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Where The Fuck Are The A[P]SOTW Results?
July 14, 2010, 6:54 am
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Me, yesterday.

That, ladies & gentlemen, is a very good question and the answer is in my tiny little head.

I can only apologise for the length of time it’s taken me to write them up … I can’t even blame the judges anymore because the efficient bastards all gave me their feedback within the timeline I gave them.

So I promise I will do it within the next 10 days – I know that’s still way too long, but I’m actually having to do a bit of work for a living at the moment and that’s even more of a shock to the system than the amount of ‘reading’ I have to do so I can understand what the hell is going on with fizzy pop, running shoes and man spray.

So 10 more days and then it’ll be out – and I’ll try and rustle up a half decent prize for the winner to make up for my slack speed.

PS: Even though it will look like it, this post had nothing to do with Northern’s bollocking of me. He’s influential, but he’s not that influential.

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Short, to the point and grovelling. Best post ever.

Comment by John

it will never fucking last.

Comment by andy@cynic

northern is that fucking influential campbell. well with birds with plastic tits because he seems to cop a fucking feel left right and centre. (not a centre tit unless theyve gone to some cheapo or struck off plastic surgeon in mexico)

Comment by andy@cynic

I congratulate you Andy on a comment that genuinely made me laugh out loud.

Congratulations on finally achieving something of note. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Great crawling, you’ve done Italy proud.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It’s just like old times Rob, hearing your excuses for being late on stuff.

Comment by DH


Comment by Marcus

you know, if you had employed my open source business model , this would never of happened:

Comment by Marcus

Nice … could only of been improved if it featured an introduction from Buster Gonad.

Comment by Rob

that would be silly Robert.

Comment by Marcus

Oooooh, look at Victor Mature … haha.

Comment by Rob

Your denial is less than plausible, in fact you’ve only drawn attention to the fact you would still be sitting on your hands if it wasn’t for me.
I have had limited experience with plastic cans, I looked very different with hair and you wouldn’t believe what an English accent (even a Northern one) does to American girls.
Anyway, the next 10 days? We’ve done all the work for you, post it man.

Comment by northern


Comment by Marcus


Comment by northern

“You wouldn’t believe what an English accent (even a Northern one) does to American girls?”

Not really.



But yes, I’m a slack shit – will do it this weekend and then hopefully, once I’ve got orientated with the stuff I have to try and pretend to understand, I can start writing rubbish on a daily basis again. Oh you lucky things …

Comment by Rob

The fizzy stuff should be easy.
Are you saying you’re not a natural athlete or a man man?
Interestingly, last time I met Russell he was on about finding it really hard at Nike, it’s hard to debate in a room when they just say, “What world records have YOU set then?” I’d invent a glorious sporting past quick

Comment by northern groper

Yeah … but what Queen albums can they name? In my book, that’s way more the measure of a person.

Comment by Rob

i loooove the picture. how cute. and scary lol what is that?

Comment by peggy

A sloth or – depending on who you talk to – me.

Comment by Rob

Well, we didn’t call it Weekend Und Kennedy for nothing, haha! Loooooooooooong hours but great people.

Comment by truuskie

How are you my lovely? Recovered from losing your important game … even though you seemed to think it was Australian Rules, rather than traditional footie.

Comment by Rob

I’m good! Book is being send off this week, finally found an editor/agent! Our cat has broken our leg in two places last week, so we’re going bankrupt. The Dutch played shite! Feathers speaks French. Max is still a happy poncy hound… and we’re just good!

Comment by truuskie

have you done it yet campbell?

thought not. youre the sloths sloth and thats not meant to be a compliment you sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

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