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We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are …
July 20, 2010, 6:35 am
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Last Sunday I got up early because my poor wife had basically worked through the night to get a project she’s working on, finished and finalised.

I wanted to get her a decent breakie as she had another long day ahead of her, so I left the World’s smallest serviced apartment we’re currently staying in and went looking for a café to get her a coffee and some croissants.

After a bit of a walk, the only place I could find was Starbucks, but as it was 6:35am, it wasn’t open for another 25 mins.

My initial reaction was to sigh in frustration until I realised I was being a little prince.

When I was growing up, no retailer was open at that time.

Hell, when I was growing up, no major shops were open on a Sunday full stop and those that were – mainly newsagents and the odd supermarket – closed by 12pm.

Sure there were the pubs and the motorway service station, but they weren’t exactly the places to go to get a convenient take-away coffee which brings me to my point …

We’re spoilt.

We’ve become such a society of instant gratification that we ignore the impact it has on other people as long as our personal needs and wants are met.

We’re don’t want to wait.

We’re don’t want to compromise.

We’re don’t want to accept how fortunate we are.

So next time we moan about the service we receive, let’s stop for a second and ask ourselves if it’s it really something worth complaining about, or simply our inner prince and princesses coming out to play.

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1) you were looking for fucking croissants at 6:35am.
2) on a sunday
3) for your wife

do you see the error of your fucking ways?

youre fucking up the carefully manufactured gender roles campbell, if you carry on with this bullshit youll kill the only reason for men to get married and encourage women to think theyre a fucking equal and that wont do, that wont do a fucking bit.

but you make your wife work?

all night?

you fucking bastard but its likely jills just pretending so she doesnt have to share a bed with you. if only shed been that smart when you brainwashed/drugged her to marry you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy # of marriage & engagements: 5
Rob # of marriage & engagements: 1

Let’s leave it at that.

Comment by Rob

Does Andy suffer from Gilles de la Tourette?

Comment by truuskie


Comment by Rob

I think you mean **** yes!

Comment by John

I swear Russell Davies wrote this exact post a few years ago. I’m not saying you’re copying, you’re just years behind him.

It’s a good post though.

Comment by Bazza

im impressed baz. fucking impressed. seems the infamous “job the bastard” personality traits are finally entering your consciousness.

when you tell him he looks a twat in the turtlenecks, you win a prize. along with unenfuckingployment but with youre pay check who the fuck cares. you jammy, jammy bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Jealously is a terrible thing isn’t it Andy.

Comment by Bazza

im jealous of your pay check baz, theres nothing else about you id lose a fucking wink of sleep over. just to be clear.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sadly I think you’re right Baz … about both things.

Comment by Rob

6am for Starbuck croissants? That’s dedication to your wife’s happiness or fear of her temper after pulling an all nighter.

I understand what you’re saying Robert, but we should remember this “at your call” mentality is only because companies have realized they can make more money from offering it rather than a pure dedication to customer service.

That said, not only are we becoming little prince/princesses we’re also becoming lazy ones because there is an increase in demand for “deal at home” enterprises, justified by convenience but demanded through passive enthusiasm. Your “millionaire delivery man” is an extreme example but I feel over time, he will be less so.

Comment by Pete

fuck pete, you make laziness almost sound like its a bad thing.

(i got one of the contractors to type this because i couldnt be fucking arsed and theyre not exactly working themselves to the fucking bone)

Comment by andy@cynic

You are so right. We should all count our blessings every day that you are walking the streets of Shanghai at 6.30 on a Sunday morning.

Comment by John

As opposed to walking the streets of London eh?

Comment by Rob

as opposed to being anywhere within a 5000km radius of me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sure you’ve seen this video but this post reminded me of it…


Comment by Age

that ginge comedian shouldnt be happy with his fucking hairdresser thats for fucking sure.

Comment by andy@cynic

That is a genius response. Genius.

Comment by Rob

why the fuck is everyone sounding like theyre surprised at my brilliance? get a fucking grip people.

Comment by andy@cynic

We’re just blind I guess. Or full of common sense.

Comment by Rob

1. why didn’t you just make her croissants? or at least eggs on toast? surely your kitchen works at 6:35 am?
or did you have to go and ‘hunt’ something down, dear 😉

2. along with waiting, we don’t like just listening. it’s up there with having to be still, or in darkness. we need constant distraction and we’re fuckin’ neurotic. awesome!

Comment by lauren

oh – i just read the bit about a ‘serviced apartment’ and realised that it’s probably just glorified tea and coffee-making facilities…

Comment by lauren

I love how you went off on one … made me feel all warm & tingly inside. But not in a dodgy way obviously.

And for the record, glorified tea & coffee making facilities would be positively luxurious.

Comment by Rob

were just too used to thinking everything is available almost all the time. no planning necessary. someone started this instant gratification thing, and other stuff. now there are unrealistic expectations. if they are not met, were disappointed. the chances of feeling disappointed might be even higher today than they were years ago. now thats progress lol

Comment by peggy

planners buck the trend. or my planners bucked the fucking trend. never gave me what i wanted when i wanted it, but did a lovely line in brain wank.

Comment by andy@cynic

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