like this – maybe it’s just me and the shit that I think & spout – however it is the reason why I find hearing Marcus talk about life in a funny farm or NP write about how his son has changed his life or how Lauren is finding her dalliance with Berlin or basically anything Charles writes about that’s not linked to adland [amongst the many blogs/magazines/people that I could quote] far more interesting and educational than 99% of the stuff that gets promoted in the industry press or amplified via the ‘Rockstar’ blogs.

But then I like Queen …

So here’s to 2010, a great year by anyones standards, and may there be plenty more of them in the years to come for all*.

* As long as mine are slightly better than yours of course! Ha.

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gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.

but what you did for paul was fucking good. gay. but fucking good.

the rest of the post is the sort of back slapping shit id expect from oprah so dont fucking do it again and why the fuck cant you write like the browns, pimp frith and northern groper? they do interesting shit not like your bollocks. try and do it next year. i know youll only manage a few days of it but try. and yes, i am setting you up for a fall but it would be a good fucking laugh for me and thats all that fucking counts.

marcus. watched your video. very fucking cool. shit situation but very fucking cool to write about it. which means im agreeing with campbells last fucking few paragraphs of this post. fuck it. but even a fool gets it right sometimes. good talk even if the fucking crowd seem scared and uncomfortable. we hide from life these fucking days and that just makes the whole thing fucking worse when obstacles land in our fucking way.

alright, this is an ok post. compared to a lot of the shit you write. saved by other people and their good fucking writing and talking. not you campbell, but then when is it ever?

see forest lost. to their rivals. youll be having a good day then.

off to give my wife the pleasure of my company. toodlefuckingpip.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks Andy – thanks for rubbing in the fact Forest lost [despite having all the fucking possession] PLUS I have to be up stupidly early for a meeting. A MEETING.

Today is destined to be one of those days plus I’m flying back to China of bloody China Eastern, an airline whose safety record makes Garuda look like Qantas … who might be shit, but they’ve never crashed.

Anyway, enough of that tempting fate shit, I agree with everything you say except the ‘gay’ thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, but as you think saying ‘thank you’ to a waiter represents someone struggling with their sexuality, there’s no point discussing this with you.

Right, off to a meeting. A MEETING. Did I tell you I’m going to a meeting?

Comment by Rob

Thank you Andy.

Comment by Marcus

Good to know it’s been a good year for you Rob. Fortunately it’s been a positive 12 months for me also which could explain why I’m OK with you to show off about your good fortune. 🙂

What you did for Paul was wonderful and it’s great to hear how important it was to you. I also fully agree with what you and Andy say regarding society needing to embrace and discuss the very issues they tend to hide from. These are the things we need to talk about, especially in our industry, who seem to prefer to talk about academic theories than anything relating to everyday people’s real lives and issues.

Sorry about Forest.

Comment by Pete

Funny, because when I heard you were joining W+K, it was one of the low points of my year.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I think they’d agree with you Billy.

Comment by Rob

And I agree with Andy. Gay for you and Paul.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The only thing more annoying than hearing how good someones year has been is hearing them talk about their dreams.

I never thought I’d say this, but I only tuned in when you started getting sentimental and you made sense, but Andy said it better.

Comment by DH

I love advent calendars.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Do you like the challenge of them? Finding the right number for the right day?

Comment by DH

You mean those numbers mean something?

Comment by Billy Whizz

You’re the only person who could say that and I’d believe them.

Comment by DH

Thanks, it feels good to be your inspiration.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by DH

I get much more inspiration from the views and thoughts of people outside of the advertising industry than in it. That may be because it appears the majority of the views and thoughts of people within the advertising industry originated from people outside of it.

Where is the originality of thought in advertising and why do so many think they are capable of achieving it without ever relating it back to the very people they are paid to understand, represent and engage?

I like this post Robert, but you touch on an issue that deserves the full Campbell twin barrels.

Comment by George

Andy won’t be pleased George.

Comment by Billy Whizz

hes fucking not but hes late so hell just have to deal with the florence nightingale of whatever the fuck it is hes doing these days later.

how fucking important do i sound talking in the 3rd person.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’ve just stumbled on the secret to business legend.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I bet Harvard must be kicking themselves.

Comment by DH

george, people in advertising have to regurgitate the opinions of those outside it because they spend 20 hours a day in the agency bubble, working their arses off for the next deadline.

Comment by lauren


Comment by DH

Rockstar blogs = PSFK..

2010 ain’t over Campbell, so no joking around, yet..

Comment by niko

so your whole year came down to a newsprint ad? typical.

Comment by lauren

of course i jest – i’m keeping andy happy because i’m about to say nice things to you.

it has been a pretty stellar year on here rob. i’d even go so far as to say that the whole w+k thing was a brilliant turning points for this blog too – it’s like you got a sparkle back or something and the discussions have come back to life again.

your generosity and marsmallow-like qualities are always great to see, although i’m sad that there were no meat wars this year, despite the promises.

and let’s just not try and catch up until 2012 – it’s easier that way 🙂

Comment by lauren

what the fuck do you think youre doing lauren?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

I feel better for reading this post Robert especially after George, Andy and Lauren’s comments.

Marcus, I watched your presentation. Brave, honest and educational. I’m glad that time is now in your past.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thank you Lee.

Comment by Marcus

And I thought this IS a “rockstar blog”! will never visit again,… maybe.
Thanks for a year, uh, 11 months of interesting read.

Comment by Michael

if this is a rockstar blog its the sort of rockstar who played back up guitar to an 80s one hit fucking wonder. fuck me, thats exactly what campbell is. nothing to be fucking proud of but then what is about campbell. except knowing me and the knowledge of that depresses the fuck out of me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Lauren makes a good point, what happened to the Meat Wars?
This year was a special year for me too, I did planning for telesales. There is only one Rockstar Planner around these parts eh?
Anyway, nice post etc, you’re a big softie.

Comment by northern

theres no point having a fucking meat war when everyone knows my meat is the most impressive meat around. just ask angelina, megan and paris. (she got me when i was feeling ill)

Comment by andy@cynic

how the fuck do you plan telesales? is it identifying the optimum time to fuck everyones day?

Comment by andy@cynic

Is Marcus’ talk uploaded now?
I need to share it with some people…

Nice post. I doubt Forest will give you too much to cheer though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Here you go Mr. M: http://www

Comment by The Kaiser


Comment by Rob Mortimer

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