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Today Our Life In China Officially Starts …
August 30, 2010, 6:22 am
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So today our furniture arrives.

Well, the furniture that I didn’t have to put in storage because it ‘contravened’ Chinese rules.

In other words, my DVD’s, books and CD’s.

It’s been over 8 weeks since we had our stuff around us and while we’ve survived just fine, I won’t deny it’ll be nice to have it back.

It’s not because it’s expensive or classy [remember my black rocking horse sheep?!] it’s because it represents ‘home’.

Sure – my wife and cat are the most important – however a lot of the things we have are things we’ve got together and as such represent more than a couch or a table, but a moment in time.

You see I am a sentimentalist.

My wife is worse … but for a guy, I’m pretty bad.

Whenever I visit a place I once lived, I walk around visiting the places that were significant during my time there, secretly hoping that the feelings they once brought out in me, come back.

They rarely do.

Feelings and emotions are wonderful things. They help us feel alive.

In a World where we are running around at 10,000 miles per hour, the ability to find something that affects you so deeply that it stops you in your tracks and affects your mood and behaviour is wonderful.

Even if it’s something sad, it can be good – because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the recent financial crisis, people have short memories or an amazing ability to simply ‘move on’ so being pained by something can be good for learning and developing.

I guess the reason for all this is so I can justify going off my bloody tits with anger if there’s so much as one scratch on our goods.

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is that fucking sheep your girlfriend when jills away? how many times have you given it the beat 3 seconds of its life? fucking pervert.

youre the worlds biggest fucking sentimentalist. you even get whimsical over a packet of fucking monster munch so i hope mr cheapo removals havent scratched any of your weirdfuck furniture or blood will be spilt.

Comment by andy@cynic

So it’s going to be a day of unpacking is it Rob? First bit of work you’ve done in years isn’t it.

Comment by DH

you think campbell will open fucking boxes? you fucking fool, hell have people for that. like his entire fucking planning department the slackass fucking bastard.

but id do the same.

Comment by andy@cynic

Actually I’m doing it all by myself. Even the wife has abandoned me … which means I’m going to have calousses on my hand, but you’d know all about that wouldn’t you Andy/Dave.


Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

Truth hurts.

Comment by Rob

Wow, there really is another shocking sentimentalist out there who walks around once lived in neighbourhoods and yells at removalists. I’m not the only one then.

Comment by Fernando

hes bigger on shocking than sentimentalist.

Comment by andy@cynic

We must be a removal firms worst nightmare.

I’m sitting here waiting for them to come and shatter my dreams before I shatter their skulls, ha!

Comment by Rob

I agree with you that people have short memories. It’s only 18 months ago that the folly of the banks greed was laid bare for everyone to see and despite the odd public murmuring, it seems they have got away with it and people are signing up for credit they don’t need or shouldn’t be given. What does it take for people to learn their lesson and for the instigators to be properly reprimanded?

Good luck with the unpacking. With the amount of things you have, I am guessing it will take you till 2012.

Comment by Pete

pete wants to start a fucking revolution. fucking excellent.

Comment by andy@cynic

Viva la revolution!

Comment by Rob

I’m curious to know how you’ve managed without all your stuff for a month or so. Were you living in an incredibly empty place, or are you going to have nightmarish headaches trying to fit the old stuff in with the new stuff?

Either way, good luck!

Comment by rafik

We were living in a very empty place – but as is typical with us, we bought some stuff to help us along the way and now with all our old stuff now in our new home, we’re faced with 97 huge boxes of which 47 are going to have to sent to charity because there’s simply no bloody room.

Mind you, as my wife isn’t here to help me, I’ve made sure that of those 47 ‘excess’ boxes, 40 of them are going to be hers, ha!

Comment by Rob

I did not bother to read the post as it would ruin my first impression and rant. All I saw were the words “life in China” and a container door..really?

Did you not see Lethal Weapon 4?

For a sensitive guy, you enjoy a very weird fucking type of humor..

How do you sleep at night 😉

Good morning

Comment by niko

I did see ‘Lethal Weapon 4’ and apart from it proving Mel Gibson was definitely heading off the rails, the movie was so bad I have spent years in therapy trying to forget all about it. I must have done an OK job because for the life of me I haven’t got the faintest idea what you’re talking about. Ha.

Comment by Rob

It was a rehash of an old idea in which everyone had long ago lost interest. Oh I see what niko’s getting at.

Comment by John

You packed your wife and cat?!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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