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Unappetising Catering …
August 25, 2010, 6:19 am
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I guess they really don’t like veggies in Singapore do they.

OK, OK … in the interests of fair play, all Singaporean vegetarians who disagree with me, raise your hand. Oh god, sorry – forgot you’re all too weak to be able to do that aren’t you.

Boom ‘crap joke’ Tish.

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good news. you finally managed to write a short post with no fucking obvious planning reference.

bad news. its a shit post.

room for optimism news. youre taking the piss out of segments of society. keep that up and you might have a future.

Comment by andy@cynic

More genius and insightful and speaking for the people constructive criticism from Andy. The Simon Cowell spot on American Idol still hasn’t been filled.

Comment by Billy Whizz

simon fucking cowell isnt fit to wipe my ass.

Comment by andy@cynic

though he might be sick enough to. fucking pervert.

Comment by andy@cynic

Unappetising blogging.

Comment by John

Bulimia blogging. In other words it makes you sick!

Comment by Rob

There’s a few good places out there – LingZhi is very good and the occasional uncle at a hawker centre.

But yeah, in general, being vegetarian in Singapore is an uphill battle.

Comment by Felix

The clingfilm makes it even more appetizing .

Comment by DH

It’s probably classed as protein.

Comment by Rob

the slippery slope downwards.

Comment by Marcus

Discriminatory. Same as everywhere else.

Comment by Chris

My wife was a veggie for 12 years.

Then she met me.

I am meats greatest enforcer, though that sounds very dodgy so maybe I should just stop with this line of commentary.

Comment by Rob

*nods in agreement*

Comment by Chris

HAHAHAHAHA. ’nuff said.

Comment by Anjali Ramachandran

In the words of Frankie Boyle:

“The vegetarian option is you can fuck off.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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