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When Shoes Met Sandals …
October 14, 2010, 8:22 pm
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So after 4 years of waiting, today I met Niko.

He was much taller than I expected [no, I don’t have any understanding of why I thought he’d be smaller either] but once I got over that, we basically behaved like old buddies catching up after a time away.

Now you could say that is exactly what we were – because whilst we’ve only met once, we’ve spoken on the phone a few times and have had an email correspondance that could be classified as ‘bromance worthy’ – however for me, meeting someone face-to-face is different from conducting a relationship online … regardless how much you communicate or what subjects you cover … and so now I’ve seen first hand how Niko talks, conducts himself and acts in general … I can say I genuinely feel I understand him better [even though I don’t agree with all of them – as he well knows, ha] and as a result of that, feel closer to him as well.

Put it this way, I don’t believe you can adore something until you’ve shared something physical with it.

So the difference between loving football and living football is having kicked a ball … or the difference between loving music and living for music is having shared a gig with a room full of fellow fans.

I’m not explaining myself properly – and the examples above are not quite right either – I guess I’m just saying that [at least for me or people of my age – hahaha!] some sort of physical engagement … something that affects the senses and/or the surroundings … makes me ‘feel’ more connected to the other person than if I was to simply share commentary, however personal, via computers or letters for years on end.

Saying that, it still blows me away that 2 guys can meet for the first time in a city that neither live in and can conduct the sort of conversation you tend to only be able to have with those who have been closely engaged in your life for a number of years.

And whilst it could be argued that is exactly what we’ve been doing … I don’t believe that’s true because putting the physical interaction issue aside, our online lives are interjected with a fair dose of things we choose to do not online – whether that’s because of other needs we have, or responsibilities or even values – however I feel better for the experience and I hope I get to do it again very soon because whilst in many ways Niko and I are polar opposites, the fact he’s a wonderful, generous, funny and clever man means I want him in my life and feel all the better for having him there.

FW: IMG00003-20101014-2002.jpg
[Niko trying to not be seen in public with me]

Niko, thank you for the time and the generosity [especially the burger!] and I hope it is not too long before we can do it all again because now we’ve pressed flesh, we’re true mates.

Right, so when do I meet the other sods that come on here?

Well, if you listen carefully, in the distance you might just be able to make out the words …

“Never, if we have anything to do with it”

… emanating from the mouths of Lauren, NP, Marcus, Rob M & Peggy – and if they were to ask John, Age, Charles and now Niko about what it’s like to spend a few hours in my company – they’d be reassured they are absolutely right to have the view.

PS: @Lauren: Niko trod on my foot just as you asked him too. Bitch. Ha.

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And Niko was never heard of again.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Not unless the Police find his body. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

Actually, I could do with a baby sitter, so if you came to Yorkshire you could even avoid hotels that forget to say ‘sir’

Comment by northern

The fact you would trust me to look after your bundle of joy is possibly one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever had. Though by bringing that up, I assume you’ve just realised what you said and will backtrack accordingly.

Comment by Rob

Depends if you take him out to research hookers

Comment by northern

If you can get there, then Hong Kong Island, March 2011 my friend.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes, but what day in March???

And is it 100% now?

Comment by Rob

No date yet… waiting to be told!

Apparently so, just need a date! Those Chinese weddings are short notice.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh it’s a wedding. 5000 courses and a bunch of stuff you’ll be going “WTF?” too. I love ’em …

Comment by Rob

Yep! I had a Chinese reception so I’ve done the whole 80 courses of tasty food and brandy toasts! It’s good stuff 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Was Niko’s hair a wig? It looks like it in that picture.

Comment by Will

That’s Billy Crystal, Will.

Comment by Rob

you know this picture at the top of the post, all that talk about physical interaction and you now wanting niko in your life is a weensy bit disturbing 😛

Comment by peggy

Yes, I just realised that … but hey, I’m comfortable with my sexuality and now for certain Niko is, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

given hes not been on here yet, im not so sure rob

since im residing in europe, it will be more likely ill meet niko than you any time soon… im not even sure the physical sphere makes that much of a difference. it might just add some context. but who knows, well see. so when you know of any date youll be over here again, would be great to meet.

we should all have a big party in amsterdam anyway. how about flash mobbing the pulitzer 🙂

Comment by peggy

“I want the shoes that he’s wearing…”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t know how many people would really say that about my choice of footwear Mr M. But then the fuckers wear clogs don’t they so they’re not one to criticise, ha.

Comment by Rob

Opposites attract?

I shall be on my way to Asia..soon hopefully 🙂

Comment by andreea

oh wow. i have much to add.

firstly – i LOVE having connections with thugs in amsterdam – i feel like an irish gang matriarch. 🙂
i’m hoping, rob, that he said what that footstamp was for. and, given that it’s unlikely we’ll actually ever meet, consider it tough love. xx

secondly – i concur wholeheartedly with the bromance/having people in your life thing. in fact, some of my dearest friends i met on this blog and continue to have them in my life (whether they like it or not, as it happens).

the first time i met age (blame him for me being on here in the first place), we also sat and chatted for ages, like we had known each other forever. we’re still like that whenever we catch up and it’s a friendship that is unlike anything else i have, especially in melbourne.

and it was a similar pattern for meeting will and seb, with both of whom i now have very dear and sincere friendships – in fact, they have become family. i know that you hate that term ‘like a brother to me’, but the reality is that all these boys i met from your blog have become like brothers to me.

actually, which makes you some kind of weird parental fraternity spawning machine rob. er. gross.

i could add some planning bollocks figures which i read the other day that speaks about memory retention and importance between digital and haptic experience, but i’m not going to because this is a post about friends. and friends don’t do that kind of thing. 🙂

i’ll be meeting the balkan terrorist next week – looks like it’s going to be a blast!

Comment by lauren

The fact I have a Lauren Artwork on my wall speaks well for the friendships on this blog!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

oh yeah!! i forgot about that! w00t!

Comment by lauren

“The fact he’s a wonderful, generous, funny and clever man” is a superfluous statement – you already said you were polar opposites.

Comment by John

what the fuck is going on here? the deal was you wouldnt be heard of again, not fucking niko. youre more fucking devilish than i thought campbell.

lauren, was your last line meant to mix the words terrorist and blast? fuck me you could get a job at ddb with shit like that. and doddsy you are almost back to your fucking bastard self, impressive insulting there, keep it up.

Comment by andy@cynic

er. yes. yes, i meant that.

[which means i could definitely get a job in any agency creative dept, right? i know how to post-rationalise..]

Comment by lauren

you could be the chairman of the apg with your ability to rationalise shit. get out of berlin, the krauts have fucked with your brain.

Comment by andy@cynic

4 years and I’m still waiting.

Comment by Marcus

Like death & taxes, it’ll happen in the end …

Probably as painful too …

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

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