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A Picture Says A Thousand Tourism Campaigns …
October 29, 2010, 6:29 am
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So today is the 2nd part of the experiment I need your help on.

Before I start, I’d really, really, really appreciate it if you could also broadcast it on your own blogs/twitter feeds etc – because I want to get as broad a perspective on it as possible.

The request is quite simple.

What I want is a single photo [only one] that you feel best embodies China and 2 facts:

1/ Do you live in China.
2/ Have you ever been to China.

That’s it.

Easy eh?

OK, so identifying a single picture that conveys a country – especially a country as old and diverse as China is not exactly a walk in the park – but if M&C Saatchi can claim a single word can do it, then I’m hoping you can too.

Please note what I’m after is a picture of what YOU think best represents China, not what they might want you to think.

I literally don’t care what it is – or whether it’s based on knowledge, experience or pure gut feel – I am very, very interested in your perspective and I hope you’ll help me out on this.

I’ve already got an amazing variety of submitted pictures [the one used on this post was George’s entry], but quite frankly, to get optimum value from this, I need it to be much, much, much bigger hence my request for you to promote this experiment as well as take part.

I’m really grateful for your help and I look forward to explaining more – as well as the initial findings – soon so until then, have a toptastic weekend and please get sending and promoting.

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are you ever going to pay us for all this shit you ask us to do? tight fuck, bet youve been reading that 4 hour work week bollocks again havent you. prick.

ok campbell ill play but you wont like my response. face it, after george has captured what id of said in his painfully perfect planning wanker kind of way, the only other perspective i have is about you living there. making a fuckload of cash. for nothing. spending the days buying old dr who props and photographing random fucking cats.

how the fuck do you always pull this shit off? youre fucking satan, its the only option. note im not saying you are satan just that you must be fucking him.

anyway ill bung something over later and dont fucking cry or whinge when you get it. you asked for it so deal with it when you get it. its going to be a fuckload more damaging and insulting for the commies than you because this is what i think of their fucking country.

off to “promote” this to my useless fucking builders who always seem to have a fuckload of time on their fucking callous free, overpaid, underfuckingworking hands.

Comment by andy@cynic

I fuck Satan?

Nice … thanks a lot for putting that image in mine – and everyone else’s – minds.

I know I am shit at negotiating, but let me tell you, if I really was shagging Satan [who I think is a woman by the way] I’d of negotiated a bit better than living in freezing Shanghai.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like it – but if all my dreams were going to be answered by doing the beast with 2 backs with the errrrm, beast with 2 backs … I’d of aimed for a hell of a lot more.

Comment by Rob

top job.
fucking great wife.
buckets of cash.
flying around the fucking world.
a property portfolio that makes trump jealous.
hanging with the rich and the famous.
a smidgen of fucking guitar playing talent. amazinglyfuckingtalented friends, i mean friend.

you really fucking sold yourself short didnt you nottingham man.


Comment by andy@cynic

You forgot to mention ‘no divorced wives’.

Comment by Rob

youre proving my fucking point campbell you thick shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Use a screen shot of this blog. It’s all I know of China and is the reason I don’t want to visit the place.

Comment by Billy Whizz

that and that fact you havent got a fucking passport.

Comment by andy@cynic

Single word equity is shit but this photo wank just might have some value.

Mine is in the electronic mail.

Comment by DH

Maybe “SHIT” is M&C’s single word equity for their opinion on the value of single word equity.

Comment by Rob

seems you and m&c share a lot in common then campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic — Dragon dance pic.
Bit lower down – same page, water spalshing dragon – although I cannot find that pic at photobucket – my favourite.
And I am from NZ

Comment by Jan (drjanroodt on twitter)

Thanks for this Jan …

Quick question, have you ever been to China?

[And for the experiment submission, I’ll be using your favourite picture if that’s OK as it’s only one pic per person]

Comment by Rob

Nope, never but have dealt with many Chinese delegations to South Africa when I lived there.

Comment by Jan (drjanroodt on twitter)

I have sent you a picture from my fake MäcBook I have bought in China.

Comment by seb

Done it
I’ve chosen a Ming Vase because on a personal note I’ll study Chinese history one day, but more importantly, China’s future will affect us all and you can’t understand a nation until you understand how and why it got here
Look at that, no rant, didn’t I do well?

Comment by northern

look at you being all fucking deep and meaningful. no one would ever guess you watch youporn in meetings and tried to shag bored housewives in the gym. (were they bored before or after your fucking stunted patter?)

Comment by andy@cynic

I had a bash at this
Sort of cheated though! If you want one picture I will have another go

Comment by tom

i have many sides
(who said I bothered trying to talk to them?)

Comment by northern

you have many sides? like the edge? well youre both chrome domes except you dont try and hide it under a fucking tea cosy. who the fuck invented the tea cosy? proves adland dont have the monopoly on the fucking ridiculous.

and youre saying you didnt talk to the desperate housewives? establishing your northern fucking groper credentials by the day.

Comment by andy@cynic

did my homework. and no, I’ve not been to China…yet!

Comment by andreea

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I have been to China thrice and would be visiting it many more times. I loved interacting with the lay citizen (as opposed to the people with whom it was a transaction). I love the natural beauty. I love the artifacts. I love the history & the culture; the historic innovations from gunpowder to noodles.Yet, my defining image of China is this.

Comment by Sushobhan Mukherjee

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