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Just Incase There’s Been A Misunderstanding …
June 3, 2010, 10:20 pm
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… regarding my earlier post, I am not stopping my blog – I’ve gone to unbelieveably stupid lengths to ensure I’ll be able to keep it up – it’s just that with holiday’s, 40th birthdays, moving countries and jobs and a bastard firewall – I need a bit of time to focus on some other stuff before I can get back to writing my bollocks each and every day.

There will be some posts between now and say early Aug [where I hope to god I’ve got things pretty much settled down] but after some of the [albeit] lovely comments, I got the impression some of you thought I would never be doing this again and whilst I know that’s what you’re hoping … the fact is I’d keep writing it even if none of you came on here and slagged me off because it acts as a brain laxative so when I am meetings, I’m slightly less stupid than I would have been without it.

Right, that’s that … I know I said all this in the comments and I know no one really gives a shit [especially my best friend Paul who is kinda relieved his penis will never be in the ‘public domain’ ever again] but I just thought I’d point it out and it’s not because I’m sad and obsessed as my delightful wife claims I am.

Laters …

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