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Just When You Thought It Was Safe …
July 22, 2010, 6:15 am
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My wife puts up with a lot.

Not only have I dragged her all over the World, I’ve exposed her to movies, music and gadgets that – to be honest – no human should have to endure. And then there’s the fact she has to live with me and my ways 24/7.

And what do I do to repay her faith?

I take the piss out of her when tiredness forces her to say something daft.

Yes ladies and gentleman … my beautiful wife is at it again and you can find out what it was by clicking here.

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1) youre a bastard.

2) anything jill says in her tiredness isnt as fucking stupid as the time w+k said “would you like to work with us rob?”

3) where the fuck are the planning school results?

4) why is she married to you? not just because of point 1 but because youre wife is a hottie and she could have done a whole fucking lot better for herself. even the unabomber would be universally fucking classed as a better standard of husband. with better fucking prospects.

5) youre a bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

See above. Exactly as above.

Comment by Billy Whizz

What Billy said (except for 1 & 5).

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Thank you oh gay lover of mine.

Now what the fuck are you doing commenting when you’re on holiday? Oh I know, because it’s the only time BBH don’t make you work on stuff. That Chaz is a bastard isn’t he, ha!

Comment by Rob

Jill was tired. What’s your excuse?

Comment by John

Tired of Jill?

THAT IS A JOKE … and to make everyone feel better, I woke up this morning, got out of bed and stepped in some cat vomit. Seems females – regardless of species – will always stick together.

Comment by Rob

And why the hell is everyone shooting the messenger? It’s not like I made her say it.

Comment by Rob

But I do love her. A lot. Especially when she’s not half asleep and helps me with all my work, ha.

Comment by Rob

even when shes half fucking comatose she makes more sense than you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

jill, i find that water and electronic gadgets are also an hilarious mix after an all-nighter. you know, for next time.


Comment by lauren

How you remain married amazes me.

That is not meant as a compliment to you or an insult to Jill, it is just a statement.

Comment by Lee Hill

I thought it was a wise comment on many big companies.
Everybody tries frantically to steer, but are not aware they are on a freight track on fixed tracks.
The observation “You are on a train.” can be comforting in the realization it’s not you, but all of them.

Comment by Jonathan

Creep. Wise move, maybe I should learn from it.

Comment by Rob

jill must love you very much so she will forgive you. thank god. she probably sits there and laughs anyway. it is a very wise comment she made, i agree with jonathan. and someone does actually steer a train. switches and crossings.

Comment by the grinch

OK. I’m a bastard. Everyone happy?


Comment by Rob

im happy if you, jill and everyone else is happy.

Comment by the grinch

Poor Jill. Poor poor Jill.
Mind you, at least she didn’t marry Andy!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

She’s have more jewellery if she had!

Comment by Rob

What Andy said

Comment by northern

This from the man that gropes plastic breasts.

I’m positively chivelrous compared to that!

Comment by Rob

But you can’t spell it

Comment by northern

I thought I was the spelling monitor – typical planner expansion of remit!

Comment by John

I’m deputy, the Nick Clegg of spelling if you like

Comment by northern

can anyone spell “fucking sad bastards”?

Comment by andy@cynic

Funny, me and my boyfriend fight a lot over silly things. In a way it kinda releaves stress so it’s all good, because we know that when we’re angry we never really mean the things we say.

Comment by car gadgets

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