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When The Myth Becomes The Man [Or Woman]
October 14, 2010, 12:55 am
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So as I wrote yesterday, I’m in Amsterdam and as international meetings go – even one that took me about 23 hours of travel time to get here – this one was good.

Whilst it was really nice to meet a bunch of new colleagues, what I really was looking forward to was meeting some people who I’ve known of for a while but never actually met in person.

They say you should never meet your heroes because you always come away disappointed … and whilst I would never classify any of the people I met today as heroes of mine [sorry, they’re lovely and all that but they’re still in adland] I can say I held them in high regard so I was very interested to see whether they’d leave me feeling positive about them or underwhelmed.

Whilst it won’t be too hard to guess how they feel about me [that’s assuming they even knew who I was prior to the meeting … or even after for that matter] I can honestly say I’ve been left feeling I want to do more work with them and for them and that is a good thing.

This isn’t some corporatey toady shit – there were things said/discussed that I certainly didn’t agree with – however what I liked was that I was in a room with clever people who happened to work in adland rather than were defined by it – and so the views, knowledge and experience that was discussed didn’t resemble planner love-in bullshit in the slightest and infact we didn’t even look at one powerpoint slide the whole day.

The thing I really loved though was that through our chats I not only got to learn stuff, but some ideas/views came out that I genuinely believe are awesome. More than that, I also know they would have been unlikely to have come out had everyone not contributed or discussed various points leading up to their ‘apperance’ … and that’s when this industry becomes really exciting because even though what came up could sound ridiculously simple in concept, the reality is that sometimes those are the things that are the hardest to spot and it explains why planning should never be a job done in isolation, but in partnership – whether the other people involved are planners or not.

Saying that, I meet Niko for the first time tomorrow – here’s hoping he doesn’t come away feeling it was a couple of hours he’ll never get back. To minimise the chance of that happening, I’ll be paying for the coffee. [I’m counting on him being a cheap bastard]

Finally, this is for Kevin – a man who swears as much as me, but loses some cred points for linking them all together with words that sound suspiciously like they came from an Oxford education. That and he supports Stoke.

PS: As usual Andy you were right, I did write another post this week. Damn you.

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All the best planners support Stoke, Rob.

Comment by Will

I’m happy being a piece of shit then. Ha.

Comment by Rob

ive done things im not fucking proud of. things i wish i could rub out and start again but i cant, so when i die i know ill end up in fucking hell and when i do, i imagine the scene you describe in this post is what ill walk in to. thats enough to make me want to kill myself except doing that would make this fucking horrible shit my fucking horrible reality and thats the last thing i ever want to have happen.

are you all fucking eachother in a planner restaurant now? hope you choke on bones.

Comment by andy@cynic

You didn’t like this post then Andy? Bit rich given the frequency and depraivity of the average creative love in.

Oh hang on, getting pissed and never discussing ads is “working” isn’t it … it’s all about helping inspire creative thoughts or something. And you say planners are good at post rationalisation … next to the justification of creative get-togethers, we’re strictly 3rd division.

Right, off to Planner Pies Restaurant … where we can feed eachother insights and beef pies and then go home and have one giant planning fuck.

Comment by Rob

you get let off from a bruthal kicking for the last sentence in your comment which is possibly the fucking best thing youve ever written.

its true though isnt it. planner fucking, the latest form of collaboration. im off to see some builders now who do fuck all collaboration except for deciding what to have for lunch. you enjoy amsterdam you fuck, ill go and argue about screws and fucking wood prices.

Comment by andy@cynic

Funny how your last sentence made me happy too …

Comment by Rob

i love it when a meeting like that, which could go either way, actually does what it’s meant to. huzzah.

just out of interest (in reference to your title) – were there many women in that meeting room of yours?

Comment by lauren

Depending on your definition of women Lauren – it was either 2 or 4 – though based on classic biological classification. the lower number is probably the one you would accept.

What does that represent of the percentage of people in the room overall? 20%.

Not many – though I am under the belief there were supposed to be a couple more but they were unable to attend. I think they had some dishes to wash.

[That was a joke. Sorry. I feel guilty now – but not so guilty as to delete it before it goes up and you to smash my sexist head in. Can I blame it on the jetlag? Can I? Bugger …]

Comment by Rob

oh rob…. i was just going for numbers. you know, just some facts. you didn’t have to go and ruin it by extrapolating and stooping like a sexist cockhead, you know.

luckily, you’re my sexist cockhead and are about 6 hours away.


Comment by lauren

ps. read this and thought of you. i suspect that anholt is a tosser, but i’m so glad that he’s saying this AND that the age is reporting on it. ha!

Comment by lauren

Anholt may indeed be a tosser – but for saying that – he’s my tosser.

That really doesn’t sound right does it … but you know what I mean. I hope.

Comment by Rob

i know what you mean. i fell in love with the slimey suit too. just a little bit.

Comment by lauren

Speaking of pies, I have just ordered some fabulous Pukka Pies merchandise for my housemate’s birthday. The lucky chap.

Comment by Will

Do other industries have these things? As frequently as the ad industry?

I’m genuinely curious to know, and for the record, I think those types of gatherings are ace. For the reasons you mentioned in the post and the ones you hinted at in your comment 😀

Comment by rafik

Knew I should have moved to Amsterdam!

Comment by andrea

hes still at the fuckfest isnt he. only campbell could go to amsterdam, take no drugs and have tantric fucking sex with other planners. why the fuck i went into business with him is one of the great fucking wonders of the world.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s no doubt going to find some local entrpreneurs who he can interview senseless.

Comment by John

They might as well have had the meeting down a mine.

Comment by John

except no fucking government would bother digging them out.

Comment by andy@cynic

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